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26th May. Warwick Wold. Ash Lake. . Report by Alan Ringwood

After arriving I decided to put every other peg in leaving out end pegs 2 to 10 first bank 13 to 21 other bank leaving out hot peg 9 second best peg being peg 8 sure enough Del drew peg 8 which proved disaster for the rest of us as results show Del  first  me 2nd  from peg 13 and tony h in third nice quiet day haha 

12th May    Chart Sutton 

Steve Beard (top) showed what a good samaritan he is as he looked after one of our elderly members who has a tendency to go for a swim by providing him with a lifebuoy at the start of today’s match. His good deed certainly paid dividends as he took the match apart with a winning weight of 170-14-0 fishing his caribbean paste. Alan Ringwood took second place having been sponsored by Wharburton’s bread company weighing 148-8-0 fishing the long pole. Paul Jones from peg 1 was third with 141-2-0. Martin Charnock took fourth place fishing mostly the pellet waggler for 130-5-0. On the whole the lake fished very well with six ton weights. Next match is on Ash Lake at Warwick wold.

L-R Alan Ringwood, Paul Jones, Martin Charnock & Tony Hardstone

5th May. Five Oaks. Top Lake. Silvers Only Match

Today’s fixture was a last minute spur of the moment knock up match on the Top Lake at Five Oaks with it being a Silvers Only Competition. With a lower number of competitors we were able to peg every other peg around the whole lake, giving anglers a bit more room and hopefully see results improve. Peg 3 has been of good form lately and today was no different with Derek Carter continuing the pegs winning streak landing 21-14-0 of small Roach and Rudd with an odd skimmer. Martin Charnock drawing the same peg 9 on his previous visit wasn’t overly impressed but fished the pole with pellet to catch a better quality of its residents to weigh 19-11-0 and second overall. In third place from peg 5 was Les Collins weighing 17-10-0, Richie Hemmings took fourth place from peg 11 with 12-9-0. Steve Beard on peg 6 weighed 11-9-0 being plagued with Carp towards the end to take 5th place.

28th April  Pips Lake.  Report by Alan Ringwood

Arrived at cafe none of the members have got any better looking. Lionel decided he couldn’t face the weather and paid his day ticket, went to the car park met others apart from one who couldn’t park 😀  got to the lake, flyers top right of spit Steve popeye draw’s it, Mick on other 2nd best peg on lake off we go at 930. It was going to b a gruller every one weighed in not very good weights but that’s fishing, weights below.

7th April  Five Oaks. Top Lake  Club Match + Teams of 3

Today was the second club match of the season, the weather this time round was extremely kind if not for a few gusts of wind throughout the day. Adding a bit of spice to the match there were four teams of three spread across the three sections with an overall continental payout.The favoured draw were pegs 5 and 6 but it was unfancied peg 1 that would provide the overall winner in Gary Speckman ( Top ) weighing 20-13-0 which included a bonus Carp of 9-15-0. Gary was also part of a winning team ‘A’ that included Boz and Martin Charnock. It was a close call as the next team ‘D’ were John Ayres, Ron Carter and Dennis Cooper with both teams tied on 9 points. However it was team A’s  winning weight differential of 39-10-9 that saw off team D’s weight of 31-12-0. Second overall was John Ayres with 14-0-0 peg 4, third was Trevor Pavitt with 13-0-0 from peg 2.

24th March.   Return of the ‘Carp Guru’.








After sitting indoors since November I decided to venture out to orchard place last Sunday. Got here but disaster struck the cafe was closed. A match was being held on the Donut lake, so ventured onto lake 6 on a peg towards the end of the spit, edge pole only, bait was kept simple a couple of pints of pellet. Started catching a few F1’s and Carp whilst chatting to a couple of inquisitive anglers wanting to know the secret of catching the carp, who now are considering joining the club, result.

Alan Ringwood. Chairman

17th March  Five Oaks.  Middle Lake.  Club Match

The first Club match of the new season started today originally it was to be held on the Bottom Lake but due to a contingent of Carp bivvy boys was switched to the Middle lake. All fish caught in today’s fixture counted, so it was going to be interesting as to how it fished. The already heavily saturated ground from the rain showers during the week saw many of the swims like  a mud bath.

It was Martin Charnock fishing the long pole that took the honours with 37-2-0 of quality skimmers fishing various baits. it was corn on the hook that would the damage. Ron Carter had a few carp  within his catch of 29-1-0 to take up the runner up position again fishing the long pole with pellet and corn. Richie Hemmings (bottom) took third place with 16-7-0 of mainly skimmers. The weather was a bit wet in the morning but come 11am the sun showed an appearance with temperatures reaching a dizzy 16 degrees. The next club match will be on the 7th of April on the Top lake at Five Oaks.

25th February.  Five Oaks   Top Lake.  Carp & Silvers Points Combo Competition

Today’s match required anglers to catch Carp as well as Silvers which would give them points dependant on how well they did against the other anglers with a possible total of 22 points available. Unfortunately the last two nights had a severe frost which had an effect on the fishing. It was the Carp in the lake that refused to feed and with every angler failing to catch this species all receiving’ Nul Points “, which left just points for Silvers. Martin Charnock (top) on peg 8 found a few quality skimmers for 8-5-0 using a new pattern ‘Steady’ pole float from Simon Willsmore with Special G dark to take the 11 points with Gary Barnes (bottom right) on the flyer peg 5 taking the runner up spot with 6-7-0, Richie Hemmings (bottom left) was third with 6-1-0 from peg 10. Three anglers failed to trouble the scales man which is becoming a regular thing for the King of the DNW’s Boz. ( sorry Boz your brother told me to add this : ) ).

20 February.    Five Oaks Bottom Lake.  Tuesday Knock-Up.  All in.

It was a sell out Tuesday for this impromptu competition on the Bottom lake. With the whole lake to ourselves it was going to be a walk off as opposed to being a pegged match. This way the organiser couldn’t be blamed if an angler sat in a devoid area of the lake. As it happened everyone caught quality Roach. It was Max Calverley having drawn peg 1 had first dibs for choice of swim and didn’t disappoint with a winning weight of 23-3-0. Joint second was Martin Charnock & Ron Carter with a weight of 17-15-0 with fourth place going to Richie Hemmings on 15-5-0 just piping Les Collins who weighed 15-4-0.

4th February.   Five Oaks Top & Middle Lakes   Silvers Pairs Match

Tony Hardstone & Derek Carter (Top) made it a clean sweep with a perfect score of 10 points as pairs partners across both lakes. Derek on the Middle lake weighed 22-7-0 to take the top weight overall with some quality skimmers on 4mm expanders. As for Tony on the top lake he was way ahead of the rest of the field weighing 12-0-0. Runners up in the pairs were Martin Charnock & Richie Hemmings with a points total of 7 points closely followed by John Ayres & Gary Speckman on 6 points.

L-R : Martin Charnock, Max Calverley. Gary Speckman & John Ayres

25th January.  Five Oaks Bottom Lake  ‘Starkeys’ last Thursday of the month match

The last Thursday of the month match saw a small contingent of members fish the Bottom Lake at Five Oaks. Today saw members draw in a walk off, allowing competitors to chose their swims. First and second place was a close run thing with Martin Charnock fishing various methods from feeder, pole and 6-7m whips to hand. Catching Roach and Rudd for the win with 19-11-0. Les Collins choosing a swim on the dam found the bonus skimmers and Bream with quality Roach using the pole to take the runner up spot with 17-11-0. Ron Carter took third place with 7-7-0 choosing a swim in one of the corner pegs on the lake, probably not the greatest choice of pegs that were available.

21st January  Springbok Lake  Silvers Only Match

The first club match of 2024 was a Silvers Only Competition, previous visits at Springbok had produced double figure weights of Roach & Rudd for the competitors. However the big freeze earlier in the week had put a thick lid of ice and whilst it had partially melted come today everyone had to break the ice before fishing. Even with this task everyone was expecting a great day yet it turned out to be a very grim day with lots of anglers not troubling the scales man. Ron Carter ( top right ) was the first to catch this small Roach after 2 hours into the match to finish in third place overall with 0-6-0. Winner on the day just was Robbie Gaiger with 3 fish for 0-10-0  piping Gary Speckman with 5 fish for second place on 0-9-0. Let’s hope the new year produces better results going forward.


17th December  Five Oaks.  WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE  Final Round

The Final round of the League saw the top 3 anglers between them separated by just 1 point in the league standings. With two anglers looking to walk away with a share of the Golden Peg tally provided Trevor Pavitt having drawn said peg 4 on the Top lake today didn’t win overall. Those drawn on the Middle lake were looking to draw on the dam end of the lake with double figures weights coming from here on the previous round it was down to the draw. Martin Charnock seeing how lucky Trevor was on drawing the G.P let him draw for him and was super happy when he pulled peg 7 on the dam. Tony Hardstone was also on form drawing next door to Martin in peg 6 a ‘Clash of the Titans’ as both anglers were in the top three. With John Ayres drawing peg 3 on the Top lake at the shallow end, he would have to pull something out the bag to stay in the running for a final placing. As suspected the dam produced the winning weights with Martin weighing 21-14-0 pushing Tony into second with a close 19-7-0  Max Calverley’s 15-11-0 piping Les Collins 14-11-0 saw him draw level on points but took the last payout in the league on total weight. Derek Carter peg 5 on Top Lake took first place with just 4-9-0 with Gary Barnes on peg 6 taking second with 3-15-0.

Top L-R : Max Calverley & Collins

Final standings and today’s results below:

10th December  Christmas Match  ‘Silvers Only’. 

The Annual CADAS Christmas match was held at a new venue which not only had a great Silvers sport but the added bonus of somewhere to hold our prize and Raffle ceremony. With a buffet laid on and drinks bar. As for the prizes a BIG thank you must go to our President John Parker of Tackle Warehouse Gatwick for his generous contribution to our Xmas Raffle. We would also like to thank Apollo Angling Byfleet who also donated some fantastic prizes c/o Dennis Cooper.

Winning the day was end peg Derek Carter ( top ) weighing a big weight of Roach totalling 18-11-0 In second place was Max Calverley weighing 13-2-0. Third place was Richie Hemmings with 12-12-0 just edging out two joint fourth’s Gary Barnes & Ron Carter on 12-11-0.

L-R Max Calverley, Richie Hemmings, Martin Charnock, Trevor Pavitt. Ron Carter. & Gary Barnes

3rd December.  Five Oaks.  WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE  Round 5

Today was the penultimate round of the winter Silvers league and with heavy frosts two days prior almost saw the two lakes close to freezing. The cold snap saw shoals of fish seeking slightly deeper water and two anglers pegged on the Middle Lake certainly had it the easiest. Gary Speckman on peg 6 weighing 20-12-0 took pole position, just edging out John Ayres peg 5 who took 18-9-0. With this weight John now leads the overall total weight and provided the Golden peg is not won in the final round looks likely to take 60% of this pool. As for the rest of the anglers on Middle it turned into a nightmare as they all blanked. Weights were not as spectacular on the Top Lake but those anglers that found the odd skimmer took the top three places with Tony Hardstone on peg 5 taking the 7 points with 7-0-0 just edging out Max Calverley who caught a few skimmers late on to weigh 6-13-0 from peg 9, in third place on peg 8 was Les Collins with 3-14-0.

19th November   Chart Fishery Match Lake

It was a tight finish between the top two places with only 1 lb separating both anglers, Boz just edged in front with 136-12-0 catching close in on a short pole with corn as bait. Second placed Micky Wakeling caught on the method with 135-12-0. Paul Jones having won here at Chart on Wednesday fishing paste had to settle for third place with 94-8-0. This was the final round of the Society’s 2023 Championship full results will follow later.






12th November.  Bernies. ‘ Racetrack Lake’   WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE Round 4

The wet November continued for Round 4 and whilst it was relatively dry for most of the day, the extra rain water entering the lake for the past two weeks had dampened the Silver fishes appetite. The Golden Peg continues to increase in prize money, however it seems the Beard family seem to have the monopoly on drawing said peg for the past three rounds. Had Stevo won today he would have walked away with a cool £172:00. Fortunately Steve B wasted a valuable end peg to come last, which all 13 of us wish to thank you for. Mr Whippy AKA Martin Charnock showed his class by winning the day with 6-12-0 from peg 13, but it was a bonus Perch that got him the edge from second placed Gary Speckman’s 6-1-0 weight of mainly Skimmers from peg 10. Third on the day was John Ayres on peg 4 weighing 4-9-0 with Boz on peg 1 taking fourth place with 3-1-0.

5th November.  Bernies. ‘ Racetrack Lake’   WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE Round 3

Round 3 and at the halfway stage of the league found us situated on the Racetrack lake at Bernie’s fishery. With the heavy rains for the past two weeks saw the water level at the maximum. This massive influx of cold water and with the colour of gravy didn’t help the quality of the fishing for the target species of Silvers, however the resident Carp were more than happy to feed which proved problematic for every angler. It was the end pegs that dominated with Martin Charnock on peg 1 winning the day with 6-10-0 with John Ayres on the opposite bank peg 14 taking second place with 6-6-0. Third place went to Robbie Gaiger peg 6 weighing 6-1-0 with Max Calverley taking fourth place from peg 8 with 4-14-0.

29th October.   Pip’s Match Lake

Today’s weather forecast was for a wet rain fest day for all of the competitors, but one member he went the whole hog and decided to go for a swim. Thankfully there were members close by to help pull him from the depths. This fishery has a strange variety of big species including Grass Carp, Sturgeon and the regular species of Carp, one of which went 22-3-0 caught by  Lionel ‘Tom Daly’ Herve before he took the plunge.  As for the overall results and it was Paul Jones showing his class with 120-12-0 for the win, however it was just one fish separating second placed Micky Wakeling weight of  117-12-0. Third place going to Tony Hardstone with 59-4-0.





22nd October.  Bernie’s.  Racetrack  Silvers Practice

A practice day at Bernie’s fishery saw Richie Hemmings and Martin Charnock catching lots of Roach and skimmers on the pole. Carp at times would pose a nuisance, however once we worked out how to best avoid this species it was a lot easier. Careful feeding and having the correct rigs proved instrumental to both our catches Martin ending up with 23-6-0 to Richie’s 19-4-0. It’s looking to be a very good third round for the Winter Silvers league in two weeks time. Martin’s mix was 50/50 of Spottedfin’s Roach and Canal superblend naturals range of groundbaits.

15th October. Five Oaks Fishery. WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE  Round 2

Winter arrived today with a heavy overnight frost which saw low weights compared to the previous round. Those pegged in the warm sunshine had it better than most. Dave Freeman peg 11 substituting ifor Trevor Pavitt on the Middle Lake section today, took the honours with 19-13-0, Second overall was Boz ( top centre )  on peg 13 unlucky for some but most definitely today as his weight of 14-11-0 saw him edged out of picking up a potential £120 Golden peg scoop. In third place was Martin Charnock on peg 16 with 14-9-0. On the Top Lake section Tony Hardstone on peg 3 took the 7 points with a weight of 12-11-0. Second place went to Richie Hemmings peg 7 with just 6-14-0,  Max Calverley taking third place with 6-5-0. The next round at Bernie’s Lake sees everyone back in the mix at the draw to see who’s in their section for rounds 3 & 4. Please note if you can’t make a round please let Martin know as we can get a substitute to fish for you on the day. Note: You can only use a substitute once during the league.The Golden peg total stands at £84 going into round 3. Full league results can be found under the Matches heading.

8th October.  Sumners Match Lake

It was a full house for the club match at Sumners. Originally it was to be a match against Croydon Postal AS but they pulled out at the last minute. With this inconvenience we used just the left hand side of the lake, thanks to the staff at Sumners for their understanding. Guest angler Andy Wolsternhurst on peg 8 fishing the method then switching to the pole late on catching up in the water, took the honors with 166-3-0. Micky Wakeling on peg 11 also fishing the method with boilies took second place casting across to the point of the island for 154-2-0. From peg 9 Martin Charnock fished along the margins getting through six tins of 6 & 8mm’s of meat for some proper munters to weigh 105-11-0. Tony Hardstone took fourth place from peg 6 with 90-0-0.

1st October. Five Oaks Fishery  WINTER SILVERS LEAGUE Round 1

The first round of the Winter Silvers League saw 14 anglers do battle with an even split across the two lakes. Most wanted to draw the middle lake because it was 99 % guaranteed where the winner would come from, as this lake constantly throws up big weights of Roach and Skimmers. Derek Carter was fortunate, drawing peg 14 on the dam wall on middle and won convincingly fishing the long pole for a bag of skimmers for 36-2-0, in second place was Tony Hardstone peg 15 with 23-2-0 with third place going to Gary Barnes peg 10 weighing 17-15-0. In the other section on Top lake Martin Charnock does what he does best fishing the whip catching over 500 small Roach and Rudd by midday, topping up with the odd skimmer from peg 3 to take the win with 17-0-0. In second place on the Top lake was John Ayres from peg 9 with a net of quality skimmers for 14-11-0, third place went to Gary Speckman on peg 4 weighing 9-6-0.

Top L-R :Derek Carter, Martin Charnock Bottom: John Ayres, Gary Speckman & Steve Beard

24th September. Orchard Place Farm   Lake 10

Lake 10 at Orchard Place Farm was originally planned as a Silvers only fixture . However the mass introduction of carp into what used to be a silvers only lake had made it now not feasible, so was decided to run it as an everything  counts match. Guest angler Peter Lea (top) knows the venue well and completely devastated the rest of the field from the far end peg with a whopping 75-6-0 to take an easy victory. In second place was Derek Carter with 38-0-0 with third place going to Steve Beard weighing 26-11-0.

21st September  Weirwood Fishery.  Thursday Knock-up

It was another perfect day weather wise except there was a lack of a breeze which left the water’s surface like a snooker table. Most of today’s contingent of anglers decided to fish the feeder. It was Dave Freeman on peg 5 that again found a few better skimmers on the feeder to take the win with 31-11-0 (top). Martin Charnock peg 2 did what he does best and decided to fish the long whip and pole catching quality Roach & Rudd to take second place with 21-15-0. In third place was a frustrated Les Collins on peg 3 who had lots of skimmers but none of any size to weigh 14-7-0. On end peg 1 Ron Carter ended up in fourth place with 5-6-0.

17th September.  Stambridge View Fishery.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

11 out and plenty of room, left the far top section out as water level low told by owner. Even so cry goes out by two people only got 12 inches and they come first and second! Carp specialist Paul Jones don’t go far wrong on these type of venues, and fishing between margin and under trees last peg before it narrows wins easy with 152lb 11, next to him Derek keeping busy with 108.12, a few 70s and 80s with Robbie fishing silver fish lake side with 88.3.

10th September  Warwick Wold  Ash Lake

A relatively local fishery for the CADAS boys at Warwick Wold for a Carp (vermin) filled lake on Ash. This fishery comes to life later in the day and having sturdy but balanced tackle is a major requirement to get a good result. One angler that has it down pat is Paul ‘Highwayman’ Jones making no mistakes to take the win with 176-7-0. Second placed Alan Ringwood’s tackle wasn’t up to scratch which possibly cost him the win weighing 152-1-0. In third place was Micky Wakeling weighing 141-6-0. Full results below:

3rd September. Betchworth. River Mole

Only 7 members decided to fish this fixture with points being awarded over the two Mole matches for the attendees. With the combination of points over the two fixtures, each individual had a chance to win one of the oldest trophies in the Society the ‘Mole Cup’. Pat Farrelley made no mistakes drawing peg 1 by the bridge to weigh 6-1-0 for the win with second place going to Dave Freeman on peg 6 weighing 4-0-0. Third place went to Boz from peg 3 with 3-9-0. As for the cumulative points it was tight at the top with both Pat and Boz tied on 17 points however when it went down to weight Pat Farrelley had the advantage with a bigger combined weight to win the Mole Cup.

31st August.  Weirwood Reservoir.  ‘Starky’s last Thursday of the month match’

Dave Freeman had things sorted right from the start of the whistle till the final whistle catching quality skimmers on the feeder, Dave’s final tally went  39-6-0. Second place would have been a close affair had it not been for a rogue caught Carp by Les Collins that went 16-1-0 and with his silvers weighed a total 35-3-0. In third place was Martin Charnock switching from the feeder to a 6m whip in the last hour to catch Roach and Rudd weighing 20-12-0. Fourth place went to Dennis Cooper who started on the whip switching to the feeder to weigh 19-11-0.

L-R: Les Collins, Martin Charnock, Dennis Cooper & Richie Hemmings

20th August   Five Oaks  Top Lake.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

12 out and all looking forward to the much improved fishing here lately. It wasn’t to be, fish were caught during the first hour and half and the lake switched off for the rest of the day, and maggot not even working early afternoon. New carp guru Steve drew peg 10 corner carp peg and lost more than he caught for 17.9 of carp, Derek close up 15.10. Tony was catching one silver a bung peg 4 and then nothing after for 12.3 of silvers. The lake turned lime green far end during the course of day and could have been the problem. Mike the owner been called and waiting for an update in a few days. Results attached

6th August  Ockley Match Lake.     Ockley VS CADAS 


It was the return inter-club match against Ockley, with 27 anglers around a 32 peg lake weights were down compared to what the local boy’s normally expect to catch. This fishery is very deep along most of the margins around 7ft with a central depth of plus 20 feet. CADAS member Ron Carter likes to check his depth by doing a triple somersault butterfly head first into his margin at the start (no fish were harmed !). Fortunately members came to his rescue with some dry clothes. As for the fishing those with shallow margins caught well catching some proper munters. Leading the charge for CADAS were Paul Jones weighing 56-10-0,  Dennis Cooper (top) on 49-8-0 and Les Collins next on 35-11-0. Taking the top five weights from each club Ockley blew CADAS out of the water.

CADAS   173-14-0.       Ockley A.S   264-10-0

29th July  Five Oaks  Top Lake

It was a coaching day for CADAS female member Hayley Springett who contacted membership secretary Martin “Mr Whippy” Charnock for a tutorial on fishing the whip. So a trip to the Top Lake at Five Oaks saw Hayley catch numerous Rudd and Roach using her new Colmic Emperor Pro whips that she had purchased from Tackle Warehouse Gatwick along with some of the Si-Wi floats from Benwick Sports  Catching a double figure net of Silvers along with a few Carp she now hopes to start fishing in some of the clubs matches later in the season.

23rd July  Orchard Place Farm  Lake 5

Sun, wind & showers were the order throughout the day for the members that fished the Doughnut Lake. Those fishing paste were to prove that this technique ruled the day with fellow anglers fishing a more conventional method for the Carp and F1’s struggling to make the framing places. However all those that fished today made CADAS history in that every competitor broke the magic ton come the weigh in. Paul ‘Dick Turpin’ Jones peg 9 ( top centre ) smashed the match taking pole position with an incredible 324-7-0 from peg 11. Steve Beard had to settle for second place this week from peg 5 with a fantastic 223-7-0. Derek Carter on peg 7 by the car park weighed 217-0-0 for third place. Fourth place and the section going to Tony Hardstone on peg 10 with 197-13-0. Ron Carter was the other section winner with 170-0-0. Total weight by the anglers fishing was 1922-15-0.

16th July   Stanbridge Lake

It was the 10th round of the clubs championship match of 2023 and what a fantastic fishery that is Stanbridge Lakes. They say ” Every dog has its day” and Steve Beard (top center) took a big bite for the win weighing in an incredible 230-0-0 catching on soft paste close to the margins. In second place was Derek Carter also catching a double ton weight with 207-9-0 also fishing paste. Third place was Martin Charnock catching on corn to weigh 154-13-0 with Dave Freeman taking fourth place with 143-2-0. Whilst it was a small turnout only two members failed to break the magic ton.

L-R:: D. Carter, M. Charnock, D. Freeman, A Ringwood & R. Carter

9th July.    Pips Lake

This was the club’s first visit to this prestigious fishery which holds an unusual species of fish known as Sturgeon alongside the dominant stock of Carp. Whilst weights were lower than expected it still fished well. Runaway winner was Micky Wakeling putting 121-11-0 on the scales. Derek Carter was second with 121-11-0 with Andy Wolsterhurst  taking third place with 93-6-0.

20th June. Weirwood Reservoir   Final Round   Feeder Only Match

The final feeder only round took place today on what must have been the biggest downpour of 2023 enroute to the fishery. By 08:30 the rain had ceased but no breeze on the water’s surface and looked like it was going to be another tough day. However the wind finally arrived and bites started to come for most of the competitors. Les Collins on an end peg was first into fish and with him leading in the league looked good for the win. Dave Freeman next to Les having a bit of a slow start, started to get bites, but his fish were much bigger landing skimmers that were close to 3lb’s and continued steadily putting a big weight together. Richie Hemmings on end peg 1 was catching well but not using a fishmeal groundbait would cost him as his total weight of 8-6-0 was made up of quality Roach.  Dave Freeman won on the day with 27-14-0 and took second place overall in the league with a combined weight over the three rounds with 32-7-0. Les Collins (top) was second on the day with 19-12-0 managing to win the feeder only league crown, with a combined  weight of 37-2-0. Third on the day with 15-15-0 was Martin Charnock, placing him third overall in the final league standings with a combined total weight of 30-3-0. All results of the league can be found in the drop down bar under Matches.

L-R Dave Freeman, Martin Charnock & Richie Hemmings

18th June  Betchworth   River Mole.    Report by Trevor Pavitt

 8 out hoping the river fishes as good as last year. Alas no, weather, too early, pollution at Gatwick, who knows, but tough to get bites. Les Collins second swim in from Bridge won the day with 3lb 9oz, 2nd was boz far end with some chublets for 2lb, 3rd Derek with 1lb 4oz. 

11th June   Warwick Wold Fishery.  Ash Lake

It was a full house for this club fixture on this Carp infested  Ash lake. It can be a bit of a chore early part of the match where Carp can be seen cruising just under the surface. Catching them though can be a challenge and dobbing seemed the best method. However after 1pm it was like the dinner bell had sounded with the Carp deciding to feed with a vengeance. Dennis Cooper on peg 2 (top) caught down the margins with dead maggot for a convincing win to weigh 168-9-0. Martin Charnock on peg 6 took second place with 119-7-0. In third place just was Derek Carter weighing 109-7-0 from peg 10 just edging out Steve Beard in fourth who weighed 106-14-0. The next club match is on the River Mole contact Trevor to book in.

L-R Martin Charnock, Alan Ringwood & Tony Hardstone.

4th June. Five Oaks ‘Top Lake’     Whats- App    Silvers Only Knock-Up

L-R: Martin Charnock, Les Collins, Ron Carter & Trevor Pavitt.

With no club match arranged the Whats-App group of anglers got together for a Silvers Only friendly match on the Top Lake at Five Oaks. The weather was kind for a change but the resident Carp were on the hunt for food not great if your fishing only for Silvers. Whip maestro Martin Charnock drew un-fancied peg 2, fishing between 2 metre and 5 m whips he was off like a train in the first hour catching 234 Roach and Rudd but it didn’t take long for Carp to turn up forcing him to go long and start catching some quality skimmers to win the day with 31-4-0 Les Collins on peg 3 fished maggot on the pole he too had caught some quality skimmers to take second place with 29-10-0. Ron Carter had set up more whips than Martin , having practiced during the week he thought he had it sussed and whilst he had a big net of Roach and Rudd had to settle for third place with 26-8-0 from peg 4. Trevor Pavitt was drawn on the favoured peg 6, fishing pellet he had a quality net of silvers including a bonus Perch that went 2-6-0 for a total weight of 25-4-0. More Whats-App matches to follow throughout the year.

30th May.  Weirwood Reservoir   Round 2 of 3  Feeder Only Match

It was another close knit mid-week match for round two of the feeder only competition and with a very cold North East wind, everyone was wrapped up as if it was winter. The added benefit having a bit of chop on the waters surface had coloured the water up, very different from the previous round. End peg 1 proved again to be decisive and Richie Hemmings ( top left ) found a better stamp of Skimmers fishing a non fishmeal ground bait mix to win the day with 10-11-0. Next door Mr consistent Les Collins ( top centre )  took the runner up spot again weighing 10-2-0 just one fish away from the win. In third place was ( top right ) Martin Charnock with 8-8-0.. With just one more match left its still anyones chance in taking the feeder King title. League placing can be found in the results section under matches.

28th May    Orchard Place Farm Fishery.    Lake 6

Conditions were almost perfect for todays club fixture at this premier venue.. There was even a barbecue on hand for us to have a burger at the end of the day, Alan the chef and his sidekick Stevo (top) shouldn’t give up their day job any time soon. As far as the fishing was concerned Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood ( top right ) was back in form weighing a staggering 230-13-0 catching up in the water on the pole. In second place Derek ‘I am going to need a bigger bucket’ Carter also had a big weight fishing paste to take the runner up spot with 187-15-0. In third was Martin ‘The Whip’ Charnock taking third spot with a pellet waggler approach landing 183-10-0. Fourth place went to Tony Hardstone who weighed 122-15-0. Out of all those attending only two anglers failed to weigh over the magical ton.

L-R D.Carter. M Charnock, T Hardstone, S. Beard & R Carter.

21st May Maze Lake  No Report

18th May  Weirwood Reservoir     Round 1 of 3    Feeder Only Match

The first Round of midweek feeder only matches at Weirwood on arrival saw not a breath of wind on the waters surface. Straight away competitors knew it was going to be a tough day. So it proved, the early start was quite good but once the sun started to shine bites were at a premium. Dennis Cooper (top) fished worm and dead maggot for the win with 7-11-0 but hot on his tail were three other anglers where by one extra fish would have seen them take pole position. Second placed Les Collins had been taking fish regularly throughout the day to weigh 7-4-0 in third place was Martin Charnock with 6-6-0, Richie Hemmings took fourth place with 5-3-0. The feeder league winner is based on a combined weight over three rounds so it’s still all to play for as nobody has secured a comfortable lead.

L-R   2nd L. Collins  3rd M. Charnock  4th R. Hemmings  5th D. Freeman

14th May Sumners Match Lake  CADAS VS OCKLEY A.S

Today was one of the warmest days for 2023 and saw a good turnout for the clash between CADAS and Ockley A.S.  The Ockley boys reigned supreme today and were a different class compared to us. Alan Ringwood peg 6 did well from his section and was fourth overall and top angler for CADAS with 105-6-0. On the left bank opposite from peg 21 Martin Charnock weighed 96-14-0 managing to take the second highest weight on this side with some big double figure fish on 8mm pellet along the margins late on. Unfortunately he was pipped for the section by Ockley’s Martin White sitting on end peg 22 who had caught smaller Carp but lots of them throughout the day to weigh 98-2-0. Top angler overall  close to the car park from peg 1 was Ockley angler Adrian (sorry didn’t catch your surname) winning the day with 112-5-0. Taking the top five weights from each club the results were as followed:       

Ockley A.S  513-7-0       CADAS 352-2-0

Above centre  Ockley’s Match organiser Keith giving the thumbs up on their win

23rd April.   Sutton Chart Lake.  Report by Alan Ringwood

After arriving in the rain  Boz & Steve collected the money while Mick & I pegged the lake. While I got my gear out Dennis put scales in place I with Mick’s set him with ours. Draw took place with Dennis helping again .Match starts at 9:45 Derek moaning about his peg being rubbish, carp first put in kept him quiet for a while. I can only see him Pat and Mick . I’m 20 lb down on Derek then first bite bang on I’m off steady all day so is Derek .Those to my left were not doing too well we finish at 3:45. Mick is off weighing in from  peg 13 round to peg 8. I’am waiting for help, yea Steve arrives with Boz tip half a net in scales read 25lb we all know this is wrong put fish back in the net reweigh 21l b scales get sworn at and we walk round to get the other set of scales. I would like to thank Dennis, Boz &Steve for help. Great weights again from chart.

16th April    Five Oaks Fishery.   ‘Silvers Only Match’

Carshalton’s match app-group arranged a Silvers Only  knock-up at Five Oaks. Once again the fishing never let us down. Most of the competitors had decided to target the Skimmers with pellets whilst this is a viable tactic not fishing for the Roach and Rudd would cost many a top placing. Martin Charnock fished casters long on the pole but was to target the Roach and Rudd on the whip,. 722 fish later found Martin taking top spot with 28-11-0. Derek Carter on the dam managed to find the skimmers to take the runner up spot with 18-14-0. Robbie Gaiger on the far side was having issues with some big carp during the day but he too found a few skimmers to take third place with 13-15-0. Les Collins wasn’t happy being drawn on the dam and whilst he broke double figure this bonus Perch weighing in at 3-1-0 helped. Ron Carter was fourth with 10-13-0.

9th April    Warwick Wold Fishery ‘Ash Lake’.

It was a sell out for CADAS’s trip to Warwick Wold’s Ash Lake on this Easter Sunday. On arrival there were lots lots of Carp swimming around just below the surface, which looked good for a great days fishing. However the Carp were pretty hard to catch and spooked as soon as looked at a bait. One angler that was able to charm a few on to his hook was Alan Ringwood on peg 3 fishing up in the water with bread to take the win with 101-6-0. Opposite Alan was Derek Carter on peg  20 taking second place with 98-8-0 just one Carp short of the win. In third place was Les Collins from peg 9 with 85-1-0. Next club match is in two weeks time at Chart Sutton in Kent, contact Alan to book in.

2nd April Five Oaks ‘ Top & Middle Lake’ Pairs & Silvers Only Match

Todays fixture had a  few twists, number one there was a pairs match as well as an individual pool. Second twist was that the top six anglers that had featured on previous competitions were to be on one of the two lakes (Middle) with the lower six anglers in the standings pegged on the opposite lake (Top).. Each top angler would be paired randomly with one of the anglers from the other lake. On the Middle lake Individually it was to be very close with Martin Charnock on peg 9 catching some quality Roach on the whip with Les Collins on the neighbouring peg 10 catching some big Skimmers on the pole. At the other end of the section Ron Carter on peg 12 was putting a few Roach and Rudd together fishing the whip. Whilst the Middle was fishing relatively well the Top Lake was turning out to be difficult. With the heavy rains it was heavily coloured but two anglers were fishing fish for fish on pegs 4 & 5. Robbie Gaiger was on peg 5 partnered with Les Collins whilst Boz on peg 4 being paired with Martin. At the end of the match Robbie and Les had done just enough to win the pairs pool with a combined weight totalling 32-10-0. Individually Martin won the day with 20-13-0 with Les Collins taking second with 19-13-0 in third place was Ron Carter weighing 19-4-0, Max Calverley taking fourth place with 16-07-0.

L-R Pair supremos Robbie Gaiger & Les Collins Max Calverley, Ron Carter, Robbie & Tony Hardstone.

5th March Five Oaks ‘Bottom Lake’.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

Ist match of season bottom lake 5 oaks.13 out but lucky only one carp angler out. Left a few bad pags out but who knows. Funny thing today some anglers doing well, and good anglers struggling for bites. Near side doing well max drawing flyer. Dennis next door. End pegs apart from tony all struggling. Far side middle all catching occasionally. But dave Freeman and les Collins nothing far end. Waggler was good today for nearside, pole far side except for Me waggler 2, 1 and half pound roach. Tight finish,weights on sheet.
L-R 1st Dennis Cooper, 2nd Trevor Pavitt, joint 3rd Max Calverley & Tony Hardstone
19th February Five Oaks ‘Bottom Lake’ Silvers Only Knock-Up

A return Silvers match at Five Oaks saw another club sell out fixture, except this time it was switched from the Bottom to the Middle Lake. Once again weights were fantastic with only ounces separating the top placings. Whip King Martin Charnock put 18-1-0 on the scales to take section B as well as the top overall weight, Les Collins took the runner up spot on the day also from section B with 14-14-0 which included a bonus Tench. Section C winner Richie Hemmings placed some quality Skimmers on the scales to weigh 14-12-0. Winner in A section at the dam end of the lake saw Max Calverley weigh 14-11-0.

12th February Five Oaks ‘Bottom Lake’ Silvers Only Knock-Up

Sunday Silvers only bash on the Bottom Lake was a sell out within the hour on the clubs Whats-App Match group. The lake had been partially frozen during the week which had reduced weights compared to our previous visit but saw all but one angler failing to break double figures. Roach and skimmers made up most of the catches with some quality Roach exceeding a pound for a few. Max Calverley was top angler winning the match and section B with 28-8-0. Second overall from B section was Les Collins with 24-8-0. In other areas of the lake winning section C was Martin Charnock with 22-10-0 and from A section was Trevor Pavitt with 18-9-0.

2nd February Five Oaks ‘Bottom Lake’ Silvers Only Knock-Up

Another friendly knock-up on the first Thursday of the month saw CADAS members return to club water Five Oaks to fish on the Bottom Lake in a Silvers Only competition. It was a weird day with some anglers struggling to put bites together whilst others were catching for fun. The top two anglers that run away in the weights department were Les Collins and Martin Charnock. Les had some quality skimmers on maggot to take the runner up spot with a fantastic silvers weight of 41-0-0. It was Martins quality Roach along with skimmers that swung it with a weight of 46-8-0. Trevor Pavitt was third with 22-4-0. Les Taylor was on a high at the end beating Robbie Gaiger by 12 ounces taking fourth place. Above was Martins ground-bait mix with Drennan SF 1 floats with the inter changeable bristles which came in useful due to the changing light conditions. 

L-R Martin Charnock, Les Collins & Trevor Pavitt

1st January Five Oaks ‘Top Lake’ Silvers Only Knock-Up

A New Years Day get together saw a few members starting the new year with a Silvers Only competition at Five Oaks Top Lake. With heavy rain the previous two days saw many swims underwater by a few inches, so it was decided to have a walk off for the ten swims on one side of the lake. Les Collins pulling out token number one from the draw bag made no hesitation on choosing permanent peg 6. Second to draw was local angler Ron Carter who chose permanent peg 9 on the Dam did he know something the rest of us didn’t. The colour of the lake was even more of a darker chocolate than usual with quite a tow .The skimmers that were caught on the previous match were very elusive today with competitors catching mostly Roach and Rudd. Carp though were causing havoc, anyone daring to feed so much as a pole toss pot of feed were soon attached to one. Martin Charnock does what he does best trying out a Xmas pressie of whip floats from Pesca Hydra called a Rapide (above), feeding small nuggets of Sensas Gros Gardons and Canal Noire, he was catching small Roach averaging 3 fish to the ounce every put in on a 4m whip. Totalling over 600 fish in the five hours to take the win with 11-14-0. A battle for second between Les Collins and Derek Carter, saw Derek pip Les by a few ounces 6-14-0 to Les’s 6-6-0. Ron Carter was fourth overall with 4-7-0. with only one angler RH not troubling the scales man. Stay tuned in the Whats App Match group for more midweek matches over the coming season.


22nd December  Five Oaks ‘Top Lake’  Silvers Thursday Knock-Up

L-R Ron Carter & Les Collins

It was a wet start to the day for a friendly get together for the last match before Christmas, but the rain soon ceased for the members after an hour. Ron Carter (bottom right) living just a short drive practically lives on the venue. He has now become increasingly obsessed with acquiring a large collection of whips. So much so that he even set up more than yours truly, however it didn’t do him any harm as his weight of 16-2-0 was enough to take the win from peg 6. Martin Charnock starting on the whip switched late on to the pole, snaring a bonus Tench to take second place from peg 4 with 15-8-0. Trevor Pavitt was third with 7-8-0.

11th December Warwick Wold Christmas Match

The last official match for 2022 was held at Warwick Wold for the CADAS Christmas match on the long lake. The big freeze in the last few days had the ice thickness of around an inch and a half ( were not in the EU any more ) so imperial all the way . After spending around an hour before the all in, we had cleared our swims of ice, Peg 1 closest to the car park saw David ‘Boz’ Beard (top) catching steady throughout the the day to take the win with 7-10-0 of small carp. On peg 4 Ron Carter caught late on to take second with 2-2-0 just pipping Robbie Gaiger on peg 2 (below) who weighed 1-12-0  to take third. The best part of the day was back at the clubhouse where owner Phil and staff laid on a banquet of Hamburgers, sausage rolls, hot dogs topped off with cake tea and coffee. Match organiser Trevor Pavitt made sure everyone that fished had a pressie to go home with.

27th November Chart Lake  Super League Final Round

Today’s fixture was the final round of the Carshalton DAS Super League sponsored by Tackle Warehouse of Gatwick with many thanks to our President John Parker for his help and generosity in providing us with some top prizes in excess of £350. Conditions on the day were not favourable from start to finish as heavy showers plagued the competitors but there was no wind which was a slight bonus. Martin Charnock had already secured first place in the league taking the best points of twelve from sixteen rounds but went one better by winning the final round with 157-11-0 from peg 11 feeding and fishing Strawberry corn on the hook. Second place today went to Dennis Cooper on peg 2 with 128-8-0, with third place going to Steve Beard on peg 7 with 125-7-0 also fishing corn. Les Collins on peg 1 just missed out in the final league standings by one point but took fourth place today with 117-12-0. Ron Carter taking a weight of 117-0-0 from peg 5 and by coming fifth in the match, managed to sneak in the final league standings to take fourth place. Over 30+ anglers took part in the Carshalton DAS Super League 2022, for the full results and standings these can be found in the Super League drop down bar under Matches.

 20th November. Bernies Top Lake   ‘Silvers Only match’. Report by Trevor Pavitt

Only 7 anglers today with some earlier cancellations. This place never let’s you down for some excellent  roach fishing, and an occasional  large perch. Tony and max fished pegs 1 and 2 nearside and had a good battle both nets included a few good perch with some quality roach, Trevor had the best weight far side, full results and pics included 

13th November  NMG ‘Pump House’. Super League Round 15   Silvers Only

Today’s match at NMG fishery was held on the Pump House lake which holds lots of Roach and Skimmers as well as some very big carp. This was the penultimate round of the CADAS Super League and whilst first and second placed anglers had done enough to secure their positions overall in the league it still remains open for third and fourth. Fishing was challenging today and pinkies were to prove vital as the winner Jamie Frost (top centre) caught exceptionally well ending the day with 20-6-0 fishing 16m of pole catching quality Roach and skimmers. Second from peg 3 was Will who weighed 18-15-0 on the waggler with Max Calverley (below) taking third from the bottom end of the lake with 18-4-0. The last round will be held at Chart Fishery which is a Carp Lake weights in excess of 300 lbs are going to be required to stand a chance of making the frame.

6th November Five Oaks ‘Middle Lake’ Silvers Only.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

Good turnout of 12 encountering severe downpours most of the day. Some good angling today by various anglers, myself not Included! The match was split in 2 sections and Mr whippy,  Martin, done what he does best on peg 1 closest to our lake with over 30lb including 3 large perch, 1 close to 3lb. Some lovely roach caught today, and Tony hardstone managed to find some skimmers too. A great venue and full weights and positions on sheet.

L-R Martin Charnock top Tony Hardstone & Dave Freeman

23rd October Billhook Match Lake      Super League Round 14

Today’s match started off with a heavy deluge of rain at the draw but didn’t lighten up till around midday. Robbie Gaiger on permanent peg 2 found the Carp willing to feed close to the Lilly pads fishing a long pole.With the lake being no deeper than a foot, saw any carp hooked head towards any feature close by to snag most of the anglers that managed to connect with these elusive creatures. Lionel Herve on permeant peg 5 managed to find a few Carp late on fishing bomb and 8mm pellet to take the runner up position with 24-3-0. On the favoured peg 23 saw Les Collins scoop third place with 20-8-0 catching close to the pads infont of him. Martin Charnock took fourth place weighing 18-12-0 fishing the waggler with maggot to take a run of silvers which included some large Ide. Winning pair on the day were Robbie and Martin with a combined weight of 50-10-0 to comfortably beat runners up Richie and Lionel’s total of 34-8-0.

L-R Top Robbie Gaiger, Les Collins, Martin Charnock and Ron Carter

16th October. Five Oaks Top lake    ‘Silvers Only Match’ 

Considering that the Sumners fixture had to be cancelled due to a fiasco with the booking, it was a relatively good turnout for the rearranged ‘Silvers Only’ match at Five Oaks on the Top Lake. With the water being clear the resident carp were in a ravenous mood, feed too much and you were inundated with Carp pushing any silvers out of your peg. Martin Charnock managed to avoid the Carp till the afternoon and did enough from peg 5 to take the win with 18-15-0 of Roach and Skimmers. Les Collins took second place from peg 4 with 13-10-0 which included some nice Perch. Dennis Cooper weighed 11-8-0 to take third place from peg 7. Robbie Gaiger on end peg 2 was fourth with 10-8-0.

L-R Les Collins, Dennis Cooper, Robbie Gaiger & Les Taylor.

9th October Sumners Match Lake    Carp/Silvers match      Super League Round 13

It was a glorious day weather wise for those attending Round 13 of the CADAS Super league. With a pools option of top three overall and a Silvers Only, most chose to fish for the massive Carp that inhabit this lake. Andy Woolstencroft (top left) from peg 12 had a busy day to take pole position with a weight of 113-7-0. Second was Micky Wakeling on the very next peg 12 who thought he had done just enough late on, however just came up short to weigh 103-5-0. At the opposite end of the lake Gary Barnes peg 2 weighed 76-10-0 for third. In the Silvers race it was Martin Charnock (top right) that blitzed the opposition catching 1063 miniature Roach to weigh 30-2-0. Second in the Silvers pool was Richie Hemming’s weighing 18-7-0 with Robbie Gaiger finding a few better Silvers to take third place weighing 16-9-0.

L-R: Richie Hemmings, Robbie Gaiger & Gary Barnes 

2nd October Five Oaks Top Lake.     Report by Les Taylor

Only five members attended todays match, perhaps the bulk of our members had decided upon a last minute trip to sit in the warm sun, as opposed to a cold damp lake bank. Ron Carter was tops with 20-3-0, second Dave Freeman with 17-8-0 with third place going to Tony Hardcastle weighing 9-13-0.

25th September Willow Park Fishery  Super League Round 12

The twelfth round of the CADAS Super Laague found us at premier venue in Willow Park. The Silver fish fishing is fantastic with loads of skimmers and Roach, but to do well a bonus carp or two would be required and whilst most of the anglers caught the odd one many were lost as these fish are super fit and extremely large. Martin Charnock started on a cage feeder at the start and was putting a net of reasonable sized skimmers towards his total but it was the whip and waggler that did the main damage late on catching some double figure fish to take the win with 55-10-0. Dennis Cooper on end peg 27 found a few munters as well to take second switching between the straight lead and pole weighing 45-5-0. Les Collins does what he does best and plods along on the pole to weigh a net of just Skimmers to take third place with 22-14-0. Richie Hemming took fourth place with 19-11-0 of skimmers and Roach from peg 4.

L-R: Martin Charnock, Les Collins & Richie Hemmings.

18th September Stanbridge view,   Report by Trevor Pavitt
A couple of cold nights for time of year, and fingers crossed.  We’ll spread out and lots of features here. A slow start for some  but carp starting  to feed with others. Dave Freeman far end had a good day with a winning weight of 63.16, close up boz 3/4 way down with a painful 62.15. Steve beard kept busy nearer car park with 55.1 on paste. Gary baines only used a couple of his 6 top kits close up too. 16lb separated between1st and 6th on weights, close, les Collins had   a barbel, and skimmers a touch bigger than last time with Trevor 9lb silvers, plus 40lb carp.

11th September Trickle-Brook Fishery  Super League Round 11

The heavy rainfall during the week preceding todays visit saw the water level increase by around 18 inches. This had a dire impact on the Silvers but didn’t discourage the resident Carp. Derek Carter (bottom left) seems to be on fire taking his third win in as many Sundays but also lucky in drawing the same amount of end pegs : ). He blitzed the field from peg 8 fishing pole and paste in open water to weigh a fantastic 112-9-0. The following places were very tight indeed with Ron Carter on peg 1 taking second place with 44-3-0, he could have landed more Carp quicker had he a puller kit fitted to his pole. Third was Martin Charnock with 42-12-0 fishing the waggler and maggot to the islands with Richie Hemming’s taking fourth place from peg 3 weighing 41-5-0. Steve Beard managed a section win pipping Les Collins by just 10 ounces. Next round takes place at Willow Park fishery on the Small lake.

4th September Betchworth River Mole.    Report by Trevor Pavitt

Few of the mole regulars missing due to holidays and I’ll health, only 6 out. We were all hoping for the 4 pegs bridge end, 2 of the right angers dave freeman 4 and derek  Carter 1drew the right pegs had good days for mole standards. Derek on mainly waggler for a fantastic 12.6,mainly roach, dave mainly short whip 10.6. Myself and ron drew the far end but I had some roach for 4.6, weights better than usual here, and enjoyable day

28th August Orchard Place Farm  Lake 10  Super League Round 10 ‘Silvers Only’

It was end pegs that proved decisive today and Derek Carter top was smiling all the way to the bank after drawing end peg 1 and made no mistakes finding skimmers and a succession of Tench to win the day with an impressive 28-9-0. In second place was Martin Charnock from peg 12 with a catch of mainly Roach fishing the long pole at 13m, in third place from another end peg was Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson on peg 16 who also had a quality net of skimmers to weigh 13-10-0. Not too far behind on peg 13 was Richie Hemming’s taking third place with 11-8-0 of Roach and Ide. Dave Beard on end peg 9 weighed 8-2-0 taking the third prize in the continental payout.


As always there is a team prize with teams of four it ended up being a nail biting wait as the points were added but the Green team consisting of Ron Carter, Graham Johnson, Robbie Gaiger & Martin Charnock (below) totalled 13 points to beat the Blue team by one point on 12.

14th August, Warwick wold, Ash Lake  Report by Trevor Pavitt

Reports  comming in all week about how well the lakes are fishing  here, and on arrival one end of the lake looking like an aquarium we could see Why! The fish did disappear when match started and people  scratching their heads how to catch. It took about an hour for things starting to happen. Match in 2 sections, both sides, I was fishing opposite tony hardstone and derek Carter and as well as myself could see the fish were close in, eventually the fish were boiling in the margins, and was a case of just trying to catch them. Reports at end was hard pellet was best. Top weight far side, Tony 136.12, nearside, les Collins 130.11. First 6 weights all pretty close, well done Lionel who still comes out with the aid of a stick and had just under the ton 97.00. Shows you don’t have to travel to deepest Kent to catch carp, when this venue on our doorstep. 

7th August    Orchard Place Farm Lake 5    Super League Round 9

What a fantastic venue this fishery is, but can be very frustrating with so many fish in the lake just slightly overfeeding and you start foul hooking fish as they go into a feeding frenzy. Paul Jones has been concentrating on fishing paste and has certainly got it down pat as he absolutly obliterated the match with a colossal 258-2-0 of Carp and F1’s fishing down the margins. Keith Harper drawn near the car park on peg 8 took second place with 140-6-0 he too fished down the margins. Martin Charnock on peg 11 switched between the pellet waggler and margin to weigh 100-6-0 taking third place, Peter Lea was fourth with 99-10-0 just missing out on breaking the ton by 6 ounces from peg 6. As for the teams of three. team Blue paralysed the total collective weight having Mr Jones Jnr in the team helped just a bit for a grand total of 400lbs exactly, the winners L-R top Terry McDonald, Paul Jones & Alan Ringwood. In second place were the Red team consisting of Keith Harper, Lionel Herve & Richie Hemming’s for a total weight of 248-2-0. Round 10 of the Super League will be back in a few weeks time on Lake 10 Silvers Only Match.

31st July ‘Bernies Lakes’ Racetrack.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

Hi all bernies racetrack today, water level  a foot down, but conditions ideal weather wise. Tony hardstone drew middle of racetrack and come good fishing far bank late on with a winning 65.8. Ron Carter  drew peg 1 and had carp in afternoon for 43.3. Serge done well end peg 9 by lillies but lost more than caught, 28.8. Derek Carter middle also done well 40.12. All middle pegs and 1 peg far bank was where carp caught. Trevor drew 1 from end but after 10minutes gave up as you couldn’t ship pole back that swim, thick with brambles lesson learnt that peg. Borrowed some maggots and had some nice skimmers and roach 9.10 top silvers, Gary Barnes 6lb odd 

24th July  Monk Lakes Fishery Lake 4   Super League Round 8

It was a frustrating day for a few of the competitors at Monk Lake 4 in Kent, with masses of leaves on the lake impeding fishing at times such was the volume and it’s not even Autumn yet!. Alan Ringwood ( top centre ) has had a few poor results lately in the league but today he excelled and this is why he’s got the nickname ‘Carp Guru’ as he obliterated those around him weighing 106-14-0  to take pole position. New member Dennis Cooper took second place with 74-15-0, with Les Collins in third place with a total weight of 41-10-0. On the Silvers side of the match it was a much closer affair with Richie Hemming’s taking the win from a leaf free swim : ) with 27-14-0 to pip Martin Charnock weighing 25-7-0, Les Collins was third with his Silvers totalling 20-12-0. In the teams of four, team B took the honours weighing a combined weight of 209-11-0 with team A coming second with their combined weight of 166-2-0. Round 9 will take place at Orchard Place Farm on the Doughnut Lake 7th August those wishing to attend please bring three keep-nets

Team B above L-R Graham Johnson, Alan Ringwood, Les Collins & Richie Hemming’s.

17th July. Willinghurst  Friendly Knock-Up Silvers Only   Report By Martin Charnock

With Trevor our Match Secretary predisposed elsewhere it was left for me to sort out the match for the fixture at Orchard place farm however the members of the post war or snowflakes had then decided to cry off, was it the heat or the fact it was going to cost them an extra few quid in petrol for the journey were never know. Those members left that had a good reason not to travel to the latter felt that we should go elsewhere so we arranged to go to Willinghurst instead for a friendly match. What a fantastic venue it proved to be, being situated on top of a hill meant there was a constant breeze which helped keep the temperatures down. The whip proved to be the main weapon for most with Martin winning with 39-14-0, 99% of his catch containing all Roach, using his favourite Senses whip float on 5-6-7 & 4 metre whips combining this with a new Roach ground bait from Revolution Baits it was an easy victory. Ron Carter was second weighing 22-9-0 again mainly fishing the whip but kept switching & hoping for a few Bream on pole & pellet, it didn’t disappoint however his landing skills of netting such fish saw him lose two big Bream at the net. The next round of the Super League takes place at Monk Lake 4 next week with the following week a club match at Bernies on the Racetrack.
10th July   Old Bury Hill Lake   Super League Round 7. 
Round 7 of the CADAS Super League saw the final visit to OBH as a club because after September no more fishing will take place on this fabulous fishery. The weather was again not the best for Bream fishing except for Dennis Cooper on peg 15 who caught continually throughout the day to take the win with 34-5-0. Dennis’s weight was enough to comfortably help his team comprising  (top L-R) Dennis, Les Collins and Robbie Gaiger with a combined weight of 50-15-0 for an easy win. Second individual overall was Ron Carter (bottom right) on end peg 21 to weigh 16-1-0, Martin Charnock was third from peg 9 with 10-7-0 with fourth place going to Derek Carter with 10-2-0. The runners up team with 26-6-0 were Martin Charnock, Derek Carter & Alan Ringwood
3rd July   Top Lake Five Oaks  Report by Trevor Pavitt

9 0ut. Hoping that it fishes better today, as fishes brilliant when on your own but difficult match days. I drew peg 10, Carp corner, so whip stayed in bag. Derek Carter peg 2 and Abu peg 3 started catching well. Martin peg 1whipping them out as usual.dave freeman peg 9 catching well too. The weights do seem to be improving on match days here. Top carp weight on day, Derek 29.5, 2nd Trevor 28.6 Top silvers Martin 11lb odd, 2nd Ron 6.4. Results on sheet

Top L- R  Derek Carter, Martin Charnock, Trevor Pavitt & Ron Carter.
N.B: Now for what really happened (LOL) Derek was on peg 3 not peg 2. Martin had 18-1-0 and Ron 11-7-0 of Silvers.
26th June    NBK Pump House          Super League Round 6
Round six of the Super League saw the competitors having a hearty breakfast in the on-site cafe before commencing with the fabulous fishing this fixture had too offer, every angler had the opportunity to take the win from any of the pegs around the lake unusual as many venues have a go to flyer peg but not this lake. The teams of four is always interesting with the camaraderie between the teams come the weigh in at the end of the match and today was to be no exception. The addition of Carp were to be the difference for the winning team but these were no ordinary fish, more like humungous zoo creatures. Robbie Gaiger (top right)  was part of the winning team landing three  massive Carp alongside his silvers for a total weight of 40-10-0 to take the win. Martin Charnock fished the waggler and pole for a mainly skimmer net of 32-2-0 to take the runner up spot. Alan Ringwood did what he does best landing three carp to take third with 28-5-0. In fourth place Les Collins weighed 22-2-0. The top team of four weighed a combined weight of 105-1-0 with team C runners up weighing all silvers for their combined weight of 71-4-0.
 L-R: Martin Charmock, Alan Ringwood, Les Collins & the winning team Richie Hemming’s, Robbie Gaiger, Alan ‘The Carp Guru’ Ringwood & Boz.
19th June Stanbridge View Lake.    Report by Trevor Pavitt

12 out and a new venue. Lots of features  surrounding lake and everyone enjoyed themselves. Nice to see a few new faces out, Lionel and Tony Aldworth, and especially Alan Ringwood making his first appearance all season we all miss so much 😂. 2 sections new member well done Derek Carter 62.13. 2nd including silvers  Trevor 32.00. Other section Tony hardstone 63.0p 2nd date freeman 50.8. Trevor won small silvers prize 8lb. Mister Whippy AKA Martin Charnock turned up late after job cancellation and had 16lb of silvers in 3 hours.

L-R Derek Carter, Tony Hardstone & Martin Charnock
5th June Beavers farm,Maze Lake     Report by Trevor Pavitt
L-R Dave Freeman, Les Taylor & Trevor Pavitt
Only 7 out, but conditions and time of year perfect for this normally difficult venue. Trevor myself drew my favourite swim in the jungle, it helped knowing this swim and the bream do show here sometimes. Started on the pole soft pellet over side of weed and  the bream were there, must of had 20lb first 2 hours and no sign of Les Taylor walking either so must be fishing well! Died at lunchtime and went on waggler to far bank dead reds and corn and they were there too. End of match an astonishing 44.10 for this venue. Les Taylor fancied swim 1st one at far car park 21lb and Dave Freeman on spit opposite car park 18lb. More than expected and hope it continues at that venue.

22 May  Weirwood Reservoir. Super League Round 5

Round 5 of today’s Super league was far from easy and whilst the conditions were great to sit and lap up the tranquil surroundings it wasn’t the best for Bream fishing with a flat calm surface and bright sunshine. Les Collins got his first win in the league and the all important 12 points, with a weight of 17-9-0 from peg 8 including a few quality Bream and Roach fishing the feeder. Martin Charnock took second place from peg 3 also on the feeder with 9-13-0. In third place was Robbie ‘ The Crayfish Snowflake’ Gaiger with 8-8-0 ( you had to be there to see his antics trying to get his hook back ). In fourth place the ever improving Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson weighing 7-1-0. In the teams of four event it was an easy victory for Team A weighing 39-2-0 consisting of ( bottom right L-R ) Robbie Gaiger, Les Collins, Lionel Herve And Martin Charnock.

15th May Sumners ‘Ribbon Lake’.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

Results from ribbon lake, short report as I was on holiday, a glorious day on the Saturday but raining all day on match day Sunday. 2nd year running some of the better pegs were not put in as people there decided to only fish one bank! 8 out and fast improving Gary Baines with top weight furthest away from bridge with a skimmer and carp net of 19.4, 2nd Les Collins with 9.13, third Dave Freeman with 8.13.

 8th May Marsh Farm Fishery ‘Richardson’s Lake’ Super League Round 4

Great weather was forecast for this weekend and we were not disappointed however the fish had decided to spawn and the fishing was challenging for most. Martin Charnock on peg 6 found a few Bream on the waggler to take a comfotable victory feeding and fishing Caster on the hook, then late on catching a few small Tench on the pole with worm to weigh 20-10-0. Richie Hemming’s took second place from peg 11 also catching on caster for 10-0-0 fishing the pole. In third place was Alan Ringwood with 9-13-0 from peg 12 just pipping Lionel Herve with 9-7-0 on peg 10 fishing the feeder. In the teams of three the winners were Martin Charnock, Richie Hemming’s & Les Collins with a total of 31-14-0 with the runners up consisting of Ron Carter, Graham Johnson & Alan Ringwood totalling 20-0-0.

1st May ‘Bernies Lakes’ Racetrack

With an overall weight and separate Silvers pool It was a very tight affair come the end of the match as the totals were added together of Carp and Silvers. Ron Carter had done enough from peg 1 just with his Carp weight alone to take the win with 42-8-0 landing 32-15 of Carp and 9-9-0 of Silvers. Les Collins peg 6 (top centre) weighed some big Carp to take second place with a total of 33-5-0 just pipping Martin Charnock peg 8 (top right) who easily won the Silvers pool with 28-2-0 of roach, skimmers & a bonus Perch along with the 4-15-0 of whip caught Carp totalling 33-1-0 for third overall. Match organiser Trevor Pavitt (bottom left) was fourth with 30-14-0 including this 11-6-0 munter of a carp, The most senior angler on the bank Les Taylor was unlucky but had his best days fishing weighing 30-11-0 from end peg 9. Unluckiest angler on the day was Max Calverley (bottom right ) who ended up breaking pole sections for fun during the day with an estimated collateral damage of around £600.

27th April    Weirwood Reservoir ‘Willows’ Knock-Up

A Wednesday knock-up was held today at the fabulous Weirwood Reservoir and whilst there was a cold North Easterly wind it still fished well on this vast water complex. Whilst it wasn’t a great turnout, could it be that anglers prefer fishing Carp puddles or they haven’t got more than 10 yards of line on their reels !. Richie Hemming’s ( Top Centre ) found his first win for 2022 with 17-2-0 of big skimmers caught on the feeder. Martin Charnock was again bridesmaid this week with 12-6-0 fishing a 12g slider float as well as the feeder. Lionel Herve was third on the day also catching skimmers on the feeder. For further weekly get togethers check out the CADAS Super League WhatsApp page.

24th April Orchard Place Farm Super League Round 3

The weather conditions were better for the first time this year and what a difference it can make as the weights around the lake were phenomenal  for those taking part. The best angler was Micky Wakeling (top) netting 132-5-0 from peg 8 fishing shallow on the pole with pellet and maggot loose feeding small dollops of ground bait. Martin Charnock on peg 7 had decided to fish close to the island using a pellet waggler with 8mm pellets as feed and hook bait. This method caught a larger stamp of carp to weigh 129-14-0 taking second place. Peter Lea was third with 119-5-0 from peg 5 next to the car park. Andy  Wolstencroft  took third place with 109-4-0 peg 2 with Terry McDonald taking the last of the ton weights from peg 3 with 107-0-0.

L-R Martin Charnock, Andy Wolstencroft and Terry McDonald,

17th April Weirwood fishery Practice Day.     Report by Martin Charnock

Today myself and Richie Hemmings decided  to have a day practicing for an upcoming Super League match at Weirwood on this vast expanse of water. Whilst it took a while for the fish too arrive they were of a good stamp giving fantastic indications with the rod being dragged round and not concentrating you would likely lose your rod such was the ferocity of the bite. As it was a weekend we fished past Willow Point where you would need waders a platform or a box that has legs that extend as it is quite shallow close in. We mainly fished on the float a Slider and also the feeder and It was important to have various models of feeder to feed the 16 ft deep pegs that we sat on. Richie forgot his keepnet but we both had double figures in weight of quality Skimmers with the odd Roach. Were just itching to get back soon !!!

10th April Old Bury Hill Super League Round 2

Round 2 at Old Bury Hill saw another full turnout at this premier fishery, however although weights were not big it was very close with just one fish separating the top three. It was a battle between Robbie Gaiger on peg 18 and Martin Charnock on peg 19. It was Robbie that got the win with some bigger stamp Bream for 25-12-0 pipping Martin by 6 ounces who ended with 25-6-0. At the other end of the match length Max Calverley found a few Bream late on the waggler to take third place with 25-2-0 with David Beard taking fourth place with 18-10-0 which included a Zander of around 4lbs. The winning teams of three with an aggregate weight of 50-6-0 were (top L-R ) Lionel Herve, Alan Ringwood & Robbie Gaiger. Just pipping Graham Johnson, Richie Hemmings & Boz who weighed 46-3-0.

L-R Robbie Gaiger, Martin Charnock, Max Calverley & David Beard.

3rd April Five Oaks ‘Top Lake’

A heavy frost greeted the members for todays club match on the Top lake at Five Oaks, with sunshine forecast for the afternoon hopes were raised that the fishing would improve during the day. There were two pools for today of either Carp or Silvers. Trevor Pavitt drew peg 10 a noted carp area of the lake and managed the win for the Carp sweepstake with 22-1-0 just pipping Dave Freeman on peg 2 who weighed 20-9-0. In the Silvers pool Martin Charnock landed over 500 small Roach and Rudd  for the win with 17-15-0 from peg 6, Les Collins peg 9 was second with a few quality Skimmers and the odd Tench to weigh 10-7-0. full results above.

L-R : Trevor Pavitt, Martin Charnock & Les Colins.

27th March Sumners Match Lake Super League Round 1

The first round of the Super League held at Sumners fishery saw a full turnout for a match with various options, either to fish for Carp or Silvers only pool or if really greedy having the opportunity of trying to win both. A cold wind but warm sun had some competitors fishing in T-shirts with those at the car park end of the lake being wrapped up as if they were on a journey to the North Pole. Micky Wakeling ( top ) took the top prize in the Carp pool weighing a credible 137-4-0 fishing a method feeder to the end of an island landing some big specimens. In the Silvers Pool Martin Charnock ( top right ) took top spot catching 856 small roach for 35-6-0 using a range of whips from 2m to 3.5m. The remaiing places were as follows in the Carp section Alan Ringwood took second with 115-1-0 with the third place going to Steve Beard who weighed 63-4-0 just edging out Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson who up until Steve who was last to weigh had been just holding on to the third place cash prize. Second in the Silvers pool was the ever Mr Consistent Ron Carter weighing 22-15-0 with Richie Hemminigs taking third with 21-13-0.

L-R – Alan Ringwood, Steve Beard & Graham Johnson.

20th March Ozzies Lake Warwick Wold Fishery

Todays fixture has once again proved to be a really moody venue and its either feast or famine for a select few. Dave Freeman ( top ) was back in form after enduring some bad results of late, but came good fishing a method feeder tight to the far bank having drawn in the middle part of the lake for a comfortable win weighing 50-14-0. Next door to Dave was Les Collins who concentrated on the pole to take second with 16-15-0. Tony Hardstone pegged next to Les by the gap in the island taking third on the day with 14-4-0, Those pegged at the beginning and end of the lake really struggled with a blank at the far end and a low weight of 2-15-0 being recorded at the car park end. With a continental payout over three sections results were 1st Dave Freeman, 2nd Ron Carter and 3rd Martin Charnock.

13th March ‘Octbox’ Owners Silvers Only Match

Today’s match consisted of members owning an Octbox, held on the Top lake at our Five Oaks fishery. The organised set up that can be achieved is second to none with the Octbox, Ron Carter was to prove a formidable opponent for myself and Richie Hemmings as his combination of multiple whips, top kits and massive array of baits he was certainly out to prove a point. Richie had drawn peg 4 and whilst it was a slow start, but good things come to those that wait and it didn’t disappoint as he started hooking quality skimmers and Bream but had a few that shed the hook just before netting which was to prove very costly weighing a credible 20-8-0. Ron on peg 4 started his campaign on a short whip and went off like a train catching plenty of Roach and Rudd these were of a reasonable size. I was on peg 6 and whilst I too started on a whip my stamp of fish were considerably smaller. This left me no other option but to go long on the pole using the new Si-Wi Lake pole floats and whist it wasn’t fast I was catching Roach up to 6 ounces. The end result was too close for comfort as my 22-15-0 just managed to pip Ron who weighed 22-7-0.

L-R Richie Hemmings, Ron Carter & Martin Charnock.

6th March Five Oaks Bottom Lake Club Match  Report by Martin Charnock

It was fantastic weather for the favoured few that drew pegs 1-4 where it was almost suncream time such was the intensity of the sun and with the wind off their backs it must have been heaven. Pegs 5 round to 10 were in the shade and had the full impact of a cold wind in their faces. New member Tony Hardstone (top) peg 3 fished long on the pole landing a quality net of skimmers for the win with 42-13-0. ( L-R bottom ) Martin Charnock peg 6 was catching well on the pole landing quality Roach for second weighing 33-14-0, in third place was Les Collins peg 1 with a mixed bag for 21-15-0. In fourth place on peg 7 Trevor Pavitt was quietly putting a net of skimmers to weigh 18-10-0 just pipping Dave Freeman who had 17-8-0 from peg 9. Please note if you book in for a fixture and are unable to attend please have the curtesy to let the Competition Secretary know.

27th February Five Oaks Middle Lake ‘Winter Silvers  League Final Round’ Report by Martin Charnock

Today was the final round of the winter silvers league held at Five Oaks Fishery. Once again a heavy frost the night before made fishing some what tricky but the sun was shinning and with not a cloud in the sky it turned out to be a warm day for all concerned. Martin Charnock was leading the league by 4lbs at the start of the match with only 2lbs separating second and third placed anglers Les Collins and Max Calverley. Martin found that his favoured whip approach wasn’t working as the fish decided to stay further out from the bank, with him having to fish long at 13m on the pole. Les Collins had drawn well on the dam end of the lake and with the deeper water looked good for the win. Max had decided to fish long utilising the waggler up in the water, he too was pegged at the dam end of the lake. They say cream always rises to the top and Martin made no mistakes extending his lead by taking the win on the day with 17-10-0 resulting in winning the 2022 Winter Silvers league. It was a nail biting wait to see who was going to take second place in the league overall and Les Collins 12-6-0 just managed to pip Max Calverley who came second on the day with 15-3-0 leaving him taking third in the final standings. Ron carter took third place on the day with 14-10-0 alternating between whip and pole with Dave’Boz’ Beard taking fourth with some nice skimmers for 13-14-0. Full league results can be found under the sub heading Matches.

Top Right, Martin Charnock & his winning ground bait mix, Bottom R-L Max Calverley, Les Collins, Ron Carter & David ‘Boz’ Beard.

12th February Five Oaks Top Lake ‘Winter Silvers League Round 3’. Report by Martin Charnock

The forecast for heavy rain and gale force winds didn’t materialise till midday , but when it did boy was it miserable. Those anglers on the far side of the lake were pretty much sheltered from the winds but not the deluge of water. Les Collins (bottom left) must have been happy by midday with his peg 11 looking at those opposite having to cope with the extremities and was quietly putting a weight of skimmers together to take the win with 14-14-0. Martin Charnock peg 4 had decided to concentrate on the smaller head of Roach using various whip lengths then switching to the pole late on for a run of skimmers but the winds made presentation difficult but managed to secure second place with 9-8-0. Robiie Gaiger (centre) on peg 6 went off like a rocket at the start catching lots of fish in the 6oz bracket and looked good to win the day but come the afternoon started falling backwards as the fish vanished from his peg ending with 8-15-0 for third. Max Calverley (bottom right) peg 9 took fourth place with 7-13-0 which included a bonus Tench. By the end of the match everyone was totally drenched but its still got to be better than sitting in front of the T.V watching footie.

30th January Bernies Top Lake ‘Winter Silvers League Round 2’.  Report by Martin Charnock

The sudden drop in temperature on the Saturday night made the better quality fish shoal up with the anglers sat at the far end of the fishery having a really hard day. Max Calverley had a superb net of Redfins from peg C9 to win the match with 15-10-0. In B section weights started to drop off significantly with Richie Hemmings (bottom left) on peg B6 weighing 6-10-0 leaving Robbie Gaiger (bottom right) in his wake after weighing a disappointing 2-5-0 having picked B5 the peg everyone wanted  at the draw, what made it even more embarrassing he had practiced off the same peg in the week. Ron Carter (bottom centre left) Mr Consistent won his section for the second time from peg A3 to weigh 3-14-0. Martin Charnock took second overall from C7 with 9-14-0. Full results for the Winter Silvers League can be found in the drop down bar under Matches.

16th January Five Oaks Fishery ‘Winter Silvers League Round 1’.   Report by Martin Charnock

The first round of the winter silvers league saw the weather conditions quite mild for the time of year with the few anglers that were not in the shade fishing in short sleeves come midday. However the fish didn’t seem to want to feed with much relish, for many it was a case of feeding with caution as too much and the fish got spooked. Martin Charnock in B section took the win with 11-13-0 alternating between his whip lines and 13m pole line to take a steady run of Roach and skimmers using pinkie as hook bait. Sensas Gros Gardons & Canal Noir with damp leam was the ground bait used. In Second place overall from C section was Les Collins with a net of mostly skimmers for 8-10-0, third was Robbie Gaiger  with 7-15-0 obliterating those in his section A with his closet rival weighing just 2-2-0.

2nd January Five Oaks Fishery ‘Winter Silvers Only Match’.   Report by Martin Charnock

Today saw the start of a series of winter Silvers only matches with a few members of the club trailing how well todays fixture on the Middle lake was going to be. At the draw many wanted to draw on the dam wall, with a continental type payout over the three sections this area was likely to be where the winner would come, being deeper and also where the bigger skimmers prefer to reside. Yours truly ( bottom centre ) was trying a new series of pole floats by Preston Innovations a Christmas present from her indoors. These were models ( Shipper & Paulo) I wouldn’t normally use these patterns on the whip but they did ok, as a result got me the win with 22-8-0, it wasn’t however all plain sailing as Richie Hemmings in my section C was a bit too close for comfort weighing 19-3-0. In the other section A Robbie Gaiger ( bottom left ) took an easy victory for second with 19-4-0 sitting at the very top end of the lake with Section B being won by Ron Carter on the dam end of the lake with 15-9-0.


12th December Christmas Match ‘Ozzies Lake’    Report by Trevor Pavitt

Hi all thanks to all who supported the Xmas match today, fishing was tough but the people who attended enjoyed each other companies which is the most important these days. Hot food and a raffle in clubhouse after and a few laughs, brilliant. Top weights were 29 21 and 12 and furthest away from motorway place to be.  Happy  Christmas, trev.

5th December Five Oaks Top Lake ‘Winter Silvers’ Match  Report by Martin Charnock

Some stalworthy Carshalton individuals got together for a winter ‘Silvers’ only match held on the top lake at Five Oaks. This was a popular event today and if it remains so, maybe a league of six matches alternating between the three lakes in the new year will take place.Today was blustery with light rain showers and cold but despite all this the lake fished well. Carp don’t normally show in the club matches but put in an appearance today for those few that attracted them, pushing the Roach and skimmers out of their swim. Even with the light rigs that were being used still saw these quality fish landed. Yours truly had fed hard balls of groundbait 50/50 with leam to keep the balls from breaking up on the way down and it seemed to work as I never hooked a carp all day. Les Collins must have found a way of feeding it correctly, as he too never saw a Carp. Robbie Gaiger (top right) on the other hand did land quite a few Carp on his 5m Whip in-between landing some large skimmers to take the runner up spot with 12-4-0. Les Collins took third place with 11-12-0, I managed to scrape the win with a big bonus Tench late on for 12-8-0.

21st November Sumners Match lake CADAS VS Godalming DAS.   Report by Roger Howe

Thirty Three Godalming and Carshalton anglers fished this one on a bright but cold day. The match was paid out on the top three in 4 sections but i am listing the top four weights and Silvers result. Godalming’s Dennis Cooper pegged between the two islands took the win with a late run of carp for 69.12.0. Henry Golas on he first Island was second with 64.5.0 and Roger Howe on the landing stage came third with 63.0.0. Fourth went to Ian Turner on 57.12.0. Max Calverley took the silvers pool with 22.9.0.

21st November Officers Challenge Match CADAS VS Croydon Postal    Report by Martin Charnock

The offer of being allowed as a guest for Croydon Postal A.S visit to Chequertree couldn’t be refused as this has to be my all time favourite venue. Yes it is a bit of a journey but the quality of  the fishing is second to none. Once again there was a bit of banter in the car park and it was agreed the Committee from both CADAS and the Postal boys would challenge each other. Well I am pleased to say the CADAS boys reigned supreme all three of us Alan Ringwood, myself and Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson solely all fishing whips took the win. There was a few hairy moments however when the Postal lads started to land Carp with one in excess of double figures but we held our nerve. Roach and skimmers were the main target and my favourite float on the whip was a Sensas Chauny in a 1 gram fished at 3.5m this rig saw me land 565 Roach with some up to 12oz’s. It was a very close finish see results below:

Top Centre Alan showing he does own some whips, With (top right) Graham throttling Clive’The treasurer’ Mills from the opposition before we even start.

1st Martin Charnock 63-4-0   2nd Andy Hodd 42-12-0.  3rd Steve Scott 42-0-0   4th Clive Mills 34-12-0.

CADAS.                                                  Croydon Postal

Total:                   121-4-0                                          100-0-0

7th November Bernies ‘ Top Lake’.   Report by Martin Charnock

( L-R Trevor Pavitt, Martin Charnock, Les Collins & Alan Ringwood)

Today’s match was a Roach bonanza, with 90% of the field all weighing in double figures. However the lake did resemble a bit of a school playground with the far end holding the infant Roach with the top end home to the seniors. Trevor Pavitt catching 27-6-0 was defiantly in an area of the lake where the seniors hung out, to take the win with some magnificent Roach. Yours truly at the far end in the shallow part of the lake had to settle for second with over 500 infants for 22-12-0. In third place, also in an area where the bigger Roach hung out was Max Calverley with 18-11-0 only just managing to pip Les Collins with 18-7-0. Newcomer to whip fishing Alan Ringwood took fifth place with 18-0-0.

31st October Warwick Wold ‘Ozzies Lake’.      Report by Martin Charnock

Morning and late afternoon conditions

Halloween started early for this match. When I say this had to be the worst conditions of strong winds combined with torrential rain I and probably the rest of the field had encountered ever would be an understatement. Dave Freeman was first to make the fatal mistake of not sitting on his box and paid the price as his umbrella attached to his box decided to a Dorothy and take off ending up in the lake requiring a boat to retrieve what was left of his gear. Robbie Gaiger must have forgotten this as within the next few minutes he too decided to get off his box, big mistake as his box along with all his top kits and all his internal draws were deposited into the lake. What amazed me was the anglers either side of him not even bothering to help, I ended up walking down the match length to help retrieve his gear, totally unbelievable and unacceptable. As for the match Trevor Pavitt walked it with 48-8-0 catching on corn fishing short on the pole, although he did try to cut the match short by blowing the whistle 1 hour early, you guessed it he hadn’t put his watch back duh!. A little bit of consolation for Robbie Gaiger was taking the runner up spot with 29-2-0 having been sponsored with bait from yours truely. Although what winnings he got won’t make up for the hundreds of £ in damages.

17th October Old Bury Hill Main Lake.      Report by Martin Charnock

The start of the day didn’t go well at the draw for some of the members taking part, there were insufficient pegs in the draw bag and what should have been a re-draw ended up with them receiving the dregs that had been left out, with other members drawn on the same pegs, confusing yes indeed. Once all the faffing about had settled and we got down to actually fishing it soon became apparent it was going to be a difficult day. Everyone was struggling for bites, Gary Barnes ( top left )  drawn on the long bank peg 38 hadn’t had a bite until midday then had a two hour window whereby he netted a few Bream on a cage feeder with double dead red maggot to take the win with a low weight of 15-13-0. The next weights came from the front bank with Stephen Beard peg 7 taking second place with 14-2-0 his brother ‘Boz’ on peg 9 took  third with 13-12-0. Yours truly (top right ) peg 16 came fourth but took the consolation of winning the Super pool  with 13-11-0 catching late on the pole with pellet.

3rd October Five Oaks Fishery Top Lake.    Report by Trevor Pavitt.

Water was very heavily coloured after the torrential rain on Saturday, chocolate brown. Again it was rock hard but some pegs did produce. Steve beard was at it again drawing fancied end peg 19 and easily won his section and match with 48.6. Robbie gaiger fishing far side, showed everybody how to do it with some brilliant whip fishing for 18.4 of silver’s and a few carp for 22.7. Alan Ringwood was happy with peg 1 and decided not to go home for a change, and fished well and enjoyed himself fishing for silver’s and was 3rd overall with a mixed bag 19.1. unfortunately it was tough for most with the conditions and lake not producing on a match again…. Pic of Robbie’s silvers

3oth September ‘Starkeys last Thursday of the month match’. Report by Martin Charnock

Today saw the Carshalton lads attend Five Oaks fishery for the last Thursday of the month  knock up. You know it’s going to be a good day when match organiser Trevor Pavitt said it was going to be a walk off and I subsequently pulled out number one from the draw bag. Finding a swim with no trees or branches to impede fishing  the whip  it was then just a case of getting the job done catching over 1500 fish over the 5 hours which equates to over 300 fish an hour. This was enough to win comfortably weighing 59-1-0. Ron Carter who has been getting lessons fishing the whip secured second place weighing 42-3-0  with some quality Roach to boot. Les Collins had gone down the pellet and corn route hoping to catch better a stamp of fish and whilst he managed to land several carp and some skimmers took third place with 31-9-0. Les Taylor took fourth place with 19-12-0 with match organiser Trevor managing 5th place with 18-4-0 sitting next door to the whip maestro.

L-R Martin ‘Mr Whippy’ Charnock, Trevor Pavitt, Les Collins & Ron Carter.

19th September Ribbon Lake Sumners      Report by Trevor Pavitt

Only 9 people attending and a few regulars not there, due to various reasons including me. Unfortunately match there on Saturday so would be harder. Reports of 2 best swims by bridge not producing sat so left out on Sunday! Man of the moment new carp guru Keith weller smashed it with 65lb on feeder to far side near trees. Rumour has it coaching lessons off Steve ringer😂😂 Peter gale managed a couple of barbel in his 19lb, but alas no chub caught at all. Results in pic

19th September Orchard Place Farm ‘Petrol Burners’ Knock-up.                    Report by Martin Charnock

Today’s friendly knock up at Orchard Place farm had been booked a year in advance and sadly clashed with another of the clubs outings. Those present had an amazing day out catching loads of fish, jovial banter and a big breakfast beforehand. Paul Jones once again showed his class at catching F1’s feeding slop and catching shallow using a Jigga float throughout the day, having drawn a favoured peg close to the car park. Peter Lea at the far end fished on the bottom with pellet for most of his fish to take second overall with 128-0-0. Andy Jackman managed to pip Micky Wakeling off the next peg to take third place, both were having a battle fish for fish with both topping the 100lb barrier. The collective weight for the 12 anglers amassed to 1035 lbs & 6 ounces at a venue thats available to CADAS members. Below some of the floats that were used by those present.

5th September Bernie’s ‘Racetrack’.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

14 out. 7 each side, fished better than last time, but hard work them carp just sitting off far bank at 14 plus metres. Dave Freeman drawing the pads far end car park side winning with just over 50lb, and Ian chandler same bank 48lb. Most people had round about 20lb but loads lost due to branches and trees on the far bank. Full results in pic

 29th August Warwick wold Ash lake.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

No match or pleasure anglers on lake Saturday so hopefully weights ok. 14 out giving a little room on this 20 peg lake. Steve beard fishing far side concentrated on paste in margins and a good 95.9lb, Allen Adams motorway side 84.4 again margin. It seemed today that fish wasnt feeding that we’ll up in water, and margins were favourite. Full results in pic.

15th August River Mole ‘The Orchard’    Report by Trevor Pavitt

River mole orchard stretch. 9 out and river looked ideal, a little colour, and flow. Pegs closest to the bridge fished best, and mole specialist pat farelly made use of his good draw by the pads and managed over 9lb mainly roach, next peg Ian chandler small roach for over 5lb. Far end struggled for mainly small roach. I lost a good fish ten minutes from the end, when getting snapped up in the tree far bank. Results in pic

1st August Top Lake Five Oaks Fishery    Report by Trevor Pavitt

16 out, hoping for better results but alas it’s definitely got BSA top lake itus. Great with few, but rock hard match conditions. People fishing during week 40lb silver’s reported and carp plenty. Boz was drawn peg 19 far end all on own 2nd match running, he moan moan moan, thought it was our chairman, but it turned out the only peg that produced carp, 28.00  man of the moment Mr Weller started well on carp under trees but faded last 3 hours. Basically it was only silver’s and with Andy packham, Allen Adams, and Dave Freedman packing up with hour to go, not much else to say. Results in pic.

25th July Richardson Lake Marsh Farm VS Godalming DAS.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

Inter club match v godalming as. Looking forward to this, perfect conditions today, overcast and slight breeze this morning. 11 CADAS and 32 godalming, big turnout. Positives heavy rain held off most off the day. Negatives fishing. Everyone struggling most of the day, and fishing not as good as old days. Top weights only 18 and 19lb  godalming anglers, Ian chandler done well overall 3rd 15.10. section winner Les Collins found small tench in his swim, lucky him, but 12 for only 10lb. A struggle everywhere but a lovely fishery. Results in pic

Results:   Carshalton DAS Top 6   44-13-0.   Godalming DAS Top 6    85-12-0

9th July Weirwood Reservoir Friendly Match.   Report by Martin Charnock

It was a day to remember for the Carshalton Members that got together for this friendly match with only one member failing to break the 30lb barrier. although he was the official photographer taking time out thanks Graham. At the start everyone started on the feeder but when some struggled a switch close in on the whip were soon producing quality Roach. Max Calverley was catching on a piece of black plastic on his hook feeding hemp and tares taking Roach to 6ozs + to finish second with 57-4-0. Robbie Gaiger had been catching well on the feeder but soon followed suit down the whip route and was catching well on caster to end with 47-14-0. Graham Johnson was in a quandary as what method to stick too but couldn’t resist the calling of fishing the whip catching some massive Roach after the change. Yours truly had decided to stick with the feeder fishing at distance some 65 yards for the Bream with chopped worm, however it didn’t go that easy as fishing at distance can have it’s issues and it wasn’t long before I got the new nickname ‘Mr KRACK-OFF’. The larger Bream weren’t playing ball today but I was catching skimmers in excess of a pound and the perseverance of sticking with the feeder took the win with 59.12-0.

L-R Robbie Gaiger, Max Calverley, Graham’ David Bailey’ Johnson & Martin ‘Krack-off’ Charnock’.

4th July Orchard Place Farm Lake 10    Report by Trevor Pavitt

11 Carshalton and 2 guests to make numbers up. All pegged today both banks mainly in the bowl. Fortunately rain never lasted long, the first 2 island fished good today both banks and better than main bowl. John savage (right centre) lake 6 side 2nd island fished well today alternating between island and near side including a lovely barbel and quality silver’s for 31.10. Ian chandler main bowl far side strugglef early but managed 4 small barbel in the edge late on with silver’s for 23.3. Guest Peter lea started well but struggled later far end by island for 21 lb, myself Boz, Steve, n John all had good weights round 1st 2 islands. Results in pic

 27th June Sumners Match Lake  (Right Bank Only).      Report by Trevor Pavitt

Good turnout 18, and a full lake both sides. Keith Weller turning into a sumners specialist, IE winning last year too, drawing between the far islands and a winning weight of 124lb feeder close to island, winning his section easily. Alan Ringwood on his way home after breaking his floating pole 1st hour, stuck it out on the lead to the 1st island and won his section with 71.8 again lead to the island 10m pellet. The fish did seem to be far end and close to islands as reports before indicated. Results on sheet.

15th June Weirwood Reservoir ‘Practice Day Out’.      Report by Martin Charnock

A few Carshalton boys visited this fantastic venue for a days Bream, Roach & Perch fishing. Various methods were used from feeder, whip and the sliding float and none of these methods disappointed. Feeder master qualifier finalist Zsolt Ujvari has been having some good days and below (bottom left) shows what can be caught on the feeder with this nice net of Bream. Graham Johnson (bottom centre) decided that the whip was going to be his main method and with a bit of help from his mentor ‘Mr Whippy’ ended up with this double figure net of Roach and Perch. I decided to fish various Sliding floats ranging from 14 – 8 grams using Perfects, Exner World Champion carbons and Michael Schlogl’s ending up with over 20lbs of quality fish. Groundbait for the slider was 50% Sensas Gros Gardons along with 20% of Special G Black and 30% Terre De Somme.

13th June Orchard Place Farm Fishery   Lake 5.   Report by Martin Charnock

It was a clash of the Titans as the top ‘Carp Guru’ anglers accepted this invitation on this F1 / Carp Mecca and what a great opportunity to see how these boys put a weight together especially if like me you were drawn next to the winner but what a great way to learn on how to do it. Paul Jones  ( Centre ) totally dominated from the off fishing slop and catching shallow up in the water, Micky Wakeling ( bottom right ) was giving Paul a run for his money but couldn’t keep up the pace of the youngster. Alan Ringwood received a yellow card as his top kit once again came off then having to go for a swim to retrieve said item which was funny but given the heat wave many were probably jealous as it was a great way to cool off.

6th June Five Oaks Fishery.     Report by Trevor Pavitt

16 out, again very difficult as appears pleasure fishing very good, but hard under match conditions. Everything far side overgrown, but swims still fishable. Dave Freeman drew peg 1 and made no mistake with 33.10. Allen far side eventually cut through the long grass and nettles and managed a few carp for 21.11. Ian car park end 17.14. myself Trevor fishing pellets peg 2 found a lot of skimmers at 5m but no carp, for 11.3 of silver’s.

30th May Beaver Farm Fishery Maze Lake  Report by Trevor Pavitt

Maze lake beavers farm today, you either love it or hate the place, but 16 booked in. Pegging was really tight with the pollen on top of the water making a lot of swims unfishable for pegging. Top weight was myself Trevor pegged in the jungle and managed to find them big bream with a couple of F1s for 21.4,  Ian chandler pegged on island facing car park 17.2 some big bream and 3 F1s 3rd Dave freeman on point far island 12.8, some good weights for the place but car park area failed to produce.

23rd May Orchard Place Farm Lake 10.   Report by Martin Charnock

With out a shadow of doubt this has to be one of the best fixtures of the season. Being only 35 minutes journey time from junction 7 of the M25. 16 members attended todays fixture, you know its fishing well when walkabout legend Les Taylor didn’t !! he was glued to his seat box for the entire match. I had been given peg 10, between the two main islands and my approach was to feed 15 balls of Sensas Gros Gardons with added damp leam at the start at 4m much to Gary Barnes (top centre) shock of horror on peg 9 as the initial bombardment took place. I ‘Mr Whippy” secured the win with 41-15-0 catching Roach and Rudd. In second place Ron Carter also fishing a whip from peg 13 weighed 29-7-0, from here on in the placings were very tight.

Taking third place was Richie Hemmings 27-13-0, Gary Barnes on his first visit caught quality Bream taking 26-13-0. Above were L-R Trevor Pavitt 26-6-0, Dave ‘BOZ’ Beard 24-8-0 and Dave Freeman 26-0-0. Hopefully our Match Sec will take the hint and book a few more matches for 2022 on this prolific venue.

2nd May Five Oaks.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

Five oaks top lake today, 14 out 5 far side 9 near side, not knowing what to expect as can be one a chuck silver and carp, but under today’s match conditions who knows for first time? Unfortunately it was hard, Ron carter peg 1 managed a few carp and silver’s fishing all ways including the alan ringwoog way for 43.4  but next pegs 2 n 3 both DNW Les Collins and Dave Freeman. So confusing! It could be early in season or don’t fish under pressure, time will tell. Other side Allen Adams and Robbie both over 20lb and me in corner 11lb. It was enjoyable day but disappointing for future matches.

29th May Warwick Wold Thursday Knock-Up    Report by Trevor Pavitt

Knock up today Warwick wold, long canal lake only 12 pegs here so us 5 well spaced out. Not knowing what to expect as a silver’s lake, but F1s introduced this year as lake was gin clear and fishing was hard, so stir bottom up. Started with maggot and after 5 mins wouldn’t hit bottom small roach, was thinking about whip but keep trying, a few skimmers then introduced some GB that was it small F1s moved in scares all the roach off and was busy all day, the F1s ranged between 3 and 9oz. Everyone was catching and Les Collins admitted to catching 35 in an hour! I only had about 8 skimmers and tench and barbel never showed. Ron carter been fishing with Mr whippy too much and was happy catching small roach for 2 hours on whip till changing to pole on the deck. (L-R) Les on peg 1 slightly deeper end by 45lb, Ron 38lb, me 28lb and Les Taylor and serge roughly 20lb each.

25th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 5.   Report by Martin Charnock

It was a full house for today’s match, with a strong cold biting northerly wind that the members of CADAS had to endure for most of the match. Most knew it was going to be a tough day, none more so than Mr Carp Guru himself who’s constant bleating would have won a medal had it been an olympic event. Probably because he couldn’t fish his up in the water method much to the amusement of those within earshot .Back to the main event yours truly took the honours on the day with a catch of 80-9-0 of carp, taking fish early on the method feeder then switching to the pole catching fish along the margins. Club Sec Trevor Pavitt with enough clothing on, looked like he was off to the Antarctic on the adjacent peg, he was to take second place with a weight of 48-4-0. With the lake split into two sections a serious battle was taking place with anglers in B section . Only one fish separated the top four with ( L-R ) Stephen Beard taking the section with 39-2-0, Richie Hemmings 38-11-0, John Savage 37-4-0 followed by Serge Garbou with 37-2-0.

18th May Warwick Wold Spring Lake.    Report by Martin Charnock

Second club match of the season and a good turnout of members, at Warwick Wold fishery on Spring Lake.
I was told by many that anyone drawing peg 1 would walk the match and that even Stevie Wonder couldn’t lose from this peg 😎.
Today our nice match organiser Trevor had decided a silvers pool would be a good idea as well as the traditional overall pool . With this in mind I set up six whips  ranging from 2.5 m 3m & 3.5m Hydra and Colmic Pro Emperors loaded with Garbolino SP M 24’s and Sensas Titou floats and decided to go with plan A to fish up in the water for the Rudd. Feeding Sensas surface ground bait with 10% leam added I ended the day with 932 fish for 29.0.0 which was a bit less than I had estimated to take second overall but more importantly win the silvers pool.
What was weird I struggled from 2pm till 3 pm where by the whole lake just switched off for everyone, which was a bit bizarre as up to then I had been catching 3 fish a minute. Trevor “Match Secretary ” Pavitt had drawn peg 1 and not surprisingly won the day with 64.0.0 of Carp. I can safely say there were no shenanigans as someone else was pulling the numbers at the draw 😆. The gentleman on peg 2 caught bugger all and will remain nameless to save embarrassment (P.G ) which showed how good peg 1 is, He wasn’t to be the only one to not bother the scalesman as many of the club Carp guru superstars had also dry netted. Allen Adams fishing opposite the only island on this lake took third place with 26.10.0 made of mostly carp, with Robbie Gaiger taking second place in the Silvers pool with 12.7.0 also fishing with a whip.


4th April Bernie’s Racetrack.  Report by Trevor Pavitt

12 out and nice to be back match fishing again. Lovely day, no wind and warm and all the best swims in. Should be a good day, but turned out really hard. Tony Aldworth fishing in the middle of racetrack fished a foot off far bank to weigh 17.13 of carp and lost a few more. All struggling after and silver’s not going mad either. The popular 2 ends didn’t produce at all and Dave Freeman only managing 1 carp by Lillie’s far end. Ron carter had a couple of carp and a sprinkling of silver’s for 2nd with 7.2. Trev 3rd 5.8 all silver’s, Ian chandler 1 carp 5.4 for 4th, roll on Warwick wold. ( Shame about the photographer Tony ‘Ed’)

14th February Five Oaks.  Report by Martin Charnock

After last weeks fabulous results a few of us returned hoping once again for an enjoyable day catching plenty. Whilst the fishing was absolutely amazing it wasn’t all plain sailing as the lake was completely frozen around an inch and a half thick. Some members were saying we should just go home, but in the end we all ended up breaking the ice which took each individual around an hour to clear. Membership Sec Martin Charnock fished around 4 metres out on his pole for a double figure weight of Skimmers and Roach despite the freezing conditions everyone caught plenty of silvers.

Martin’s rigs consisted of a Simon Wilsmore SI-WI Punch float in two sizes a 0.5g and 0.75g to get the bait down quickly past the small Roach to the quality Skimmers. Main line was Colmic 0.11mm F1 Spider to 0.8mm Stream with a Gamakatsu Gama Black in a size 18. Ground bait consisted of Sensas Gros Gardons and Canal Noir 50/50 with Gros Gardons Aromix added to make the balls sticky to hold pinkies within the ground bait.

7th February Five Oaks.  Report by Martin Charnock

A few members had a day out adhereing to social distancing at Five Oaks today with weather temperatures just above zero and snow flurries throughout the day. Despite the freezing wind everyone had double figures with some quality skimmers and plenty of Roach being caught.


Winners /  Results 2020

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate Points.  Dave Freeman

Runner up Intrepid Bowl.  Les Collins

Brian Hibberd Shield.  (1st home water club match)  Les Collins

Mole Cup.  Trevor Pavitt

Charity Shield.  Not Won

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O.  Not Won

Runner up. Not Won

John Hyde Memorial Shield. (most points at BSA).  Dave Freeman

Feast Cup. (most matches least weight).  Norman Pavitt

Points / Weights Top 10

1st. Dave Freeman 96 pts              1st  Name TBC

2nd. Les Collins 80 pts.                  2nd. Name TBC

3rd. Ron Carter 65 pts.                    3rd.Name TBC

4th. Trevor Pavitt 62 pts.                 4th.Name TBC

5th. Ian Chandler 55 pts.                 5th.Name TBC

6th. Les Taylor 51 pts                      6th.Name TBC 

7th. Martin Charnock 37 pts.         7th.Name TBC

8th. Norman Pavitt 36 pts.              8th.Name TBC 

8th. Alan Ringwood 36 pts              9th.Name TBC 

10th. Peter Gale 29 pts                    10th.Name TBC  

20th December Bernie’s Lake    Alan’s Silvers Winter Knock-up    Report by Martin Charnock

A few of us decided to have a winter knock up with only Silvers counting. Due to the Covid fiasco Alan did the draw online so on arrival we went straight to our pegs. Fishing at the start was difficult but as soon the sun showed an appearance the fish decided to feed. Some quality Perch were caught by Max and Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood that were close to 3lbs, everyone had plenty of bites which made a change from the clubs Xmas comp which was pretty dire two weeks before. Max (left) was top dog just pipping moi (right) with not only quality Roach but also a big bonus Perch. Robbie (middle) was a bit behind with 19lbs to take third place but still had a great days fishing.

6th December. BSA Christmas Match  Report By Trevor Pavitt

Happy Xmas, 12 turned up for Xmas match at BSA bottom today. Unfortunately Keith weller had to leave with car trouble. Fishing recent matches in the colder weather the small skimmers seemed to be in the deeper water. Unfortunately the opposite happened and the few fish that did show came up the arm. Everyone struggled for bites, even Mr whippy and most people only had ounces. Only one carp was hooked and lost. A few beers and a raffle later soon cheered us up. Onwards and upwards and a happy Christmas to all, Trev

 2nd November. BSA  Report By Trevor Pavitt

A poor turnout of just 7 people attended. After a brief shower, quite a mild day really. Again the lake has not fished at all and with Dave Freeman fishing peg 41 and having one carp all day sums the lake up at present. Top weight on day Peter gale with 4 carp and an ell for just over 17lb, feeder fishing down the arm. Myself second, with over 5lb of silver’s and 4 carp, for over 13lb. Nice to see Gary Barnes again and did manage a lovely perch of 2lb dead.

18th October   Sumners Match Lake.        Report by Martin Charnock

So today CADAS were fishing the match lake at Sumners. We were on the left bank with another club opposite, 15 members attended with the options of an overall pool as well as a Silvers. Weather wise it had a bit of a chill to start but got warmer and sunnier as the day wore on. Yours truly Martin Charnock AKA ‘Mr Whippy’ was to fish to plan A yep the whip. Eight whips were set up ranging from 2.5m to 4m with Sensas Titou floats in 4×14 & 4X16 shallow and Simon Wilsmore’s Carbon Squatt in 0.5 & 1 g. Ground bait was Spotted Fin Dark Roach with added VDE Formula M two really spicy mixes.
After 5 hours fishing CADAS member Keith Weller fishing for carp had managed to weigh 54lbs for the win, the far side clubs top weight was 60lbs so the carp were not in a great feeding mood. Alan ‘carp Guru’ Ringwood at the far end had come good late on to weigh 32lbs of carp for second place. My 924 of whip caught Roach yes they were small were good enough for third overall but more importantly win the Silvers pool for a total of 31-8-0. Trevor Pavitt (right) had also decided next door to fish the whip taking second in the silvers with 18-4-0. Ron Carter was third in the Silvers race with 8.6.0.

6th October ‘ Race Track ‘   Bernie’s Fishery.     Report by Trevor Pavitt

Only 8 out with 5 people cancelling this week due to various things. Woke up torrential rain and wind, and rain all day making horrendous conditions. Lovely venue but the carp here seem to be no more than a foot from far bank, during most of day, and with all the best pegs in, including far end, lots of branches and obstructions far side to lose fish. Everyone losing fish, Dave Freeman fishing just over half way managed a few nice carp for a win fishing inches from far bank for 34.5. new member bozz brother Steve beard fished a method with corn far bank for 29.11. water was very cold and fishing hard, a few carp caught closer in later in day.

20th September ‘Maze Lake’ Beaver Farm    Report by Trevor Pavitt

Maze lake Sunday 20th September. Allen Adams kindly done the pegging today, and with 13 out some extra room. Everyone here today knew it was going to fish hard. Dave Freeman fishing far car park opp gap in island won with 3 or 4 bream and a carp for 9lb 3oz. There were 4 4lb odd weights  with just one or 2 bonus fish mixed with little roach. Ian Chandler 4.8 and Andy packham 4.8 which included 2 nice tench.

6th September Five Oaks Middle Lake.   Report by Trevor Pavitt

Five oaks today, middle lake. Rain held off and a good day, 12 out and all squeezed in, pegs 1 and 11. needed raking. Pegs in the favoured open water swims doing far better than the weedy swims today. Slimey Allen Adams went for the skimmers at 13m on the corner and had a good day catching all skimmers and a few fantails as well for 33lb odd, all on banded pellet. Pegs 11 and 12 far side only carp showing in the weed and Ian Chandler managing to get 4 out and a couple of fantails  for 18lb odd. Most people in the open water getting some nice roach and Rudd.

30th August Richardson’s Lake Marsh Farm VS Godalming.  Report by Martin Charnock

With 20 spaces allocated for CADAS members only 13 bothered to book in for this match against Godalming, however there were 41 anglers on the day competing around the lake. Only three CADAS members drew some of the unfancied pegs with the rest all having the potential to do well or possibly even win from. Yours truly ‘Mr Whippy’ drew peg 45 one of the narrow pegs which can be reached on the far side with 16 metres of pole. Loose feeding Caster across I managed to take 26-11-0 of Tench, Bream and the odd crucian to take 4th place overall. Fishing the pole and waggler with a 0.5g Benwick Carbon stemmed float and a loaded 3 gram Perfect V2 waggler, to a size 16 Guru Kaizen hook.  Alan ‘ Carp Guru ‘ Ringwood was our next best angler, winning his section from peg 11 with 22-5-0 of Tench . Godalming angler Stuart Kendall won the match with 58-2-0 from peg 34 fishing the method with pellet on the hook. Only two other CADAS members managed to break double figures Colin Marshall 15-5-0 from peg 9 and Allen Adams on fancied peg 10 weighing 14-2-0. 


                     Top 5 Weights from each club        

                    Godalming A.S.                            172-8-0 

                    Carshalton & District A.S            82-15-0

16th August Orchard Place Farm, lake 5.      Report by Trevor Pavitt

A very good fishery for big bags of fish, but a lot of the regular match anglers,  just don’t like driving to Kent. ( ” 3 minutes longer if travelling to Sumners from Reigate Hill ”  and 2 miles further than Marsh Farm !!! Ed ) Lots of room which helped, and dry till a downpour about 2pm that soaked everybody. Alan Ringwood, knows this place like the back of his hand, and used all methods, and not the floating to catch 178.10-0 of carp. No silver’s to be had here all carp caught today.2nd Martin Charnock 94.15-0, 3rd guest Peter lea 89.9-0, 4th Trevor Pavitt 73.14-0. Everyone caught plenty with the lowest Norman 19.6-0.

2nd August Betchworth ‘Orchard’ River Mole    Report by Trevor Pavitt

CADAS club match on own stretch of river mole betchworth. A good turnout for everyone hoping it’s going to fish well! We’ve all been here before we know it’s going to be a grueller under match conditions, but we all still come! Most pegs in and I’ve drawn hey diddle diddle, not a fancied area, leave hemp and corn in bag! Not a fish caught over 7 Oz along whole stretch but, little fish showing here and there. Sorry 1 fish over 7oz a 6lb pike on single maggot, with a few bits to win with 7lb 4oz, there was a 4lb and a 2lb 2oz weight, very grim but people funny enough still enjoyed it.

19th July BSA Top Lake  (Fixture change as Guinea Lake was no longer available)   Report by Trevor Pavitt

  Hi all BSA top lake July 19th. Good results comming out of top lake, pleasure fishing, but as always when lake is under pressure on a match it switches off. Good turnout of 14, shows people enjoy fishing there. Not a lot to say really as was really hard, with water very clear. All it took to win his section Dave Freedman was a carp of over 7lb and 2 tiny perch on peg 10. Tony aldworth managed some silver’s on dam wall 2nd peg in for 7lb 4oz. Other side Les Taylor done less walking to win far side  section with just over 3lb of silver’s with Ron close 2nd far end with just under 3lb. I lost 2 big carp last half hour, but that’s what we are not there for! 3 places paid in 2 sections and now included as an extra is a super pool for those that wish too, 3 on Sunday!

5th July BSA Bottom Lake.        Report by Trevor Pavitt

Hi all another frustrating day at BSA and a committee meeting will be called to assess the situation. 9 godsalming and ten carshalton spread out round the lake, wind was very strong far side at times. It was a struggle most of the day, Keith Weller peg 16 managed to get some carp out that patrol under the trees there for a good win 28.12, no doubt picking up more than usual winnings will let Me A. Adams know all about it lol.colin Underwood fished the waggler for a few 20.7 peg 40, and Dave Freedman managed a few long on the point peg 22. Carshslton won the match on top 9 weights taken by just under 20lb.

25th June   Middle Lake 5 Oaks     Report by Trevor Pavitt

Knock up at middle lake five oaks yesterday. Ten out and just squeezed in, with 1 peg to spare, considering the conditions weather wise, excellent results, unless big fish show, Martin Charnock will always show the way at this type of venue with a fantastic 46lb roach, some lovely fantails caught, mainly by the weed, Charlie Cox had a good net of mainly skimmers, and Les Collins had a few too, mainly roach elsewhere, pics and results below

21st June   Bernie’s ‘Racetrack’     Report by Trevor Pavitt

Bernie’s lake Sunday 21st June. Not s large turnout and greeted with some heavy showers upon arrival.  Lots of lovely cover here, and not over difficult to reach far bank. It seemed on the day the carp were up to 12 inches from the far bank or down the edge later. Dave Freedman showed his class fishing a few feet off a far tree for 52.7. Les Taylor only had one walk so must be catching and won his section from fancied peg 1 with 39.5. Boz was far end and was fishing literally 6 inches off far bank most of time for 32.6. myself after eventually getting the heads up from Tony and boz 26.15 far and near Bank all on paste 26.15

7th June BSA Bottom Lake.     Report by Trevor Pavitt

11 out, reports of the lake not fishing that well, were being told. Me and Les Collins done the draw for everyone. A change in weather on Saturday probably never helped. Not many carp being caught and no fish cruising, but lots of small skimmers and roach feeding. Well done Les Collins 3rd win of season, fishing down the arm and had to go very long to catch on corn 37lb 11. Peter gale caught well on the feeder for 24.11. The last match here before lockdown the winning weight was on the feeder, perhaps at the mo the fish are further out? Positives were a good net of silver’s from Ron carter peg 9 about 17lb, lots of small skimmers.

24th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 10.        Report by Martin Charnock

Today’s official club match was switched from Beaver Farm to the Silvers lake at Orchard due to a no net policy at the latter. There was a good attendance for today’s fixture with strict social distancing taking place. Yours truly (second right) decided to go with a continental type start, introducing a 21 ball barrage at the all in. The laughter from those around very soon came to an abrupt end as the first put in produced a 4oz Roach. Richie Hemmings had also decided to follow suit but didn’t match the same quantity but he too was catching at a quick rate,  Alan Ringwood on peg 5 however was flying with his landing net being put to good use every few minutes catching quality Roach and Ide. The first hour saw me catch 203 fish shallow but looking down the match length I could see better quality being caught deep so I too switched to a deeper rig which saw me catching 2-3oz roach on the whip. This was enough for me to secure the win with 28-4-0 but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Ian Chandler peg 10 and an end peg (centre right) fishing close to an aerator in the last hour saw him catching big Ide and Skimmers to take third place with 25-15-0. Richie Hemmings peg 7 also managed quality rather than quantity  to take the runner up spot with 27-12-0. In fourth place Alan Ringwood (far right) weighed 18-1-0. 

17th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 5.      Report by Martin Charnock

This was the first match after lockdown and  with everyone separated from the draw right through to the weigh in saw nobody getting closer than the 2 metre rule which for the foreseeable future I can see this being the way forward. As for the match we had a full turnout which saw Micky Wakeling drawing peg 5 close to the car park, he made no mistakes fishing up in the water with sloppy ground bait for a weight of 157-9-0 and the win, although he did have a slight advantage having practiced the day before !. In second place was Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood from end peg 12 with 95-13-0. Richie Hemmings with part of his catch from peg 8 took third place with 80-4-0. Section winners were yours truly from the left bank with 79-14-0 and from the right bank was Jeff Power weighing 78-13-0. It was also nice to see some of our veteran members back out to do battle Pat Farrelley namely one.

15th March Five Oaks Fishery.    Report by Trevor Pavitt

C.A.D.A.S at five oaks today, 16 out, nice weather for a change and most sheltered by the wind. Hardly any fish caught short and most fish caught on long pole or wag. Allen Adams drawn unfancied peg by car park decided best to walk round and have a chat for first 4 hours ! Well done Les Collins 2nd match running wins with 27.1O including 1 carp, car park end in woods, nothing caught short, max calverley caught well on wag, and Andy packham caught well on long pole, opposite bank ian chandler caught well too, the people that fished for carp, had no joy.

15th March     Officers Challenge CADAS VS Croydon Postal A.S                   Orchard Place Farm Lake 10.    Report by Martin Charnock

The Sunday before today’s match saw quite a bit of banter being thrown around in a small cafe in Tonbridge, resulting  in officers from both Croydon Postal AS and Carshalton taking part in a light hearted grudge match at Orchard Place Farm on Lake 10 one of the Societies newly acquired waters for 2020.

Above shows the lake in the morning all tranquil this was to change with strong gale force winds.The fishing was to prove difficult at times but what the Carshalton boys didn’t know was Croydon had fished it the week before giving them a slight advantage with their tactics. This was to prove vital for them as their victory was only slight but a win is a win well done to Croydon. Top anglers on the day were from L-R Clive ‘End Peg” Mills  landing 32-2-0 which included a large Bream in excess of 3lbs. Second was Martin ‘MR Whippy’ Charnock CADAS weighing 30-10-0 of mainly Roach in third place was Graham ‘Whip Apprentice’ Johnson with 22-8-0 with two bonus Tench. Alan “Carp Guru’ Ringwood managed fourth catching some nice skimmers for 20-6-0.  

1st March BSA Bottom Lake               Report by Trevor Pavitt

CADAS match BSA Sunday. Was hard for most, but easy for One. 14 in attendance, Well done Les Taylor smashed it with 70lb on open ended maggot feeder, while most people struggling for bites. Water was very cold and chocolate brown, and most people only having a few fish and 6 blanks including me!

9th February  Orchard Place Farm Lake 5.   ‘Friendly knock-up”      Report by Martin Charnock

A friendly knock up organised by Alan Ringwood for Carshalton members saw 12 booked in for one of our new acquisitions for the upcoming season better known as the ‘Doughnut Lake’ at Orchard Place Farm. However the weather forecast didn’t look too clever with storm Ciara expected and it did not disappoint. Even this was not a deterrent for those hardy souls that took part with some impressive weights for the conditions on the day. Alan Ringwood drawing peg 1 made no mistakes and taking a few tips from Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson decided to fish corn catching F1’s  for a winning weight of 87-14-0. On peg 10 Martin Charnock (moi) was agonisingly short landing 87-10-0 taking the runner up spot fishing the method early on then switching to the pole late on. Using maggot as bait with a 0.6g Benwick Silverlite Pellet  float (above) to a main line of 0.16mm to an 0.12mm hook length with a Gama Black size 16 hook. Third placed Andy Power weighed 77-4-0 from peg 3 fishing down the margins. In fourth place went to Michael Wakeling with 63-14-0 on peg 5.


Reports by Competition Sec Martin Charnock

8th December Henfold   Christmas Match                                                                                                                                                   

Today was the last match I officially orchestrated. My tenure  as Competition Secretary has came to an end. With mixed feelings I pass the baton onto Trevor Pavitt. As everyone who attended will agree I went out with a bang, as my last official match was fortunately for me the Christmas match. This is a match I thoroughly enjoy organising, as the get together and raffle following the match is always great fun. I choose the venue not only for it’s fishing capabilities but also for the warm atmosphere and good plentiful food supplied by the Lakeside cafe. Everyone leaves with not only a full belly but also a prize of sorts, this year the prizes on offer not only amazed our members but drew admiring glances from another club in there at the time.

Yours truly  took pole position with a Roach net from peg 37 weighing 14-11-0 fishing the pole with squat and pinkie to take the title three years running, whats even more spooky was I had the exact same weight last year. Les Collins took second place with 9-6-0 from end peg 33. Surprisingly there was a tie for third place from adjacent pegs 2 & 3 with Graham Johnson and Richie Hemmings both weighing 9-4-0. The team prize was comfortably won by Ron Carter, Martin (Moi) Charnock & Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson with a points total of 17  dropping only 1 point. The booby prize for the fastest loser was won by our Chairman (top left) Alan Ringwood.

I hope some of you at least, have enjoyed one of the many matches in the last five years that I have organised. I have tried very hard to make it as varied and exciting as funds would allow.

Tight Lines and thanks for the memories .


Winners /  Results 2019

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate Points.  Martin Charnock

Runner up Intrepid Bowl.  Alan Ringwood

Brian Hibberd Shield.  (1st home water club match)  Robbie Gaiger

Mole Cup.  Richie Hemmings

Charity Shield.  Dave Cooper

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O.  Martin Charnock

Runner up. Graham Johnson

John Hyde Memorial Shield. (most points at BSA).  Martin Charnock

Feast Cup. (most matches least weight).  Graham Johnson

Points / Weights Top 10

1st. Martin Charnock 158 pts      1st Martin Charnock 1155-0-0

2nd. Alan Ringwood 103 pts.      2nd. Alan Ringwood 698-8-0

3rd. Trevor Pavitt 85 pts.              3rd. Trevor Pavitt 497-10-0

4th. Dave Freeman 74 pts.           4th. Dave Freeman 433-7-0

5th. Lionel Herve 71 pts.                5th.Norman Pavitt 407-12-0

6th. Ian Chandler 64 pts                6th. Lionel Herve 390-14-0

6th. Richie Hemmings 64 pts.    7th. Les Taylor 374-5-0

8th. Les Taylor 63 pts.                     8th. Ron Carter 325-1-0

9th. Norman Pavitt 61 pts             9th. Tony Aldworth 286-2-0

10th. Ron Carter 58 pts                  10th Jeff Power 281-2-0 

17th November      Willinghurst Top Lake.     ‘Pole Only’                                     

 Today was the last Championship match of the season. Things didn’t go quite to plan as our intended venue the Main lake was allegedly inaccessible after a phone call from the bailiff on the Friday night prior, so we were offered the Top Lake as an alternative at short notice. With everyone pegged in the main bowl and being a pole only match one would like to think it was going to fish well. Well it didn’t and was to be the worst venue for the dreaded blankety blank with five of the sixteen members not troubling the scales man. The anglers that  did manage to catch caught carp with next to no silvers showing at all. Robbie ‘Aquarium ‘ Gaiger finished as he started the 2019 season with the win for 22-3-0, Trevor Pavitt took second place with three carp for 18-14-0 and third place was Les Collins with 10-3-0. Les ‘Mr Walkabout”Taylor took 4th place in the continental payout with  a single carp for 5-13-0.   

3rd November Sumners Match Lake   Carp / Silvers Comp                                                 

The weather today was kind, with just a light shower that lasted around half an hour, earlier in the day some anglers were able to fish in a T-shirt it was that warm. As for the fishing weights were down in the Carp only pool but the Silvers pool weights were again very consistent from our previous visit. Tony Aldworth took poll position in the Carp section from peg 11 at the far end  with 94-7-0 making good use of an end peg. Second place in the Carp section was Dave Freeman with 71-13-0 on peg 17 but Norman Pavitt peg 13 was only just squeezed out of second weighing 71-0-0. In the Silvers pool Martin “Mr Whippy’ Charnock went seven fish better than his previous visit to land 915  fish for a winning weight of 36-13-0 in second place was Robbie Gaiger peg 9 with 25-11-0 and in third place was Trevor Pavitt peg 5 with 19-11-0.

 L-R- Norman Pavitt, Dave Freeman, Robbie Gaiger, Martin Charnock & Trevor Pavitt.

20th October.  Henfold Lake.                                                                                                         

Today was a day when you needed to draw at the restaurant end of the lake, the further down the lake you went the weights dropped off so significantly that there were five blanks. Those that had caught were forced to weigh in halfway through the competition as fish were lying on the surface gasping for oxygen in the top ring of peoples keep nets. From end peg 40 David ‘Boz’ Beard found one or two fish to take the win with 10-13-0 which included a decent skimmer and a few crucians. Opposite on peg 10 Richie Hemmings took second place mincing maggots to induce bites to weigh 7-3-0. In third place on peg 8 Les Taylor weighed 4-0-0 which included a decent skimmer. Yours truly from peg 23 was the only angler in his section to catch and a solitary Roach of 8 drams this was enough to secure the third payout from the continental pool, there was also an added bonus of a golden nugget from whip apprentice Graham’ Jonno” Johnson who fancied his chances so a little side bet took place with the whip head maestro, bad move Graham.

 6th October Monk Lake 2                                                                                                                                                                                                         

It was a wet and very windy start to the day but once the rain stopped those that bothered to attend todays fixture only had to contend with the strong gusts of wind throughout the match. From peg 66 and with the wind blowing into this end of the lake Jeff (centre) Power made no mistakes to take top spot with a weight of 122-12-0. At this venue there are not many small carp with most fish averaging into double figures, below Peter Gale (right) and Richie Hemmings (left) had some proper munters with Pete catching on the method and Richie fishing 2+2 on his margin pole. Opposite Jeff was Trevor Pavitt on peg 55 taking second place with 85-7-0 with myself Martin Charnock taking third with 77-8-0. In fourth place was Les Taylor peg 62 with 76-4-0.

2nd September.  Sumners Match Lake.   ‘Carp &/or  Silvers’                                          

The prolonged rain showers that were forecast for today didn’t really take place with just the odd downpour that lasted around an hour. Todays match saw members faced with a choice of either fishing for Silvers or Carp or even trying to win both of the pools on offer. With a payout for the top four in which either choice they decided £190.00 was up for grabs. In the Carp pool Ian Chandler from peg 1 close to the car park  took the honours with a weight of 100.14.0, not too far behind at the far end of the lake was Ron Carter taking 92-7-0 from peg 11 with third place Alan Ringwood from peg 8 with 87-6-0. As for the Silvers pool yours truly Martin Charnock ‘whipped’ his way for the win from peg 19 catching 908 roach to weigh 35-4-0 even taking an hour out to try and catch a few carp to win some more loot from the carp pool, but failed miserably.However he made the full page in the Angling Times the following week In second place my apprentice Max Calverley also went down the Silvers only approach with 18-1-0 from peg 13 with Aboo Koeheeallee taking third place with 11-1-0 from  18.

8th September.  Royal Berkshire Fishery                                                               

Round 16 of the clubs championship saw fantastic weights from this not to far a field fishery which is full of ghost F1’s as well as providing a lovely breakfast beforehand for those that had requested in advance. As far as the fishing was concerned with a massive 141-9-0 saw Paul Jones take top spot from peg 57 he obviously knows how to fish this water !,  his Dad Tony was a little bit behind in second place with 59-3-0 from peg 14. In third place was Max Calverley from peg 66 with 54-5-0. Section winners were Richie Hemmings from peg 11 with 42-5-0 and Alan Ringwood peg 63 with 38-10-0. A big thank you and much appreciated to Alan Ringwood for running this match in my absence whilst I was away on my holiday.

1st September.  BSA Lake. Rod & Reel Only match.                                                                     

Todays match at BSA was the 15th match of the season but saw the match having a twist in that you had to use a rod and reel which saw many anglers having to go to the attic and retrieve said items, it seems to many have poleitus these days. Numbers were slightly down for this popular home water could this have been the reason that many anglers have lost touch with the old ways. Allen Adams from peg 25 which turned out to be an end peg on the far bank, decided to fish his left and right hand  margins to land 83-14-0. However he was penalised having put to many fish in one of his two nets which was subsequently knocked back to 50lbs but did enough for the win. At the other end of the lake on peg 17 Martin Charnock fished the pellet waggler to record 59-7-0 taking second place,  it was close as Dave Freeman fishing next door to Allen on peg 24 had 57-10-0 for third, in fourth place was Trevor Pavitt on peg 40 weighing 53-14-0. The next match is at Royal Berkshire which is F1 city so good weights can be expected on this away fixture.

25th August Hartleylands Farm ‘Peartree Lake’

Round 14 of the clubs championship match took place at Peartree Lake  Hartleylands farm with a lower than expected turnout, which in a good way gave everyone a spare peg either side. With Carp on the menu everyone had different ideas on how they were going to catch, yours truly decided on a method to the island (keep it simple), some chose paste along the margins others decided to fish long pole shallow. Having drawn peg 17 at the far end of the fishery Martin (me) Charnock went with the method with 8mm meat on the hook and took pole position on the day with 197-6-0 in second place Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood peg 21 took second with a long pole short line approach for 116-6-0. Paste man Tony Aldworth peg 19 took third place with 99-5-0, Les having one of his better non walking around the lake days Taylor peg 28 managed 4th just pipping Jeff Power no relation to Andy! with 66-3-0 Jeff took this fab Mirror Carp (top) of 18-5-0 to weigh 65-3-0.

11th August Marsh Farm ‘Richardson Lake’  VS Godalming A.S.


Today’s inter-club match with Godalming DAS saw 41 anglers take part which saw almost every peg taken around the lake. Could this have been the reason for the difficult and poor returns from those taking part, which earlier in the week saw weights into the mid twenties around Richardson’s lake. The saying you can’t win from a bad swim rang true as the Carshalton boys at the draw bag drew very well !. Three such anglers were Allen Adams (top) and Martin Charnock drawing favoured swims 9 & 11 respectively with Dave Freeman on another great swim in peg 21. With a  top weight of 22-6-0 Allen Adams took top spot fishing the long pole catching Tench, Martin Charnock with 16-11-0 taking second fishing a 5 mtr whip  for small Roach and skimmers with Dave Freeman sharing third overall with 16-0-0. Revenge was sweet after getting beat at BSA earlier this year as Carshalton’s top 5 weights beat Godalmings top 5.

Carshalton D.A.S.   77-6-0.    Godalming D.A.S    74-11-0

The Result of the Individual Knock Out Final  


      Martin Charnock 16-11-0 Bt Graham Johnson 5-12-0 


4th August  Charity  ‘Open Match ‘ at BSA Bottom Lake

I was away for this match so Allen Adams helped organise this match ( thanks Allen). In first place from peg 2 was Dave Cooper with 119-12-0  second place was Dave Freeman from peg 16 with 115-7-0 , third place peg 7 Allen Adams with 107-6-0. In fourth was  Keith Weller weighing 78-15-0 from peg 38.

Today’s match raised £70.00 for Charity.

 25th July Betchworth Orchard River Mole ‘Trev’s last Thursday of the month knock up”

Only seven anglers decided to fish today’s match on what would be the hottest day of the year. With the river having hardly any flow and being clear it was always going to be tough and so it proved. The day didn’t go as smoothly as programmed as 92 year old Norman Pavitt deciding to do a head first tumble into the Mole. Fortunately members were on hand to drag him out, not that it stopped him fishing as he decided to strip and carry on fishing in the buff. Back to the results Ron Carter took top spot with 4-14-0 of small Roach and Dace, in second place Trevor Pavitt with 3-2-0 and in third place Paul ‘Tooting’ Wortham with 2-5-0.

21st July Orchard Place Farm  lake 5


As always expectations were high going forward for this popular fixture with it being a sellout the day it was advertised, however once again the fishing was a slight let down with many anglers struggling. It could  have been down to the monsoon rains we experienced the day before. Lot’s of different methods prevailed with either corn down the margins, up in the water rigs via a pole and pellet or fishing a pellet waggler to the far side against the island features. Andy Russ peg 13 caught down the margins with corn to take the win with 140-1-0 of mainly F1’s. Alan Ringwood on peg 6 took second place catching up in the water on his pole and pellet approach for 106-7-0, in third place was match organiser Martin Charnock catching on the pellet waggler with mainly mirror and common carp as well as the obligatory F1’s for a third place weight of 92-6-0. In fourth place was Clive Mills peg 8 with 82-10-0.

    Semi Final Result of the Individual Knock Out

 Graham Johnson Bt Ron Carter & Martin Charnock Bt Norman Pavitt



7th July   BSA  VS  Godalming A.S                                                                                                                       

Today’s match saw Carshalton D.A.S fishing against Godalming A.S, the weather had all week been hot and sunny but at the draw it was pouring with rain and continued throughout the day. It wasn’t  until midday that the sun decided to make an appearance. 99% of the swims around the lake were taken which saw a decline in the weights as a whole but apart from the front runners backing weights were very close. Martin Charnock led the way and took the win for CADAS with 80-8-0 with Steve Moore of Godalming taking second place with 62-3-0. In third place was Colin Underwood with 48-12-0 fishing the pellet waggler giving Alan ‘Floating Poleman’Ringwood a tonking off the adjacent peg oops ! Lionel Herve for CADAS took fourth place with 39-12-0. Taking the top five weights from each club Godalming just edged the win.

Godalming A.S.     198-6-0         Carshalton D.A.S  183-2-0

30th June Wood Lane Fishery.  


A new venue first for the Carshalton boy’s which is situated close to Heathrow airport found that Wood Lane fishery was not only a fantastic fishery with well kept swims but the cafe serving a full English breakfast with tea and toast for the amazing price of £3.50 got the thumbs up from all who placed an order. This venue is predominantly a carp fishery although this has the potential to be a great winter silvers venue with quality Roach, Bream and Perch caught by those fishing maggot and caster. However it was Carp that took the top prizes with front runner Martin Charnock (right) netting 93-12-0 fishing the pellet waggler from peg 27 with some carp in excess of 15lbs. Second placed Trevor Pavitt (left) fishing near the massive rush beds on peg 18 weighed 67-3-0. Paul Taylor on peg 24 was third with 54-11-0, Tony Aldworth (centre) on peg 21 had 45-13-0 but was having a nightmare losing loads of fish throughout the day to a reed bed but still managed to take fourth. Section winners Alan Ringwood 31-14-0 and Martin White 31-9-0.

3rd Round results of the Individual K.O  

Graham Johnson Bt Les Collins, Ron Carter Bt Allen Adams,

Martin Charnock Bt Robbie Gaiger & Norman Pavitt Bt Paul Wortham.

Semi Final to be held at Orchard Place Farm on 21st July

23rd June Beaver Farm ‘Maze Lake’.                                                                                                                    

Today’s visit on Maze lake saw weather conditions warm and humid. On peg 9 Max Calverley drawn at the far end car park had a bonus result when the angler on the next peg went home early which led him to storm home with a catch mainly made up of F1’s for 36-8-0 and the win. In second place from the spit Ian Chandler was not far behind with 35-6-0 from peg 11, in third place on peg 3 Martin Charnock weighed 29-2-0 of mainly Bream fishing the pole using and feeding 4mm hard pellet. A continental payout system was tried today with 4 sections in total, paying 5 places with the top weight in each section starting with the top weight on the day. Other section winners were peg 5 Allen Adams 16-11-0 & peg 10 Gordon Monument 19-8-0.

9th June Marsh Farm ‘Richardson Lake’  


It was a hard day for those fishing at Marsh Farm today, had it been because of the torrential downpour from the day before as well as a competition that took place, we will never know. A big thank you to Steve Moore from Apollo Angling donating some prizes towards our match today, he guested with us today having returned from Aussie land and was placed on an end peg 31 and romped home with 28-5-0. However it was Tony Aldworth on fancied peg 11 that took the top prize and the 10 championship points with 21-10-0. From flyer peg 9 Ian Chandler took second place with 17-7-0 with Dave Freeman’s total of 15-10-0 taking him into third place from peg 29. Section winners; A sect pegs 1- 7 Richie Hemmings (6) 12-6-0. B Sect pegs 8 – 14 Allen Adams (13) 10-8-0. C Sect pegs 15 – 23 Martin Charnock (18) 13-7-0. D Sect pegs 24 – 31 Lionel Herve (25) 15-5-0.

Individual K.O Results Round 2

Byes: Allen Adams, Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger.

Norman Pavitt Bt Les Taylor, Ian Chandler Bt Graham Johnson, Paul Wortham Bt Serge Garbou, 

Les Collins Bt Andy Packham & Dave Freeman Bt Ron Carter.

Round 3 to take place on 30th June at Wood Lane Fishery.

2nd June BSA Bottom Lake & 1st Round of the Individual K.O Cup.                                                      

Today was Round 7 of the Club Championship held on the Bottom lake at BSA. Making a comeback and back into form was Dave Freeman, drawing down the arm peg 27 he managed to net 98-4-0 to take the win. Ray Smallwood on the next peg 28 was very unfortunate to draw Dave in the 1st round of the Individual K.O but was only one fish off the win to take second place with 93-1-0.  Section winners on the day were in A Sect: Allen Adams (41) 50-4-0. B Sect: Ian Chandler (10) 56-4-0. C Sect: Andy Packham (25) 29-14-0. Top team with 12 points were: Allen Adams, Andy Packham and Hugh Blake.

Below are those that qualified for Round 2 of the Individual K.O to be held at Marsh Farm 9th June.


Robbie Gaiger, Graham Johnson, Paul Wortham, Serge Garbou, Les Collins, Andy Packham, Dave Freeman, Peter Gale, Les Taylor, Allen Adams, Norman Pavitt, Ron Carter, Martin Charnock, Ian Chandler & Hugh Blake

19th May Henfold Main Lake  


The light showers that were forecast held off, however the sky towards the end of the match got quite dark with rain clouds looming but for the scales men they were awarded a get out of jail free card and stayed dry. As for the fishing it was hard but fair with weights from around the lake being quite consistent. Many competitors had edged their bets and fished solely for Carp down the edge where others had opted to fish for the silvers. Tony Aldworth (below) from peg 25 fishing close to an overhanging tree found a few carp throughout the day to take the win with 24-12-0. From peg 30 Ian Chandler had caught skimmers on the long pole for most of the match however switching late on for carp down the inside, the win was almost complete hooking a big carp in the last 30 minutes but losing it at the net had to settle for second with a weight of 19-6-0. Section winners on the day were in A Sect, Richie Hemmings (13) 17-6-0. B Sect, David Ranger (21) 13-1-0. C Sect, Martin Charnock (29) 16-7-0. D Sect, Max Calverley (34) 18-2-0.  Top team on the day with 13 points were : Trevor Pavitt, Lionel Herve, Les Taylor & Max Calverley. A big thank you to the  staff of the onsite Lakeside cafe that opened early for those that had booked in for breakfast.

5th May BSA Bottom Lake.                                                                                                                                                 

  The rain held off fortunately  in round 5 of Carshaltons match back at BSA today.  Once again a good turnout with those members looking to fill their nets at this prolific venue and with some of the carp now reaching into double figures sturdy tackle is required. Club Secretary Trevor Pavitt had a big munter  (bottom left) clinching a section win from peg 1. It was the dam end of the lake where Allen Adams on peg 10 secured victory with 85-6-0 however it was a close run as Martin Charnock from the neck end of the lake on peg 38 took second place with 81-2-0, this was after one member requested not to put this peg in as it’s “Shite”, how wrong can they be!!! In third place was Gordon Monument from peg 27 with 48.8.0. Section winners were in A Trevor Pavitt 41-5-0 , B Robbie Gaiger 36-3-0 , C Alan Ringwood 28-11-0.

28th April Orchard Place Farm Lake 6.                                                                                                                       

It was a full house at Orchard Place Farm, however it didn’t fish too well for the club members who were expecting big catches of F1’s which are noted for this Mecca. It was carp that made the difference in the weights with few F1’s showing and with the fish not coming shallow due to the cold wind ripping across the lake most of the fish were caught deep. Ron Carter took the 10 championship points with 42-13-0 fishing from the spit on peg 7 in second place from the opposite bank peg 12 was Alan Ringwood with 40-0-0. Taking third place was Martin Charnock with 33-6-0 from peg 9 with Lionel Herve from peg 1 taking fourth place with 28-9-0. Top team on the day with 13 points were Alan Ringwood, Trevor Pavitt, Norman Pavitt and Andy Russ. The next match is back at BSA hopefully a better day will be had than the previous visit.


14th April  BSA Bottom lake.                                                                                                                                               

  With an overnight frost things looked as though it was going to be a hard day however arriving at the lake one or two fish could be seen topping in the bowl area which sort of raised a few spirits. Martin Charnock who absolutely detests carp waters had decided to go with a paste approach at 2+2 on his margin pole having drawn peg 6. This was to be a very good move as he took the win with an impressive 130-6-0 landing carp well into double figures. Lionel Herve had struggled to his peg with his new Octbox and was still setting up when the whistle went having drawn a short walk in peg 1, however he steadily put a few fish together to take second place with 35-4-0. In third place from the dam end of the lake Gordon Monument on peg 11 weighed 34-15-0. Section winners were Norman Pavitt, Ron Carter and Les Collins.

31st March Five Oaks Friendly Knock-up

    A few of our regular attendees decided to have a knock up on the bottom lake today, with the weather for once being very kind with light winds and a warm sun it was for once a pleasure to go fishing. With a few of the members having fished this bottom lake before, knew what species to go for, it was a shock when Lionel Herve (right) decided to just set up a feeder rod. This didn’t disappoint and if not for being broken a few times may have won the day, however Bream and skimmers got him third place to weigh 22-7-0.  Alan ‘Mr Chairman’ Ringwood fished the long pole to also find Bream and skimmers along with quality Roach fishing pellet on the hook to take second place with 26-1-0. It was Membership/Competition Secretary Martin Charnock fishing his favoured method the whip along with caster that caught quality Roach and Rudd to take the win with 30-12-0 a brilliant weight considering it was his first visit to this fishery. In fourth place was Jeff power with 14-9-0.

24th March Chequertree Main Lake  

A fantastic day was had by the small contingent of members that bothered to attend today’s fixture at Chequertree lakes fishery. The weather had people fishing in T-shirts such was the heat from the sun, with the warm wind and sun combined the fish fed well all around the lake. Martin’Mr whip’ Charnock fished at 3 & 4m to land quality Roach with a few skimmers for a magnificent silverfish net of 71-5-0,  feeding caster with maggot as hook bait using one of his favourite floats from the Dino float range for speed fishing a 1g Roach master. In second place was club secretary Trevor Pavitt (centre) with another great net of silvers including several big Tench for 48-10-0, in third place Richie Hemmings (right) had a big net of skimmers for 40-5-0. Section winners were Alan Ringwood 34-4-0 and Mick Pearson 34-9-0.

3rd March BSA Bottom lake.                                                                                                                                                

Today’s competitors were greeted with rain and gale force winds that got a lot worse as the day wore on. Due to the strong  rain driven wind, all anglers were pegged on the car park side of the lake. With the wind blowing down into the arm of the lake saw carp congregating around peg 33. Robbie Gaiger was lucky enough to pull this peg number from the draw bag and went on for the win with 67-11-0 fishing red maggot as bait, after having watched a DVD the night before by Will Raison and taking those tips and putting what he had learnt into practice, obviously proving fruitful. Peg 11 at the dam end of the lake saw Les Collins catch of 51-11-0 secure second place. Martin Charnock on peg 41 fished paste to catch double figure carp on his margin pole and take A section with 48-5-0 beating ‘Floating Pole Guru’ Alan Ringwood off the next peg weighing 40-13-0. PeterGale in the bay went on to take the section win in B  with a mediocre weight of     10-11-0


Reports by Competition Sec Martin Charnock

9th Dec Henfold  Main lake Christmas Match

Today’s Christmas Match at Henfold saw gale force winds buffer the anglers making presentation difficult. Weights and spirits were down, but fortunately we had the presentation/ prize giving, raffle and buffet awaiting us back at the club house. The spread that greeted us was fantastic, the Lakeside Chef did us proud with nobody going hungry.With five teams on the day I had planned to insure that nobody went home empty handed with everyone winning a prize of sorts. A big thank you must go to John & Jason of Tackle warehouse Gatwick who gave the club a fantastic deal on tackle prizes and also our Treasurer Phil Taylor who donated a brand new margin pole. Above are those that attended todays match from left to right: Richie Hemmings, Martin Charnock (Match Sec moi), Gordon Monument, Dave Freeman, Max Calverley, Trevor Pavitt (Secretary), Pat Farrelley, Les Taylor, Alan Ringwood (Chairman), Dave ‘BoZ’ Beard, Tony Aldworth, Les Collins,Lionel Herve, Norman Pavitt & Robbie Gaiger.  As for the winners yours truely won the day with 14-11-0 from peg 35, in second place max Calverley peg 4 weighing 14-4-0 with third going to Tony Aldworth on 10-7-0 from peg 33. Top team on the day with 14 points were; Dave ‘Boz’ Beard, Martin Charnock and Dave Freeman. Every year is a challenge in trying to surpass my previous run Christmas Match but this must rank as one of the best so far. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.


 Looking forward to seeing you all next year Merry Christmas

                                          Martin Charnock Competition sec

2018 Winners / Results

Championship Cup Club Champion aggregate points. Dave Freeman

Runner up Intrepid Bowl.  Alan Ringwood

Brian Hibberd Shield.  (1st home water club match)  Dave Freeman

Mole Cup.  Ian Chandler

Charity Shield.  Dave Freeman

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O.  Dave Freeman

Runner up. Les Eggleton 

John Hyde Memorial Shield. (most points at BSA).  Dave Freeman

Feast Cup. (most matches least weight).  Paul Wortham

Points / Weights Top 10

1st. Dave Freeman. 107 pts.      1st Alan ringwood  1049-2-0

2nd. Alan Ringwood 101 pts.   2nd. Dave Freeman 740-9-0

3rd. Pat Farrelley 93 pts.            3rd. Pat Farrelley 607-14-0

4th. Les Collins 89 pts.                4th. Les Collins 559-9-0

5th. Trevor Pavitt 86 pts.           5th.Tony Aldworth 417-8-0

6th. Martin Charnock 72 pts    6th. Ian Chandler 416-12-0

7th. Tony Aldworth 66 pts         7th. Trevor Pavitt 408-1-0

8th. Ron Carter 65 pts.                8th. Ron Carter 393-14-0

9th. Norman Pavitt 61 pts.         9th. Norman Pavitt 386-0-0

10th. Ian Chandler 53 pts.        10th. Martin Charnock 374-4-0

2nd Dec BSA lake

Final Result of the Individual K.O.

Dave Freeman Bt Les Eggleton

This was the final league championship match of 2018 ,unfortunately I was not able to organise today’s match and my thanks goes to Les Taylor in taking charge. The final of the Individual K.O was held today between Dave Freeman who had been unbeaten all season at BSA and Les Eggleton who in the run up at BSA had put some credible catches together. Les Collins was to put a spanner in the works and stop Dave Freeman’s domination at this venue, drawing end peg 33 Les weighed 103-9-0 for a convincing victory, however Dave Freeman was to take second place from peg 10 with 65-12-0 to secure the knock out win,  Les Eggleton on a mediocre peg 8 managing 47-6-0. In third place from peg 11 was Pat Farrelley with 51-10-0 with Andy Packham taking the fourth spot with 47-7-0 from peg 6.

11th November Henfold Lake.

It was a big turnout for today’s fixture held at Henfold lakes and with the forecast of heavy rain one or two members cried off preferring to stay at home.  At times T-shirt weather was appropriate but would be spoilt by the gale force winds with an added bonus of water from the skies which saw umbrellas around the lake going up and coming down all through the day. As it was Remembrance Sunday a two minute cease of fishing was held  on the stroke of 11am in memory of the fallen. The car park bank was the place to be with Les Collins on peg 7 taking the win with 19-7-0 in second place next door saw Trevor Pavitt peg 8 take second place with 16-15-0, taking the section on this bank was Alan Ringwood peg 17 with 13-12-0. The opposite bank saw a clash of the titans with Dave Freeman on peg 33 and Martin Charnock on peg 34 having a fish for fish race throughout the day but Martin in the last half-hour switched to the waggler and increased his lead to weigh 11-13-0 for the section , however a lost carp close in by Dave in the dying minutes saw him cursing to weigh 11-6-0 for section second. Third in section was Ron Carter (above) with some quality Roach peg 35 weighing 10-13-0.

4th November Betchworth River Mole ‘Mole cup’ 

Today’s match saw the competitors fishing the weir field, having previously agreed that if the turn out was small it would be held on the Orchard stretch as it’s a much shorter walk for our senior members. However as I was not running the competition for today it was obviously agreed to go for the long walk. Above and below stretches of the weir field were used and it was Ian Chandler fishing downstream of the weir that secured the win and the Mole Cup with 7-0-0 of bits. Second was Trevor Pavitt also fishing below the weir with  3-1-0, third went to Ron Carter above the weir with 2-15-0 and Pat Farrelley taking fourth place with 0-11-0.

21st October Monk Lake 4 

The seventeenth match of the season saw the club at Monk lakes 4, considering it’s coming to the end of October most of us were in short sleeve tops with a warm bright sunny day saw the lake algae bloom to full effect, especially for those drawn in the lower peg numbers found it was like fishing in the primeval ooze. (see picture). Adrian Westgate secured the win fishing through this green soup with fifteen carp for 41-13-0. One angler that had it all clear at the far end was Serge Garbou (centre)  and fishing close to an overhanging branch secured second place with a weight of carp for 34-5-0. Yours truly (M. Charnock) who despises carp fishing decided to practice for an upcoming winter silvers league fished the whip for a Roach and skimmer net of 25-14-0 to take third place. Alan Ringwood was fourth with 24-12-0 again all carp just pushing Les Taylor (bottom right) out of the money with 21-5-0.

7th October BSA Bottom Lake

Semi final result of the Individual K.O. 

Dave Freeman Bt  Alan Ringwood     Les Eggleton Bt Pat Farrelley

Final to be held on the 2nd December at BSA.

There was a good turnout for today’s match at BSA considering the appalling weather the day before, however the sun was shinning and a light breeze blowing down towards the dam end of the lake. This breeze had the effect of taking the fish with it,  two anglers you wouldn’t want to compete against at this venue found themselves not only fishing against each other in the semi final of the individual knock out but pegged at this end also, unbeaten this season at BSA Dave Freeman on peg 16 was looking for another victory and with Alan Ringwood pegged on 11 it was going to be a battle of the titans. Those pegged towards the narrow end of the lake were going to find things a bit tougher. Sure enough come the weigh in Dave Freeman had taken another victory with 116-12-0 and a place in the final Alan Ringwood would take second place with 95-1-0. In third place from peg 24 was Keith Weller with 66-10-0. Les Eggleton from peg 8 was fourth with 48-8-0 and a place in the final knocking Pat Farrelley out comfortably from peg 40 who managed only 10-2-0.

23rd Sept Orchard Place farm ‘Doughnut’

 It was a very wet day for those that made the trip to Orchard lakes in Kent, however as always the fishing never fails to please with weights  for the top four all exceeding the 100lb barrier. It was the twins that showed the way with Pete Allan taking top spot with 194-10-0 brother Nick took second place with 179-4-0, third went to guest Andy who weighed 150-10-0 with Alan Ringwood taking fourth place with 103-12-0. Many thanks for the anglers that  were courteous enough to contact me informing me they couldn’t attend today’s fixture. Also many thanks to Alan for running today’s match in my absence.

Championship Points League after 15 matches top six.

(deduction of 2 dropped worst match points shown)

1st  73pts.  Dave Freeman

2nd 66pts. Alan Ringwood

2nd 66pts. Les Collins 

2nd 66pts. Tony Aldworth 

5th 62pts Trevor Pavitt

6th 61pts Pat Farrelley

9th Sept Sumners Match Lake   Carp & Silvers.


Rumours that the large Carp had been removed from the match lake were false as there were many anglers struggling to land some of the carp that were hooked, there was however a large influx of much smaller carp that kept everyone busy. The match today was a carp and silvers match with points and pools being awarded for not only the best carp weights but also the best silver weights in not only sections but also overall. Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood (centre) fished his floating pole to take the best Carp weight with 244-10-0 with guest Paul Jones taking second place with 122-7-0 and in third place Ian Chandler with 105-1-0.  On the silvers front Martin Charnock (right) fishing a 4m whip was to take first place with a moderate weight of 24-7-0 of small Roach having been plagued by carp every time he fed. Les Collins was to take second with 21-8-0 and in third place was Norman Pavitt landing 10-15-0

2nd Sept BSA Lake. 

Dave Freeman peg 16 was pushed all the way today but was still able to say he’s the “Daddy” on our home water come the end with a winning weight of 84-1-0 and still unbeaten this season at BSA. In second place and standing in for me today running the match whilst I was away, was Alan Ringwood from peg 32 with 80-6-0. Not to far behind was Les Eggleton from peg 29 taking third place with a credible 78-15-0 from the far side of the arm. In fourth place from peg 40 Les “Walkabout” Taylor who landed 49-8-0, question has Mr Taylor been getting lessons from Monsieur Freeman ? going by his latest results we wonder. The results below from today’s knock out with the semi final round to be held on the 7th October at BSA, where there will be two groups / one group of three, and a pair, with the winners of each group going through to the final  to be held at BSA on 2nd December. The draw will take place at the next committee meeting. 

2nd round results of today’s Individual K.O

           1. Les  Eggleton Bt Ian Chandler.  2. Dave Cooper Bt Paul Wortham 3. Pat Farrelley Bt Robbie Gaiger  4.Dave Freeman Bt Gordon Monument .  5. Alan Ringwood Bt Ron Carter.       


19th August Henfold Lake.  

 Martin ‘ Whip King’ Charnock destroyed the rest of the field today on Henfold’s main lake, using a 3 mtr whip feeding caster with a maggot hook bait and one of his favourite floats a Maurizio Schiepatti Mars Bleu in a size 0. 5 grm catching mainly quality Roach with the odd skimmer to weigh 46-8-0 from peg 38. In second place Tony Aldworth on peg 7 switched between the method feeder and pole, landing carp to weigh 34-2-0, on peg 10 Ian Chandler had a late run of Carp down the margins, this however proved costly with 45 minutes left of the match his pole snapped in half as he hooked a Carp which then proceeded to swim off into the depths towing the remaining pole sections down the lake but he did enough to hold on to third place with 30-10-0. Next door on peg 8 Les Collins fished long pole to net 27-5-0 for fourth place. Top team with 14 points were : Tony Aldworth, Les Taylor, Trevor Pavitt and Andy Packham.


A fantastic £240 was raised at BSA’s Charity match today with many thanks to Alan Ringwood running this match whilst I was away and also to Trevor Pavitt who organised the pre-match grub. As for the fishing it was that man on form  Dave Freeman who once again should be insuring his arm as he drew peg 41 an absolute flier of a peg, making no mistakes he landed 207-5-0 to take the win. In second place from peg 19  Alan Ringwood weighed another fantastic weight of 160-0-0  catching up in the water on the long pole. Third on the day with 111-14-0 from peg 11 was Andy Packham with fourth place Les Collins from peg 7 with 83-7-0.

5th August Monk lake 2  

It was another hot and humid day that greeted members fishing Lake 2 at Monks fishery in Kent. Weights were slightly down for this fishery but it was the amount of  quality silvers that were caught combined with the Carp that made up most of the anglers winning nets. Ian Chandler was top weight today with 135-5-0 but not to far behind was Jeff Power with 124-13-0, Nick Allen guesting today was third with 117-13-0 with Les Taylor showing his class to weigh 91-11-0 for fourth place which must rate as one of his biggest catches for this OAP. Club Secretary Trevor Pavitt with his net of silvers.

29th July Bernies ‘Racetrack’ Lake 

It was a day when the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ visited Bernie’s lake for our rearranged club match after Old Bury Hill had to be cancelled due to the annual bike ride that takes place in the area. The advertised weather of light showers turned more into a torrent of heavy rain for the full duration of the match, with the right hand side of the lake being battered by strong gale force winds. However the results turned into a very close run competition with the top four anglers being separated by one or two fish with  lost fish proving costly. Dave Freeman (left) continued his run of good form winning the day with 54-6-0, Tony Aldworth (center) narrowly placed in second with 51-9-0 in third place with 48-0-0 Dave ‘Boz’ Beard pipped Martin Charnock (right) who took fourth place with 47-8-0. Top team on the day were Dave Freeman, Jeff Power and Pat Farrelley.

21st July BSA Bottom Lake ‘OPEN MATCH’.

Today’s match saw eighteen anglers booked in for Carshalton’s open match on the Bottom Lake at BSA. With hardly any breeze on the lake the carp could be seen cruising beneath the surface, but would they be caught fishing shallow. The answer to that question would be no, as the top three anglers all caught fishing on the deck. Dave Freeman drawing peg 33 fishing meat down the margins just managed to take the win, going over weight in two of his three keep nets which  saw him knocked back to 60lbs for two of them, this saw his total add up to 159-6-0. In second place on peg 5 Paul Jones with four nets worth of carp, was unlucky to weigh 158-6-0 fishing soft pellet. Martin Charnock from peg 11 fished paste all day to take third place with 124-5-0, with fourth place coming from peg 35  Martin White taking 99-9-0.

Championship Points League after 10 matches top six.

(deduction of 2 dropped worst match points not shown)

1st  51pts.  Mick Sharpless

2nd 49pts. Gary Sharpless

3rd 48pts. Pat Farrelley 

3rd 48pts. Dave Freeman 

5th 41pts Tony Aldworth

6th 39pts Alan Ringwood

15th July Marsh Farm Richardsons Lake

Todays match may have been shortened had England made the final of the World Cup, as we all know that didn’t materialise so the match finished as published. Todays top angler Dave Freeman drawing favoured peg 12 which was also the Golden peg made no mistakes with 49-4-0 taking top spot and £92.00 in winnings. Second placed Gary Sharpless peg 32 weighed 46-5-0 fishing chopped worm. In third place Alan Ringwood on end peg 7 weighed 35-6-0 catching his fish on caster. Tony Aldworth took fourth from peg 15 with 33-2-0. Top team today with a collective 12 points were: Dave Freeman, Micky Sharpless, Boz and Jeff Power.

1st July BSA Bottom lake

It was a very hot and humid day for today’s home match at BSA. Dave Freeman’s drawing arm didn’t let him down in the car park taking a short walk to peg 39 to win the day with a credible 88-13-0. Second place Ian Chandler having drawn peg 30 was not far off with 76-2-0. Third place  with 61-14-0 was Gordon monument from end  peg 11. Top team on the day were these likely lads above with a combined 16 points total, from left to right Robbie Gaiger, Pat Farrelley and Gordon Monument.

Today also saw the 1st round of the individual knock out the names below qualified for round 2 to be fished on the 2nd of September at BSA.

Gordon Monument, Dave Cooper, Paul Wortham, Robbie Gaiger, Dave Freeman, Ron Carter, Ian Chandler, Alan Ringwood, Pat Farrelley and Les Eggleton

17th June Reservoir Hartleylands

Many thanks to Alan Ringwood for running this match whilst I was away. The Reservoir didn’t fish as expected with weights down on previous competitions however the fish caught were big with nearly all fish around the 8lb mark. In first place, old timer Pat Farrelley showed the rest of the field how it should be done taking 90-10-0. Taking runner up spot was Alan Ringwood with 84-0-0, in third place Ian chandler weighed 62-10-0 with fourth placed Ron Carter taking 60-10-0. Please note the next match at BSA 1st July will be the 1st round of the individual Knock Out.

3rd June Old Bury Hill Main Lake

It was a father and son affair for the top two spots on the main lake at Old Bury Hill fishery today. It was the younger Gary Sharpless (top) that showed his dad how its done, drawn on peg 1 known as the jungle he was into carp straight from the off to win the day weighing 50-10-0. Mark senior from peg 32 found the Bream to take runner up spot with 29-7-0. Third place went to Ron Carter from peg 29 fishing the pole weighing 28-3-0. Now most know that we run a team pool on the day and today was no exception. With 4 sections of 5 anglers,  with the winner of each section being awarded 5 points, second 4 points third 3 points and so on. However if you fail to weigh in you will be awarded ZERO points. Fortunately for my team one member of another group couldn’t be bothered to trouble the scales-man and threw his fish back, which cost them, losing by just one point. So winning the team pools with 14 points were: Norman Pavitt, Max Calverley, Martin Charnock & Micky Sharpless.

20th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 5

Weights were off the scale for those that attended today’s competition, with  only two anglers failing to break the 60lb barrier, with the top four weights topping three figures. It was that man  Alan ‘Mr Carp’ Ringwood who showed the way with a massive 178-2-0 for the win, in second place with 142-4-0 was Tony Aldworth, Gary Sharpless (top left) took third with 125-5-0 and in fourth place was Jeff Power with 107-12-0. Our Treasurer Phil Taylor (top right) took this net of 83-6-0 for seventh place. Many thanks to Alan Ringwood in running the match whilst I was away.

Championship Points League after 5 matches

(deduction of 2 dropped worst match points not shown)

1st 28pts. Les Collins

2nd 23pts. Mick Sharpless

2nd 23pts. Trevor Pavitt

2nd 23pts. Pat Farrelley 

5th 22pts. Garry Sharpless

6th 20pts Martin Charnock

6th May Maze lake  Beaver Farm Fishery.

Today was the hottest day of the year and the fish had other ideas, rather than eating! However some of our anglers found a few willing to feed. It was quite amazing how the top two anglers managed the same weight Les Collins peg 13 drawn in the car park weighed 44-4-0 with Mick Sharpless drawn on peg 18 along one of the spits tied for first with their nets made up of quality Bream. In third place was Allen Adams peg 20 with 32-12-0. Next door was David Ranger peg 19 taking fourth place with 24- 4-0.                                                                                                                                                                                                                As for the teams payout it was very close with two teams tying with 13 points for second, however it was Mick Sharpless, Martin Charnock, Les Collins and Trevor (One point /ounce) Pavitt that took pole position with 14 points.

15th April Royal Berkshire Fishery  


23 Members made the away trip to lake 3 at Royal Berkshire Fishery. The ladies in the on sight cafe did a sterling job feeding us ‘pukka’ breakfasts as we descended on mass prior to the draw. Through out the day it was quite overcast and breezy until the weigh in when the heavens opened and a torrential down pour ensued. That F1 Guru that is Tony Aldworth (Top left) found 36-5-0 of F1’s  from fancied peg 22 to take the win fishing the pole down the middle of his peg with pellet. In second place from the other end of the lake was Max Calverley with 28-0-0 from peg 9, just missing out was Gary Sharpless (Top right) in third with 27-11-0 pipping his Dad Mick on peg 11 taking fourth place with 27-0-0. Top team on the day were Peter Gale and Max Calverley

1st April Henfold Main Lake.

Many thanks to Trevor Pavitt for running today’s match whilst I was away. Quite a few members were missing from the norm mainly due to the Easter break. However our match scene is getting larger with more new faces each match, which means we may have to start searching for venues that can accommodate us all. With the previous day’s rainfall the lake was coloured and water levels  a lot higher than normal (which is a bonus at this venue). It was one of our stalwart anglers Les Collins that showed his class today after having a dry run of wins in the past, drawing at the far end of the lake (peg 25) Les put a small fish net together weighing a credible 14-8-0 for the win. In second place from peg 16 Mick Sharpless found some of the better skimmers fishing pellet over micros for 10-12-0, in third place Max Calverley from peg 23 just missed out  on second place by weighing 10-8-0 fishing caster and chopped worm.

25th March BSA Bottom Lake

The lake today looked more like a cup of milk chocolate, however there were a few fish topping and with the weather on the warmer side than previous weeks expectations were high. One angler that got off to a great start from peg 41 was Pat Farrelley, but things soon took a turn for the worse, he was losing some big fish and a match win was getting less and less likely. On peg 33 Dave Freeman was quietly putting a few fish together late on and won the match with 25-8-0 and the Brian Hibberd Shield. On peg 40 Trevor Pavitt managed a close second with 20-8-0 from third placed Pat on 20-6-0, not to far behind in fourth was Ron Carter from peg 22 with  20 -4-0. Top team were Phil Taylor, Les Taylor, Pat Farrelley and Ron Carter.

11th March Orchard Place Farm  

Today was the first club match of 2018, our visit to the F1 Mecca that is Orchard Place Farm didn’t disappoint  especially after the dreadful weather from the previous week.  David Beard (bottom left) drew the first peg on the spit opposite an island and caught F1’s throughout the day on double white maggot to take pole position with 87-8-0. Not to far to his left Tony Aldworth (bottom right) managed second alternating between the pole and method feeder with 79-0-0, Martin Charnock took a nail biting third place with 78-8-0 having lost a few carp during the match due to the hook pulling free just as he was about to net. In fourth place was Trevor Pavitt on the other side of the lake to weigh 57-0-0. Top Team on the day were Trevor Pavitt, David Beard and Mick Sharpless.


A very muddy venue but a great day’s fishing


Reports by Competition Sec Martin Charnock

17th December ‘Fur & Feather’ match Beaver Farm Fishery

On arrival  at the fishery the lakes we were to be fishing were completely frozen, from the sudden overnight drop in temperature. With the help of the onsight baliff Ben, he was able to go out and break up the ice in his boat before the draw. Once everybody had got to their respective pegs the task of sccooping out the ice from their swims begun. The lads were offered a warming device known as a bottle of Southern Comfort provided by Alan Ringwood to numb the cold and to raise the ‘spirits’. With the match under way it wasn’t long before everybody was catching small silvers, the F1’s which Jeffs lake is famed for were a little harder to catch, Martin Charnock (above) on peg 15 the beach side of the lake fishing punched bread was managing to find one or two. Jordan Taylor peg 2 next to the rush bed was also finding a few and by midway through the match was admitting to six F1’s. Richie Hemmings on peg 3 was also catching a few on flouro pinkies but was cursing his luck as he was losing hooked fish just before netting. Dave Freeman peg 14 was quietly putting a net of silvers together but couldn’t find those bonus carp.

After five hours the results were overall:

1st Martin Charnock 15-0-0, 2nd Jordan Taylor 14-5-0, 3rd Richie Hemmings 12-10-0 4th Ron Carter 12-0-0

Top Team with 16 points were: Dave Freeman, Max Calverlley and Jordan Taylor.

The prizes for all those in today’s competition & raffle  exceeded over £800 with everyone receiving a prize in taking part. A big thankyou goes to Jason, John and Callum from Tackle Warehouse in Crawley for sorting us out with some terrific tackle and the members namely Phil Taylor, Alan Ringwood and Pat Farrelley who also donated to this festive bonanza.

The buffet was rescued with Club Secretary Trevor ‘Tea Boy’ Pavitt (below) doing a sterling job after short notice, being informed that Jane from  ‘Janes Cafe’ who was going to do our after match spread had unfortunatly broken her arm during the week. Get well soon Jane hope to see you next year.

2017 Winners / Results

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate Points   Martin Charnock

Runner up Intrepid Bowl   Les Collins

Brian Hibberd Shield (1st Home water club match)   Alan Colgate

Mole Cup   Trevor Pavitt

Charity Shield  Alan Ringwood 

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O   Robbie Gaiger

Runner up   Dave Freeman

John Hyde Memorial Shield (Most points at BSA)   Dave Freeman

Feast Cup (Most matches least weight)   Serge Garbou

Points / Weights

1st. Martin Charnock 123 pts    1st Martin Charnock 663-8-0

2nd.Les Collins 102 pts                 2nd. Alan Ringwood 612-2-0

3rd.Dave Freeman 99pts             3rd. Dave freeman 570-0-0

4th.Andy Packham 86pts            4th. Les Collins 545-13-0

5th.Alan Ringwood 82pts            5th. Andy Packham 459-13-0

5th. Robbie Gaiger 82pts              6th Robbie Gaiger 416-14-0

7th Trevor Pavitt 71pts                 7th.Ron Carter 384-5-0

8th Norman Pavitt 67pts             8th. Ian Chandler 336-14-0

9th. Richie Hemmings 63pts     9th.Trevor Pavitt 319-13-0

10th. Ron Carter 60pts                  10th.Norman Pavitt 297-1-0

Dec 3rd BSA Top lake ‘CANCELLATION’ venue changed to North Lake Newdigate

Today saw this unique opportunity to sample this fishery under match conditions, some members had previously visited this water and silver weights of up to 40lbs and carp weights in excess of 50lbs had been caught.  However today was to be a complete transformation with all members blanking in the first hour. On the day there were two pools running, one for the heaviest weight of Carp and one for Silver fish. With all members scratching just to get a bite, it was 90 year old Norman Pavitt on peg 35 who broke the silence catching a small Carp. After two hours Norman was still the only angler to have caught Martin Charnock having given up trying to catch Silvers on the pole went on the straight bomb with an 8mm pellet and was soon rewarded with a Carp. It was now midday and all of a sudden odd carp were starting to show for the odd angler. Those that hadn’t caught were still scratching for an odd Gudgeon or willing Perch as the Silvers pool was still wide open to be won. The end result, no Silvers were caught !, Norman had managed to snare two more Carp for the win with 11-4-0 with Dave Freeman catching one fish for 10-9-0 to take second, Les Collins was third with 7-8-0 with Martin Charnock landing two Carp for 7-6-0.

Championship points & weights top six after 20 matches

1st. Martin Charnock  116pts     1st. Martin Charnock  656-2-0

2nd. Les Collins   94pts                  2nd. Alan Ringwood 612-2-0

3rd. Dave Freeman 90pts           3rd. Dave Freeman 559-7-0

4th. Andy Packham 85pts           4th. Les Collins 538-5-0

5th. Alan Ringwood 81pts            5th. Andy Packham 459-13-0

6th Robbie Gaiger 77pts               6th. Robbie Gaiger 413-10-0

19th Nov BSA Bottom Lake

Today saw the final of the Individual K.O with finalists Robbie Gaiger and Dave Freeman doing battle, Dave got off to a great start in the car park by drawing a noted flyer, peg 22 on the point and far side of the lake. However that saying ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’ proved true as Robbie found a couple more fish to pip Dave and take the title with 40-4-0 to Dave’s 32-0-0. From peg 8 however the man in form on the Bottom lake to take the match win, was none other than  Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood with a convincing win with 78-3-0. In second place was Andy Packham 60-0-0 with third going to Les Collins on 57-0-0.

Many thanks to Alan Ringwood and helpers for running this match whilst I was away.

5th Nov BSA Top Lake

With a heavy overnight frost the night before not many of the hardy souls were anticipating a great days fishing and so it proved. With just one double figure weight made up of two Bream, Robbie Gaiger took pole position with just 10-0-0 from peg 23. On the dam wall Dave Freeman found a few fish to come second with just 7-12-0 from peg 28, with Richie Hemmings (top) on peg 7 taking third spot with 6-11-0, in fourth from peg 6 was Les Collins with 3-10-0. The team points were very close with two teams on eleven points but it was Richie Hemmings and Max Calverley piping it with 12 points to take the win.With the semi final of the Individual KO taking place today saw Robbie Gaiger beating Les Taylor and Dave Freeman beating Pat Farrelley. 


Individual KO Final to take place on November 19th at BSA Bottom Lake

                                      Robbie Gaiger VS Dave Freeman

22nd Oct Sumners Lake Carp & Silvers Match

Today’s match saw an opportunity for anglers to either fish for Carp or silvers or go for the greedy option and try and win both pools on the day by catching a winning weight of both species. Those that prefered their favorite species which seemed to be Carp found the going hard may be due to the cold overnight rain which was having a dramatic effect on their planned attack, with some boycotting the carp in favour of catching silvers to make a framing place in the pools. One angler that kept his nerve fishing for Carp was Les Collins weighing 71-4-0 to take top spot in the Carp only pool. In the Silver fish pool  Martin Charnock had decided to catch Roach, alternating between a 3 & 4 metre whip from the start, having lost count after reaching his 1000th fish to take top spot with 42-13-0, using one of his favorite mixes Sensas Gros Gardons and Canal Noire with added corriander!. The Carp runners up were in second place  Alan Ringwood 45-4-0 and third spot Gordon Monument on 33-1-0, Runners up in the silvers pool were in second place Max Calverley with 30-0-0 and in third place with 23-3-0 was Keith Weller.

15th Oct BSA Bottom Lake

Today saw the usual big turnout of members hoping for a bumper day’s sport. Dave Freeman from peg 8 certainly did ! weighing 116-0-0 to take the win. Dave ‘Chainsaw’ Cooper closely pegged near the car park on peg 40 was second with 94-6-0, in third place was Gordon Monument opposite Dave on peg 26 (pic above) with some massive specimans to weigh 74-5-0, Les Collins was fourth from peg 10 with 55-4-0. Top team with a perfect score of 18 points from 18 were Dave Freeman, Gordon Monument and Andy Packham.

3rd Round Individual K.O  Results winners to fish the semi final on November 5th

Robbie Gaiger VS Les Collins       Robbie Gaiger Bt Les Collins        

Micky Trindell VS Les Taylor      Les Taylor Bt Micky Trindell   

Andy Packham VS Dave Freeman   Dave Freeman Bt Andy Packham  

Pat Farrelley VS Ian Chandler     Pat Farrelley Bt Ian Chandler

Championship Points & Weights top six after 15 matches

1st Martin Charnock  98 pts                              1st Martin Charnock  600-7-0 

2nd Les Collins / Andy Packham 62 pts        2nd Alan Ringwood 438-1-0

4th Trevor Pavitt 61 pts                                      3rd Dave Freeman 348-11-0

5th Alan Ringwood 60 pts                                  4th Les Collins 342-6-0

6th Robbie Gaiger 59 pts                                   5th Ian Chandler 336-14-0

                                                                            6th Ron Carter 313-13-0

1st Oct Henfold Main Lake

Numbers were back for this fixture with thanks to Henfold Fishery for accommadating us at short notice after a disagreement with Furnace lakes. With the lake holding lots of silvers it was no surprise to see Martin ‘Silvers Guru’ Charnock take the win but he absolutely devastated the rest of the field fishing the whip for the first two hours then switching long to 14 metres to catch skimmers and crucians on double caster to weigh 54-3-0. In second place was Dave Freeman with 25-8-0 closely followed by Trevor Pavitt 24-8-0 then Max Calverley in fourth with 22-8-0. Below left Martin with his winning catch and young 90 year old  Norman Pavitt with one of his many carp this one going 11-12-0. Top team with 12 points were Les Collins, Andy Packham and Martin Charnock. 

24th Sept River Mole Betchworth

As I was away for this fixture Trevor kindly run this match, he had decided to swicth the venue from the Orchard to above the weir section. This didn’t go down well with Dave ‘The Chainsaw’ Cooper who the day before had gone to the Orchard and strimmed all the pegs for the match. Another poor turnout saw only 7 members attending, Trevor Pavitt managed to catch plenty of small Roach And Dace to win the Mole Cup with 4-4-0 not to far behind him in second was Pat Farrelley weighing 4-0-0, Gordon Monument had 3-8-0 for third. The biggest upset was Ian Chandler drawing his favorite peg which was also the Golden Peg on the day and must have been relishing a big pay check, sadly he missed out weighing 3-7-0 for fourth. 

17th Sept Maze-lake Beaver Farm

Today saw one of the lowest turnouts with only 14 members attending, surprisingly as it’s a venue closer to home than some of our other fixtures. Everyone at the draw fancied the pegs close to the car park, however the fish had other ideas and decided to go for a swim! To the far end of the lake. Gordon Monument (below) at the far end got his first win of the season with a catch of Bream and F1’s for 27-4-0, on the next peg Trevor Pavitt had 19-4-0 to take second place. Along the arms Andy Packham had a few Carp long to take third with 18-2-0 with Ian Chandler next peg to Andy with 17-6-0 for fourth place.

20th Aug Peartree lake Hartleylands fishery

It was a full house for Carshalton’s trip to Peartree lake at Hartleylands fishery, the most fantastic thing we all noticed, was that the new owners had done a lot of work on the lake with the swims clearly marked on some of the most comfortable pegs that I had seen on a commercial fishery. The fishing was also awesome for those that fed !. In top spot guesting was Pete Allen, with a corn and paste approach in the margins to weigh an impressive 151-12-0. In second place was Martin Charnock who had decided to fish a 6gram Guru pellet waggler with 6mm pellet against the island opposite to weigh 144-10-0. In third was Alan ‘Carp Guru’ Ringwood fishing the floating pole to weigh 105-12-0, his sidekick Jeff Power was fourth with another ton weight with 102-8-0.

There was a tie for the top team on the day both having 10 points but it was Jeff Power,Peter Gale & Richie Hemmings that swayed the result with a combined weight of 207 -10-0 to take the brown envelope.

6th Aug BSA Bottom Lake

Twenty members fished todays match with the first round of the Individual K.O taking place. Robbie Gaiger (top left) on peg 9 showed his class fishing the pole at 13m with the ‘Jigga’ to take top spot with 99-12-0 just short of the magic ton. Not too far behind was Les Collins (top right) on peg 40 taking the runner up spot with a credible 88-0-0. Ian Chandler from peg 25 was agonisingly close in third with 87-6-0. Those anglers that didn’t bother to weigh in and went home early cost their respective team and themselves a brown envelope, as it was a very close call come the total points tally, it was however Ian Chandler, Trevor Pavitt, Micky Trindell and Les Collins that secured top spot in the five teams of four.

As for the result of the knock out these anglers made it through to round 2 to be fished at Furnace Lake on the 1st Oct:

1.Pat Farrelley, 2. Robbie Gaiger, 3. Andy Packham, 4.Keith Weller, 5. Les Collins, 6. Ian Chandler, 7. Gordon Monument, 8. Les Taylor, 9. Micky Trindell, 10. Dave Freeman.

The draw for round 2 will take place at the Hartleylands match with 6 byes with 4 to fish.

 Individual Knock-out Dates

1st round 6th Aug Bottom Lake BSA

2nd round 1st Oct Furnace Lake

3rd round 15th Oct Bottom Lake BSA

Semi Final 5th Nov Top Lake BSA

Final 19th Nov Bottom Lake BSA

16th July Old Bury Hill Front Bank

1.Andy Packham peg 2   65-0-0

2.Dave Freeman peg 21  60-0-0

3.Ian Chandler peg 4        49-0-0

4.Allen Adams peg 17       38-4-0

Thanks to Trevor Pavitt for running this match whilst I was away.

League Championship at half-way stage top 6

1. Martin Charnock        72pts

2. Alan Colgate                 51pts 

3. Alan Ringwood            47pts

4. Robbie Gaiger              39pts

5. Les Collins                      37pts

5. Allen Adams                 37pts     

2nd July BSA Bottom Lake

Eighteen members fished the bottom lake today, with some good weights from around the whole lake. Tops today was Ron Carter fishing down the margins on peg 29 weighing 114-12-0 another ton plus was Alan Ringwood on peg 2 taking second spot with 104-8-0. (‘who say’s the bay never fishes in a match’). Third place was Dave Freeman peg 33 with 88-3-0 with Martin Charnock peg 35 to take fourth spot with 80-11-0. Top team on the day clinching it by just one point were Hugh Blake,  Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger.

18th June Marsh Farm ‘Richardsons’

Today’s fixture saw temperatures reach 35c degrees, with many of the competitors looking pretty red by the end of the match. Martin Charnock ( left ) fished the feeder for most of the match because he was getting third degree burns from handling his pole but did enough to take the win with 38-8-0 from peg 15. (centre pic ) Ian Chandler  wasn’t to far behind with 37-2-0 from peg 9 with some big Tench caught on corn. Allen Adams (right) was a long way off the pace from fancied peg 26 with 12-7-0 to take third spot with Alan Colgate in fourth with 11-15-0 from peg 34. Those that hadn’t enjoyed their day made up with spending  £’s in the onsite Apollo Angling Shop which had a vast amount of tackle and bait as well as a cold drinks fridge which I think was empty by the time we all departed.

Apollo Angling ‘wish it was closer to home’.

4th June   Monk Lake 4

 With the whole lake to ourselves everybody had plenty of room, however the carp had more important matters at hand other than feeding. Those that did catch the weight building carp caught in short spells, it was the anglers that substituted those quiet moments to switch and catch the skimmers, Roach or some of the big Ide that inhabit this lake. One such angler was Martin Charnock on peg 145 switching between three lines starting on the method feeder with an 8mm boilie as hook bait got off to a flying start, when this went dead switching to the pole feeding pellet at 14.5 m catching carp deep and up in the water but also added silvers with the odd big Ide  for a winning weight of 56-12-0. In second place was Chris Jones from peg 137 who also fished long on the pole for a close 53-14-0. Third was Ian Chandler permanant peg 147 managed 46-14-0 switching between method and the short pole, fourth place was Trevor Pavitt with 41-5-0 peg 143.

21st May Beaver Farm Maze Lake

Today’s visit to Beaver Farm Fishery on Maze Lake, saw those drawn closest to the car park dominate the field. It was that man again who on away fixtures is so inform at the moment Alan Ringwood (top 2md left) drawn on peg 3 weigh 43-8-0 of quality Bream and skimmers to take first place. However he was closely followed by Richie Hemmings (left) from peg 2 weighing 40-13-0 with a mixture of Bream and F1’s for second on the day, in third place was Martin Charnock drawn round the back on the canal section from peg 15 to weigh 24-8-0. Eighty nine year old was young Norman Pavitt (top 3rd right) on peg 1 weighing in  21-11-0  all Bream catch to take fourth place.

14th May BSA Bottom Lake

19 Members fished the bottom lake at BSA in the sixth round of the club’s championship and although weights were down from what was expected it had fished consistent from all areas of the lake. It was unlikely peg 16 near the dam,  that Les Collins found this peg to be in form and extracted 65-0-0 for the win, it was however very close for the remaining positions spread from all around the lake. Andy Packham weighed 59-0-0 from peg 5 to take second with Alan Rigwood 58-0-0 from  peg 10 taking third, fourth place was Dave Freeman with 57-0-0 from peg 32. The team results again were very close with team A1-B1-C1 consisting of Paul Wotham, Andy Packham & Richard Eggleton totaling 14 pts, however with two section winners team A6-B6-C6 had a total of 15pts in the form of Dave Freeman, Les Collins & Trevor Pavitt to take the win.

League Championship after six matches top 6

1. Martin Charnock      37 pts

2. Alan Colgate              35 pts

3. Les Collins                   30 pts

4. Andy Packham         29 pts

5. Alan Ringwood         28 pts

6. Robbie Gaiger           27 pts

7th May Royal Berkshire Fishery

Alan Ringwood (middle) and Alan Colgate (right)  caught quite a few double figure Carp to take the top spots in today’s competition with Alan Ringwood weighing 57-13-0 and Alan Colgate in second with 55-10-0. Les Collins was third with 36-11-0 also catching some big Carp not far behind was Richie Hemmings with 32-9-0 to take fourth place those that didn’t catch the big bonus Carp had nets made up of the newly stocked ghost F1’s as well as some quality Roach and Skimmers. Not only was the fishing great but the on site cafe served up a great breakfast for the start of todays event

23rd April  Henfold Lake

Today’s match saw 17 anglers attend, with the weater overcast but reasonably warm the fishing was great with only two anglers not breaking double figures. Peg 41 next to the island and channel saw Alan Colgate blitz the field with 60-8-0 made up of a few big carp that were caught down the edge. On peg 8 Martin Charnock switched between the 3 mtr whip and long pole with caster to catch mainly crucians for second place with 34-0-0. Trevor Pavitt peg 38 was third with 28-0-0 with Andy Packham peg 7 taking fourth place with carp and skimmers caught on the short pole at 6mtrs to weigh 27-10-0.

League Championship after four matches top 6

1st Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger 25 pts

3rd Alan Colgate 24 pts

4th Allen Adams 23 pts

5th Andy Packham 20 pts

6th Dave Freeman 18 pts

9th April BSA Bottom Lake

26 Members were looking to sample the quality fishing on the bottom lake today, however the fish had other ideas and although lots could be seen cruising the upper layers they were not in a great feeding mood. The wind also helped those pegged down the arm of the lake as the fish drifted down with the surface pollen fallen from the trees. Alan Adams found a few fish in the afternoon to go from zero to hero with a low winning weight of 56-0-0 from peg 31. Not too far behind was Ron Carter taking runner up spot with 51-14-0 from peg 27 in third place was Les Eggleton peg 5 with 43-8-0 with Hugh Blake in fourth peg 28 with 41-12-0. Today saw 5 teams made up of 5 anglers and as the points were added up it was very close with two teams on 16 points and another two teams tyed on 15 points with the fifth team on 13 points. With the top two teams tying on 16 points it went down to a combined weight of the two five men teams those on section one A-E were Ian Chandler, Robbie Gaiger, Les Eggleton, Les (I like to walk  about a lot) Taylor & Dave Freeman weighed a total of 96-8-0 but it was the anglers in section 5 A-E made up of Martin Charnock, Dave Cooper, Les Collins , Hugh Edwards & Hugh Blake to take the winning slot and the money with 99-8-0.

26th March BSA Top Lake

It was a tough day for most of the anglers on the Top lake at BSA today, those that found the Bream were top of the tree from far right Alan Colgate took the honours from peg 6 with 11-0-0 in second place from peg 23 Allen Adams centre landed two Bream for 9-8-0 with Robbie Gaiger close in third spot from peg 25 weighing 9-6-0. Out of the teams of four with eleven points the winning group comprised of Pat Farrelley,Alan Colgate, Richie Hemmings and Keith Weller.

League Championship after two matches top six:

1st Robbie Gaiger         17pts

2nd Martin Charnock 14pts

3rd Richie Hemmings 13pts

4th Alan Colgate           12pts

5th Andy Packham      11pts

 5th  Allen Adams         11pts

12th March Furnace Lake

The first match of the new season took place on the main lake at Furnace fishery, with both banks required as the turnout was exceptional. It was the south bank that had the top three places with Andy Packham on peg 10 deciding to fish the feeder and what a good decision it was, taking 1st place with 38-10-0. In second place from peg 7 was Robbie Gaiger fishing the pole with fluro pinkie and red maggot to weigh 37-2-0, in third place Martin Charnock alternated between the pole and feeder from peg 3 using worm and dead maggot to weigh 19-4-0. From peg 16 on the north bank Les Collins weighed a mixed net of roach and skimmers for 18-12-0.


Reports by Competition Sec Martin Charnock

18th Dec Christmas Match Jeffs Lake Beaver Farm Fishery

Carshalton & District A.S 2016 Christmas match was a roaring success, with all but one of the anglers booked in, failing to show. After seeing the pictures I am sure he will be bitterly disappointed. The fishing was hard but productive with everybody catching this was also reflected upon the prize / raffle with all anglers receiving a gift of sorts.  One of the anglers present was overheard as saying ;”This is the best Christmas match I’ve been to in over seventeen years”.  A delicious spread was provided by Janes Cafe, along with hot and cold beverages. A big thank you to the baliffs Ben & Andy at Beaver Farm Fishery for there help and support at our xmas match.


1st. Dave Freeman 42-8-0

2nd. Andy Packham 28-0-0

3rd. Martin Charnock 26-8-0

Section winners: Richie Hemmings, Trevor Pavitt & Pat Farrelley.

Work Party Free Membership draw winners: Dave Cooper, Vincent Colgate & Dave Freeman.

2016 Winners / Results top 10

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate points  Martin Charnock

Intrepid Bowl runner up Trevor Pavitt

Brian Hibberd Shield (1st home water club match)   Ron Carter

Mole Cup  Hugh Blake

Charity Match  (Brian Cope Memorial Cup) Dave Freeman

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O  Gordon Monument 

Runner up Martin Charnock

John Hyde Memorial Shield (most points at BSA) Martin Charnock

Feast Cup (Most matches least weight) Norman Pavitt

Points / Weights

1st.  107pts Martin Charnock                                  1st 664-8-0 Martin Charnock

2nd. 92pts Trevor Pavitt                                           2nd 491-1-0 Dave Freeman

3rd. 85pts Andy Packham                                       3rd 467-4-0 Ron Carter

4th. 82pts Robbie Gaiger                                         4th 436-2-0 Alan Ringwood

4th. 82pts Dave Freeman                                         5th 418-8-0 Andy Packham

6th. 78pts Gordon Monument                               6th 406-2-8 Trevor Pavitt

7th. 71pts Ron Carter                                                  7th 364-6-0 Gordon Monument

8th. 68pts Les Collins                                                  8th 361-7-0 Robbie Gaiger

9th. 49pts Les Taylor                                                   9th 311-15-0 Les Taylor

10th. 45pts Allen Adams                                             10th 283-11-0 Peter Gale

Return of Trophies

Would all members that have been awarded trophies & /or cups,  please return to any committee members ASAP.

Many Thanks

27th Nov Walton River Thames

The last club match of the season at Walton on Thames proved hard going for many of the members, arriving at the venue it looked really nice with a bit of flow and a tinge of colour and with no frosts expectations were high. However once the whistle was blown it soon became clear all was not right with the fishing and very soon many anglers were walking the bank looking for answers. One angler that didn’t wander was Andy Packham (center) with a feeder catch of 3-9-0 including this 1-9-0 Roach to take the win. Second was Allen Adams on the next peg with his feeder catch of 1-8-0, third was Robbie Gaiger with this solitary skimmer caught in the last half hour weighing 1-3-0 having lost a big Bream at the net straight after. Well done to Gordon Monument on winning the Individual K.O beating Martin Charnock 0-4-0 to 0-1-0.

13th Nov BSA Bottom Lake

 A good turnout of 19 anglers for today’s fixture, however it didn’t go to plan as some may have hoped with shallow tactics not working it was those that fished hard on the bottom that were rewarded. From Peg 10 Dave Freeman landed 60-1-0 to take top spot, in second was Andy Packham from peg 21 with 49-0-0, 3rd was Robbie Gaiger with 42-8-0 from peg 38. Pat Farreley next door peg 39 just getting pipped in fourth with 41-8-0. Section winners today were Dave Freeman, Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger. Top team with 16 points were Robbie Gaiger, Martin Charnock & Gordon Monument.

Knock-out results Gordon Monument & Martin Charnock are the finalists of the Individual K.O and will fish on the final match of the season at Walton on Thames 27th Nov

League Points & Weights Top six

 1. Martin Charnock    102    League Club Champion 2016        

                                                          1. Martin Charnock          664-7-0

2. Trevor Pavitt                   85            2. Dave Freeman             491-1-0

3. Dave Freeman                 82           3. Ron Carter                  467-4-0

4. Andy Packham                75           4. Alan Ringwood            436-2-0

5. Robbie Gaiger                 74            5. Andy Packham           414-15-0

6. Gordon Monument         72             6. Trevor Pavitt                405-14-0

 30th Oct Main Lake Henfold Fishery

The reading of the result sheet from today’s match was pretty dire, this being the worst recorded winning weight ever on our visit to Henfold with six anglers failing to trouble the scalesman. Top angler was Allen Adams with 7-4-0 consisting of a few skimmers and the odd roach. In second place was Dave Freeman on 6-6-0, not far behind was Les Collins with 6-0-0, in fourth spot was Ron Carter 4-3-0  followed by Andy Packham on 4-2-0. Many thanks to Trevor for running this match in my absence.

Today’s Knockout Result:   Les Collins Bt Robbie Gaiger

Semi Final & draw to take place at BSA Bottom Lake 13th Nov between those listed below:

Les Collins   Martin Charnock   Gordon Monument   Charlie Cox

16th Oct Furnace Lake

What greeted the competitors today was heavy rain and gale force winds, it wasn’t till late on that the sun shone through but the odd downpour still decided to show its face. Peter Gale had fun trying to land this Carp (top left) of 16-4-0 in his small landing net this fish secured him third on the day with 18-12-0. It was a battle of the titans with Alan Ringwood peg 10 & Martin Charnock peg 3 having to share first place & the bounty as they both tied with 30-0-0 with Alan using pellet & Martin on worm and caster. In fourth place was Mick Matlock peg1 with 15-2-0. Top team was Alan Ringwood & Richie Hemmings winning on weight over Ron Carter & Martin Charnock after both teams tied with 8 points.

Knock0ut Results

Gordon Monument Bt Les Taylor   Martin Charnock Bt Richie Hemmings  Charlie Cox received a buy into the next round to be held at BSA Bottom Lake 13th November

Les Collins will VS Robbie Gaiger at Henfold Lake 30th October winner will face one of the above.

League Points & Weights top six

1.Martin Charnock    97 pts                1. Martin Charnock    629-15-0

2.Trevor Pavitt          76pts                 2. Ron Carter               451-13-0

3.Robbie Gaiger          63pts                3.Alan Ringwood         436-2-0

3.Dave Freeman         63pts                4.Dave Freeman         424-10-0

5.Ron Carter                 62pts               5.Trevor Pavitt           370-10-0

5.Gordon Monument 62pts               6.Andrew Packham   361-13-0

2nd Oct BSA Top Lake

The top lake at BSA proved a hard nut to crack for many of the competitors, with very few of the quality skimmers not feeding it was the odd carp and barbel that helped those at the top. One such angler and winner today was Les Collins on peg 30 above landing a bonus carp for  a total weight of 8-4-0. Second place peg 26 was Martin Charnock who up until 20 minutes to go had only a few pounds of whip caught roach but found a willing carp and a large skimmer for 5-0-0, tying for third place was Gordon Monument peg 8 and Les Taylor peg 6 with 4-0-0.Top team on the day winning on weight after tying on points were Les Taylor,Les Collins & Ron Carter

Knock-Out Results

Les Taylor bt Norman Pavitt,  Gordon Monument bt Peter Gale,  Les Collins bt Graham Johnson,  Robbie Gaiger bt Andy Packham,  Martin Charnock bt Ron Carter,  Charlie Cox bt Micky Trindel,  Richie Hemmings bt Trevor Pavitt. 

Round 2 Furnace Lake 16th October.

18th Sept Monk Lakes 2

21 Anglers made the trip to Monk Lakes Fishery. Top Carshalton angler with 117-5-0 was Martin Charnock but lost fish cost him dearly in reaching the 200lb barrier, this was a common storey from all around the lake as most fish were into double figures. In second place was Gordon Monument with 92-4-0 followed by a fast improving Graham Johnston with 70-8-0 of mainly Barbel. Peter Gale took fourth with 69-4-0 fishing a method feeder & Andy Packham wasn’t to far behind with 67-12-0. Top team on the day was Les Taylor,Dennis Price & Gordon Monument with 11 points from a possible 12.

4th Sept BSA Bottom Lake

Having had a disasterous last match, Dave Freeman was back in form drawing favoured peg 6 and blitzed the field with an impresive 187-0-0 to win the day as well as the golden peg booty. In second place Alan Ringwood had made good his practice session to weigh 155-0-0 from peg 41 in third place was Martin Charnock from peg 35 with 131-10-0, in fourth place was Robbie Gaiger peg 27 with 111-8-0. Section winners were Martin Charnock A section , Keith Weller B Section and Dave Freeman C Section. Top team with 11 points were M. Charnock,K Weller and Serge Garbou. It was another eventful match for the Pavitt family with Norman nearly losing his pole as another carp decided to swim off with his top 4 of his pole, this time however the lake didn’t consume said item and Norman was able to retrieve it and carry on fishing phew!! 

21st Aug Marsh Farm Richardson Lake

15 Members made the trip to Marsh Farm, with the help of the staff in Apollo Angling pegs were placed where the fishing had been in form. Drawing the Golden Peg for the third consecutive match Martin Charnock made no mistakes from peg 26 this time and put quality Bream and Tench on the scales for 30-0-0 along with a team winning performance with partner on peg 8 Dave Freeman 6-12-0 totaling 13 points. Ian Chandler peg 35 took second spot with 25-0-0 also taking second in the team with partneron peg 19  Norman Pavitt 6-10-0 total 11 points. Third on the day Gordon Monument peg 34 with 23-4-0 with Allen Adams peg 32 not far behind with 21-10-0 closely followed by Andy Packham peg 9 with 21-0-0.

 From left to right Gordon Monument, Robbie Gaiger, Ian Chandler & Graham Johnson with their catch.

7th Aug BSA ‘Bottom Lake’

There were some quality weights with the arm of the lake being the place to draw. Allen Adams drawing peg 33 made no mistakes catching down the edge on paste to win the day with 157-0-0, in second place was Ron Carter peg 38 fishing the method to weigh 127-2-0 with double red maggot or meat as hookbait. Third from peg 10, Martin Charnock coaxed 110-0-0 using his ‘Yorkshire Jigga’ method with Paul Wortham on peg 35 taking fourth with 106-13-0. It’s a hard lesson to learn and also a costly one if you leave a baited hook in the water and dont pay attention as Trevor Pavitt found out the hard way as a carp decided to swim off with his top 4 of his pole be warned !!

League points & weights top six

1st Trevor Pavitt       65 pts                                         1st Ron Carter              339-1-0

2nd Dave Freeman    51 pts                                         2nd Martin Charnock 316-0-0

3rd Martin Charnock 50 pts                                       3rd Trevor Pavitt         292-6-0

4th Les Collins              48 pts                                        4th Dave Freeman      230-14-0

5thRon Carter              47 pts                                         5th Les Taylor             209-3-0

6th Robbie Gaiger       46 pts                                         6th Andy Packham    199-11-0                                   

24th July Betchworth River Mole

Today’s match was held in the ‘Orchard’ with every peg taken it looked good for a few fish, those that had  been their practicing were excited to get fishing  with one member catching 16lbs of Roach on Hemp the previous Sunday and now with a bag of Tares had his running shoes on to get to his peg. Sadly the water temperature was at a staggering 21 degrees and had a detrimental effect on the fishing. Hugh Blake making good use of his end peg did the buisness and probably thought as the day went on that his small catch wasn’t going to make a difference but his catch of 3-4-0 blitzed everybody to win the ‘Mole Cup’, as well as the team event with his team memberLes Collins weighing 1-10-0 they had a 10 point victory over the next two teams, both on 7 points. Charlie Cox was second on the day with 1-13-0 drawing the next peg to Hugh with Trevor Pavitt tying with Les with 1-10-0 for joint third.

 10th July BSA ‘Top Lake’

They say every dog has it’s day. Trevor Pavitt was a Rottweiler on the Top Lake with a fantastic 31-8-0 (top) made up of mainly Barbel and  Carp, one of which weighed 7-14-0 where he played it on his pole for half hour on a number 5 elastic. This was easily infront of runner up Ian Chandler on peg 6 weighing 10-1-0, from peg 30 Gordon Monument wasn’t to far behind with 9-12-0 to take third spot. Top team on the day was Martin Charnock & Ron Carter with 7 points just piping the other two teams on 6pts Ian Chandler & Hugh Edwards, Trevor Pavitt & Steve Leaver.

3rd July ‘Charity Match’ BSA Bottom Lake

With 16 anglers including 2 juniors fishing today’s match conditions looked good. A big thankyou to Linda Cope our treasurer providing tea bacon & sausage rolls before the start of the draw. Top angler on the day from peg 11 was Dave Freeman with this peg winning the last match Dave made no mistakes to weigh 143-8-0 catching down the edge. On peg 22 Martin Charnock drew this peg for the second consecutive time to weigh 121-4-0 using a ‘Yorkshire Jigga’ float. From here on weights were really tight with Andy Packham  peg 15 weighing 87-0-0, Allen Adams 87-0-0 peg 35, Ian Chandler peg 19 81-2-0 & Les Collins peg 32 80-0-0. As this was a Charity match we raised £165.00 towards Cancer research with many of the winners donating their match winnings,  a thankyou to friends of those fishing also making a donation.

26th June Old Bury Hill ‘Front Bank’

There was some quality Bream caught for a select few anglers with the feeder dominating the top results. Keith Weller found a few fishing the method with his special ‘Day Glow Boilies’ to seal victory from peg 12 with 50-4-0. Dave Freeman wasn’t to far behind also catching on the method casting 3/4’s across the lake towards the island from peg 16 to finish second on 47-0-0. Late arriver Trevor Pavitt having overslept was third with 38-0-0 from peg 20, in fourth place from peg 6 was Andy Packham with 34-8-0. Above top Veteran Norman Pavitt & Junior Vincent Colgate with their catch. Top team were Dave Freeman, Keith Weller & Andy Packham with 12 points all winnig their individual sections.

12th June BSA ‘ Bottom lake’

 It was a good win on the day for Alan’ Mr Carp’ Ringwood fishing from peg 24 he weighed in a massive 135-8-0 which included some double figure carp the best weighing 15-6-0. On peg 22 Martin Charnock came second with 91-0-0 catching shallow at 14.5 metres on pellet. From peg 8 Robbie Gaiger weighed 77-0-0 with Andy Packham from peg 10 catching on a top 3 of his pole with paste to take fourth with 73-12-0.
With another eight anglers recording weights of 40lbs +.  Section winners were A Section 1st Alan Ringwood 2nd Martin Charnock. B Section 1st Robbie Gaiger 2nd Trevor Pavitt. Top team were Alan & Robbie with 12 points.

9th June Beaver Farm ‘Trevs second Thursday’ match

The picture above shows one happy angler but were the rest still smiling at the end of the day. Rumour has it if they had fed a bit ‘MORE’ they would have caught a lot more ! One angler who must have fed more than most to win the day, was Les Collins with 23lb’s fishing in the’ Premiership’ not far behind was Robbie Gaiger with 20-12-0. Norman Pavitt top right was top angler from the ‘Championship’ and getting promotion on the day with a catch of 8-2-0 his son Trevor was relegated whoops!

29th May Passies Match Lake

A good day was had by all that attended this bank holiday weekend fixture. Strong winds made difficult fishing for some anglers it also had an effect of pushing the fish down the lake, Ian Chandler made it count with 112-14-0 to take first place fishing paste next to an overhanging tree. In second place was Les Collins on the next peg with 80-0-0 mainly F1’s. Section winners on the day were in A section junior Vincent Colgate with 46-8-0, B section Martin Charnock 40-4-0 & C section Ian Chandler. Top team with 8 points were Gordon Monument, Martin & Ian with Graham Johnson, Vincent & Les Collins just getting pipped on 7 points. Above Graham ‘Johno’ still going on if it was’nt for the wind he would have doubled his weight, Les T ( right) trying to get an extra ounce from scalesman Serge who was having none of it !

15th May Sumners Match Lake

It was a difficult day for the 18 members, with the Carp not yet in full feeding mode. Les Eggleton found a few fish from peg 11 to weigh 64-8-0 and top spot, with Alan Colgate managing 55-9-0 for second place just pipping Dave Freeman on 54-12-0 for third. Top team on the day with 11 points were Trevor Pavitt, Les Taylor & Gordon Monument.

12th May Beavers Farm Trev’s second Thursday of the month match

With the lake double booked Trev took the decision to let the Reigate members have first pick of the pegs with the Carshalton boys having the remaining swims. Fishing close to the car park Martin Charnock romped the match with 86-0-0 of Bream fishing 6mm expanders and feeding 4mm’s caught fish up to 7lbs using a Roach Castor Dino float in a 0.25 gram size with 0.15 main line to a 0.12 hook link with a size 14 Guru pellet hook. In second place was Trevor Pavitt with 30lbs to get promotion back into the premiership! Third on the day was Robbie Gaiger  with 21-8-0.

Martin with part of his winning net of fish

1st May BSA Bottom Lake

19 members fished the match today, with Martin Charnock standing in as Match Secretary presenting a new format. With sections & team payouts,  meaning that it was important that every member weighed in and so it proved, with the winning team pipping second place by 1 point 14 pts to 13pts. Winning the match on the day was Ron Carter with 98-12-0  from peg 24, not that it was that great as he broke two top sections of his pole ouch! second place was Les Eggelton from peg 35 with 66-10-0  with Serge Garbou taking third spot with 48-8-0 from the next peg 34.

Sections winners:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A Section 1st Ron Carter peg 24  2nd Alan Ringwood peg 21. B Section 1st Ian Chandler peg11 2nd Richard Eggelton peg 7 . C Section 1st Les Eggelton peg 35 2nd Serge Garbou peg 34.

Top team on the day with 14 pts were Ian Chandler 6 pts Ron Carter 6 pts & Les Collins 2 pts

Runners up: with 13 pts Alan Ringwood 5 pts, Richard Eggelton 5 pts & Hugh Edwards 3 pts

17th April Henfold Main Lake

Dave Freeman was back in control on this match at Henfold Lake with a fine net of Crucian Carp with a convincing victory weighing 22-8-0, Robbie Gaiger was way behind in second with 12-6-0 Keith Weller was third for 9-2-0. Trevor Pavitt failed to keep up his winning streak ! to take fourth spot with 7-0-0.

With the next match at BSA bottom lake in two weeks time there are high hopes for some bumper weights can Dave keep winning watch this space.

3rd April Morehouse Farm ‘Snake Lake’

Conditions looked good for today’s match, however with the lake being really coloured from the heavy rainfall during the night would put a dampner at the start with bites being few and far between for everyone. By late afternoon everyone was starting to catch. It was Trevor Pavitt that showed his class by catching late on with maggot over pellet on a light 4 X 10 float to weigh in a top weight of 28lbs close on his heals was Dave Freeman with 24lbs, Les Collins wasn’t to far behind with 23lbs to take third place. Young junior Vincent Colgate (Top) had a great days fishing pushing the Seniors all the way with his net of fish.

20th March Furnace Lake  (Report by Trevor Pavitt)

There was a great turnout, was it because  there was no frost or the expected good fishing with it being mainly a bream venue. I was hoping for a draw close to the dam wall in the deeper water. Drawing peg 6 was a great start but it was very windy making presentation difficult with the more sheltered swims in the higher numbers. The first severn pegs closest to the dam in my vision saw everyone catching a skimmer now and then, my first cast at 14 metres and a nice 1lb skimmer. Keith Weller was catching well on the long pole with worm, Graham ‘Jonno’ Johnson on the golden peg on peg 1 was having a few on the feeder.Would you Adam and Eve it just as I start to put a few fish together time called at 3pm and the wind stops!Pegs in the high numbers produce the best weights with Dave Freeman on 43-12-0 2nd was Les Collins with 34-8-0 Keith Weller third with 19-10-0 and Andy Packham fourth 16-2-0.

6th March Henfold Lakes 4 & 5 Silverfish Only match

Les Taylor  was the top angler for the clubs first official match of the season, drawing fancied peg 2 close to the island he made no mistakes to weigh in 5-9-0 of skimmers beating Robbie Gaiger off the next peg who had also drawn the golden peg to come third with 3-6-0, but it was Les Collins who pushed Les all the way with a late run of fish in the last hour to weigh 4-6-0 catching hardly any fish early on due to the north east wind blowing across into his peg. Norman Pavitt behind the island out of the wind found a few fish early on in the match to be placed fourth overall, with 2-4-0 had it not been for his son spooking his swim by coming round to get a few tips who knows where he might have finished in the match.

14th Jan ‘Oakleys’ Silverfish only Trevs second Thursday of the month match

Today’s match was a different tale compared to the last visit in December with a btter frost -3 degrees the night before, causing the silverfish  to shut up shop for the day. But it was Martin Charnock who got a few bites catching chunky Roach fishing the long pole at 12 metres using a 0.4 g Sensas Auchy with red maggot on the hook to take first place with 8-10-0, Second was Trevor Pavitt who found a few fish willing to feed late afternoon to weigh 4-2-0. In the lower division and getting promoted to the premier division was Robbie Gaiger who weighed 3-6-0 which included a 1-8-0 Perch to take third on the day.

10th Jan BSA Work Party /Match

Today’s work party match took part on the top and bottom lakes with 13 people in attendance. not bad considering the weather conditions! Main aim today was to try and remove a very large tree from the bottom  lake and also a smaller one, it was a great effort by all, and boy was that large tree heavy! Like tug of war inch by inch the tree came out, with captain Ian on the boat cutting the smaller branches out in the lake and being tugged to the bank. Most of the trees have now been nremoved and all the hard work appreciated by the club. As a reward for those attending a 3 short hour match followed, with the club putting up £100 in prize money, money well spent in my opinion for the work done.

 On to the match a few carp were caught here and there, and the hailstones that came down in the middle of the match didn’t help either! Second year running Keith weller wins 22-0-0 of Carp on the method feeder 2nd was Trevor Pavitt with 5 Carp for 20-0-0 pole close in, 3rd Les Collins 17-0-0, 4th Ron Carter 15-0-0 losing 5 Carp costly!. 

 P.S up for sale 1 rod and reel, top 2 sections of pole numerous floats and weights removed from large sunken tree ! LOL.

Report by Trevor Pavitt


 Reports by Competition Sec Martin Charnock

13th Dec Henfold Main Lake ‘Xmas Match’

 This was the last match of the season with only 16 anglers choosing to fish the clubs Xmas Match. Dave Freeman on peg 37 fishing pellet caught Skimmers and Crucians for a comfortable win for 11-2-0 in second place on peg 40 with 8-8-0 was Martin Charnock catching mainly small Roach and Gudgeon with the odd skimmer close in, Mark Smith on peg 4 was third with 8-0-0 with Ian Chandler on peg 39 for fourth place with 6-9-0 catching skimmers long at 14 metres on red maggot.

11th Dec ‘Oakleys’ SilverFish Only ‘2nd Thursday Knock Up’

Today’s Silver Fish Only knock up was a challenge for the seven competitors taking part in trying to avoid the attentions of Carp, overfeeding was a recipe for disaster as Richie Hemmings (above)  found out landing this Carp of 7-14-0 on his 4 metre whip without any elastic ! It was his brother Andy that took top spot with a mainly skimmer net of fish for 31-4-0, Martin Charnock in second place with 28-14-0  consisting of Roach and a few Perch with one weighing 2-11-0, Bill Roberts took third place with 28-0-0  with Richie in fourth with 27-8-0.

6th Dec BSA Bottom Lake

1st Dave Freeman 100-15-0

2nd Andy Packham 98-11-0

3rd Mark Smith 53-6-0

4th Les Eggleton 46-3-0

 22 Nov Furnace Main Lake (Report by Trevor Pavitt)

Furnace lake with Carshalton today, -2 when we left home -3 when we arrived! Should have stayed in bed! Only hard- core anglers out today, anyway with reports of 15lbs top weight and 2lb for third place the previous day,  everyone was jumping around getting excited…..not, cut a long storey short, fishing was very hard, even  Martin silver Guru Charnock would have struggled today. Allen Adams getting a few fish on the end peg fishing on the early tree pegs,  was happy to tell everybody so but everyone else was scratching fo a bite. Nearly falling off my chair as I switched to a lighter rig and first cast a 2lb skimmer, aye aye, but that was lost at the net! Dave Freeman end peg on the far bank nicked a few skimmers late on for a whooping 7-8-0 to win beating long time leader Allen on 5-5-0, Alan Ringwood netted 2 eels for 4-4-0 and me Trevor 3-8-0 for fourth. Conclusion first hard frost of the year and fish like us all feeling the cold.

8th Nov BSA Top Lake

The top lake produced some great Perch today with Vincent Colgate catching a 3-8-0 specimen from peg 9 (top). It was a dull and wet day with strong facing winds for those with their backs to the car park. Top rod was Martin Charnock who ran away to victory with 21-12-0 of mainly Roach with the odd skimmer fished long, but it was the whip at 3 & 4 metres that did the damage using  Dino Albo floats in a 0.2/0.5g with caster on the hook. Second place was Pat Farrelly on peg 29 with 12-14-0 fishing pellet to catch mainly skimmers, in third Trevor Pavitt from peg 22 weighed 11-8-0 catching Perch and Barbel, Les Taylor on peg 8  weighed 8-4-0 to take fourth place.

25th Oct ‘Reservoir’ Hartleylands Fishery

Only 12 anglers made the journey for today’s club match Alan Ringwood was back on form with 52-10-0 for top spot, Trevor Pavitt was second with 49-6-0 Les Collins in third place on 41-0-0 with Peter Jones next with 30-12-0.

11th Oct BSA Bottom Lake

It was a day when all the big guns arrived to fish what was expected to be a big weight of carp from the bottom lake. Dave Freeman recording the biggest catch of the season on the lake (top left)  from his previous visit, went off like a train at the start of the match from peg19 but couldn’t keep the fish coming and struggled late on for second place, with 50-0-0. Mark Smith showed his class once again from peg 9 recording a winning weight of 88-0-0 and also taking home the golden peg pot. Alan Partridge was having a bad day, with hardly no carp in an  area that was cold and in the shade all day (top right)  on peg 24. Ian Chandler took third spot from peg 5 with 48-0-0.

8th Oct ‘Trevs Thursday Knock Up’ Henfold Lakes

The extra rainfall had coloured the lake into a gravy. This however didnt improve the fishing and although weights were reasonable it was hard going. In the premier league Les Collins took 1st place and top weight on the day from Peg 42 with 21-4-0 catching a few bonus carp from around the tree to his left, Martin Charnock Peg 35 had nearly all crucian carp for second on the day with 19-7-0 , Trevor Pavitt Peg 39 also in the top league was third with 11-8-0. In the conference league the anglers had a much tighter finish with Ron Carter taking top spot with 10-8-0  and promotion , with second placed Hugh Edwards on 9-10-0 and Norman Pavitt in third with 9-2-0.

27th Sept Walton River Thames

It was a fantastic day for those that fished the Thames with many anglers close to breaking double figures. It was Martin Charnock that took top spot and the golden peg money with a weight of 25-4-0 fishing the waggler and whip catching Dace and Roach on caster and hemp. Trevor Pavitt going for a long walk weighed 15-14-0 for second with quality Roach on Hemp and Tares, Norman Pavitt was third, also with a double figure weight of 11-0-0, the Pavitts do like a trek. In fourth was Steve Leaver with 9-12-0.

13th Sept BSA Bottom Lake

It was Dave Freeman that took pole position recording the best weight this season from the Bottom lake with a magnificent catch of 188-10-0, in second place was Ian Chandler with 128-15-0, Alan Ringwood was third with 95-12-0 with Trevor Pavitt on 85-3-0 for fourth place on the day. It was nice to see a junior fish today’s competition, the result one of many nice carp caught by ‘Bodge’ ( top left).

Round 4 Individual K.O to be fished at BSA Bottom Lake 11th October

Trevor Pavitt VS Bye   Les Taylor VS Dave Freeman

Sunday 30th Aug Sumners Pond

Mark Smith blitzed the field of 16 anglers again!! with 233-12-0, second was Dave Freeman on 115-3-0, Les Taylor 83-13-0 and in fourth place Trevor Pavitt with 83-8-0 including this munter of 18lbs.

Sunday 16th Aug River Mole Betchworth ‘Upstream’

10 Members ventured out for todays club match, with expectations of a big weight from quality Roach. However the quality failed to show and Les Collins catching loads of small fish took the win and the Mole Cup with 5-7-0. Not far behind was Pat Farrelly with 5-0-0 for second in third was Martin Charnock with 3-15-0 & Richie Hemmings (below) taking fourth place with 2-15-0.

Thursday 13th Aug ‘Trev’s knock-up’ Marsh Farm Richardson Lake

With 12 anglers braving the weather for todays match expectations were high however the fish had other ideas and soon as the whistle sounded for the all in it was also the start for the deluge of rain and soon as the whistle sounded for the all out the rain stopped.
The good news was we could all pack away our wet gear away in the dry. With anglers placed into leagues as far as payouts it was the Premier league anglers that took the top spots Les Collins with some nice Bream from peg 4 weighed 12-13-0 for first place, with Martin Charnock landing some nice Tench from peg 14 for 10-12-0 Trevor Pavitt was third from peg 12 with 9-2-0. In Division 1 Ron Carter was tops with 7-14-0 to get a promotion into the premier lge and in the Conference Lge Les Taylor was tops with 8-10-0 will the lads in Division 1 eat him alive on his promotion stay tuned.

Sunday 2nd Aug BSA Bottom Lake

With only 16 anglers attending today’s match it would require a ton weight to make the frame. Making a surprise appearance was Martin Charnock, from peg 26 he weighed in 139-8-0  to take first place fishing a 6 gram pellet waggler with a banded 8mm pellet, but it was paste that did the main damage using a home made paste float to a size 12 hook. Dave Freeman from peg 22 fishing the long pole at 14 mtrs fishing pellet shallow was second with 126-10-0. Third was Pat Farrelly from peg 36 with 109-8-0, Robbie Gaiger fishing along the edge on peg 11 weighed 101-8-0 for fourth.

Round 3 Individual K.O at Sumners Lake 30 August

Trevor Pavitt VS Bye  Martin Charnock VS Hugh Blake   Dave Freeman VS Peter Gale Les Taylor VS Bye     

Sunday 19th July Monk Lakes Lake 2

Mark Smith was  top angler out of the 11 members that took part with 286-0-0, second Alan Ringwood 232-0-0 Dave Freeman 215-0-0 Hugh Edwards 163-0-0.

Thursday 9th July ‘ Trevs knock-up Betchworth River Mole

 The weather was hot and sunny with most of the fish taking cover from the overhanging vegetation one angler Les Collins fished the long pole across and had a fabulous Tench with his winning catch of small roach and skimmers for 5-9-0.Weights after were alot smaller with small roach,dace and chublets with ounces separating with Ron Carter weighing in 1-9-0 for second and Robbie Gaiger third with 1-8-0.

Sunday 5th July BSA Top Lake

It was a mix of sunshine and heavy showers on the day but it was Hugh Edwards (above) showing his class on the Top Lake at Bury St Austen catching quality skimmers to blitz the rest of the field with 25-10-0 fishing the pole with big baits !. Following in his wake were two anglers tied into second place Les Collins & Aboo koheallee with 13-12-0 Hugh Blake in fourth with 13-8-0.

Sunday 28th June BSA Bottom Lake Charity Match

14 Anglers attended the ‘Brian Cope’ Memorial competition with Mark Smith winning the day comfortably with 136-4-0 second was Les Collins on 93-12-0 Lee Perry third 85-14-0 with Robbie Gaiger taking fourth spot on 78-14-0.

Sunday 21st June  Old Bury Hill ‘Old Lake’

 18 Members made the journey to Old Bury Hills ‘old lake’ near Dorking hoping for a good days fishing and it didn’t disappoint. During the final 1st round of the individual  knock out there was an abundance of friendly rivalry between the competing anglers which made for a great atmosphere. Two anglers that were drawn side by side were Mark Smith on the end peg and Martin Charnock, who were to enjoy a fantastic if not frustrating day, with so many fish in their swims,  foul hooking fish was proving to be a real headache but it was Mark’s switch to the waggler in the afternoon that sealed a comfortable victory with an impressive net of 106-0-0 with Bream up to 5lbs. Martin came second with 73-0-0 having trashed five pole rigs in the last two hours (costly). Allen Adams was third with 56-11-0 with many anglers weighing in 30lbs +. Listed below are the anglers who made it through to Round 2.

Round 2 Individual K.O at BSA Bottom Lake 2nd August

 Alan Ringwood Vs Mark Smith   Trevor Pavitt VS Allen Adams   

 Serge Garbou VS Martin Charnock   Les Collins VS Hugh Blake   

 Les Taylor VS Bye   Ian Chandler VS Andy Packham

 Dave Freeman VS Mick Trendell   Peter Gale Vs Bye

 Thursday 11th June   ‘Trevs Club Knock – Up’ Henfold Lake

 Rob Hilson ( top Left ) and Martin Charnock with their Winning catch

 12 Members fished todays knock-up at Henfold Lakes with a twist, Trevor Pavitt running the match had put the anglers into 3 sections of 4 anglers but with each section containing the best in angling ability.  

Section 1 consisted of Peter Jones, Martin Charnock, Trevor Pavitt and Richie Hemmings. Section 2 Robbie Gaiger, Rob Hilson, Hugh Edwards and Ron Carter. Section 3 Les Taylor, Serge Garbou, Aboo Koheallee and Norman Pavitt.                                                                     

Section 1 Winner M Charnock 39-14-0, Section 2 Winner R Hilson 20-2-0, Section 3 Winner A Koheallee 19-14-0

Fancy fishing the next knock-up check out the next match on Facebook

Sunday 7th June BSA Bottom Lake

 Alan Ringwood & Hugh Blake the first anglers this season to break the magic ton barrier at BSA

15 members attended todays match with Alan Ringwood taking top spot with 106-0-0 with Hugh Blake just one or two fish short with 103-0-0 for a close second. Dave Freeman in third place with 91-0-0 and Robbie Gaiger taking fourth with 65-0-0.

Individual K.O 1st Rounds at BSA 7th June & Old Bury Hill 21st June


Ron Carter VS Alan Ringwood     Pat Farrelly VS Mark Smith    Hugh Edwards VS Trevor Pavitt

Allen Adams VS Tony Woods   Norman Pavitt VS Serge Garbou   Martin Charnock VS David Cooper

Barry Cope VS Les Collins   Aboo Koheeallee VS Hugh Blake   Richard Eggleton VS Les Taylor

David Ranger VS Peter Jones   Ian Chandler VS Robbie Gaiger   Andy Packham Vs Gerald Wheeler

Dave Freeman VS Keith Weller   Mick Trendell VS Les Eggleton   Carl Moore VS Dave Stark

Peter Gale VS Tony Hibberd

Sunday 24th May More House Farm ‘Sidewinder’

Mark Smith looks anxiously on to see if he has just enough fish to win.

15 Anglers made the trip to More House fishery with the top 4 weights being closely contested, Mark ‘Carp Guru’ Smith did just enough with 92-2-0 followed up by Ian Chandler on 90-10-0 just one fish short of winning. Third and fourth place was again a close decision with Dave Freeman taking third spot with 74-8-0 with Hugh Blake on 74-6-0 for fourth.

Sunday 10th May BSA ‘Bottom Lake’

It was a close match for first place but Hugh Edwards with this one extra carp secured top spot with 85-6-0 with second placed angler Ron Carter on 83-10-0. Dave Freeman was third with 64-0-0 with Les Collins again in fourth place for the third conecutive match with 56-8-0. 21 anglers attended todays fixture.

Sunday 26th April Sumners Match Lake

 23 Members attended todays match, but the draw at the start played a major factor with the early pegs nearest the car park providing the quality weights as expected. Alan Ringwood showed his class with an outstanding weight of 250-6-0 this included a specimen carp of 19-12-0. Second place was Barry Cope with 174-2-0  followed by Ian Chandler with 162-8-0 and Les Collins on 145-6-0.

Sunday 12th April BSA Bottom Lake 

  21 Anglers fished today’s match on the bottom lake at BSA,  it was carp guru Mark Smith that took pole position with  78-4-0 for a  convincing victory,  second place was Ron Carter with 56-3-0 with Ian Chandler on 50-10-0 and Les Collins in fourth place with 40-0-0.

 Sunday 29th Mar 2015 Henfold fishery Silver Fish Match

21 Members braved the elements for todays Silverfish only match.The results were as follows Martin Charnock with an impressive 29-8-0 caught fishing pole & caster with a groundbait mix of Sensas Gros Gardons and Lake Noir. Using a 0.3 gram Mick Bassett London Squatt float pattern to 0.10 main line, size 18 Gama black nickel hook tied on 0.8 hook link. In second place was Andy Packham with 17-6-0 closely followed by Les Collins with 16-12-0 and Mark Smith with 16-8-0.

Sunday 15th Mar 2015 BSA Bottom Lake

18 Members took part for the club match on the bottom lake hoping for a good day but weights were low. Club Secretary Ian Chandler was top angler on the day with 19-8-0 (left) in second place Mark Smith with 16-9-0,third Keith Weller 16-4-0 and Peter Gale in fourth with 12-8-0.

Sunday 1st Mar 2015 Work Party / Match

The fishing Work Party Match turned out to be pretty dire, with the top weight being recorded of 19lbs caught by Keith Weller.In second place was Robbie Gaiger with 4-0-0 and in third place was Les Collins with 2-0-0. Allen Adams who decided he would opt out of the match held on the bottom lake and fish the top lake had a catch in excess of 30lbs of fish and not one carp amongst his catch , looks like the restocking programme is starting have an effect !!!

The most important part of the day was the work party however, and we would like to thank all those that took part as their hardwork and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated.

 Sunday 15th Feb 2015 Club Knock Up

A glorious day at Furnace Lakes greeted the members for today”s friendly club get together.The start of the match saw Trevor Pavitt catching quality skimmers from the off but it didnt last and his catch rate started to slide as the day wore on, at the other end of the section saw a fish for fish battle between Richie Hemmings & Martin Charnock.Everybody was catching well with some anglers catching fish up to 4lbs.It was Richie that was first on the day with 43-12-0 caught on chopped worm Martin was just one fish short in second place with 42-10-0 catching his fish on caster,Trevor was third with 21-8-0.

 Trevor Pavitt with his catch Martin (right) just needed 1 more of these for victory Winner Richie Hemmings (centre) well done.

Thursday 5th Feb 2015 Club Knock Up

It needed 25lbs+ to make the top 2 places at Furnace Lakes with Martin Charnock & Trevor Pavitt taking the honors .Martin caught mainly big Skimmers on chopped worm over caster,where as Trevor caught mainly qualiy Roach on red maggot.With the weather in the morning  having snow flurries and a bitter cold wind saw many deciding not to go fishing but those that did had a good day despite the conditions with everybody catching over 10lbs.
Check out our facebook page for more friendly get togethers during the week at;Carshalton Angling.